October 30, 2009

Waiting Patiently and Recent Projects

I am so overwhelmed with the amount of pictures I need to upload to my computer/blog/facebook! Our new computer should be here relatively soon (next week hopefully?), and it can't get here soon enough. I need to put up pictures of Nana and Poppy's visit, some really cute pictures of a fall outfit that Kurt's mom made for Evy, a series of beautiful fall pictures I took of Evy this weekend in Missouri.......

I hate feeling overwhelmed. It seems to be a normal emotion for me lately, but it's just never fun. I'm the type of person that loves list-making and staying on top of things, so to speak. It's just really hard for me to function when I feel so behind!

However, we are home from our trip to see my family and at least I'm able to be in "my" environment getting things done. I just need to relax and take one thing at a time. VERY difficult for me to do!!!

I recently did a couple of blog headers for my friend Tiffany.

This is for her regular blog, Southern Sass. (The background is the a poem Tiffany wrote about the South and is where the title of her blog comes from!)

This is for her private kids/homeschooling blog, Our Sweetest Dreams Come True:

And here's something I'm really excited about: my little sister, Andrea, has started a blog! The title is a play on her middle name, Joy. I'm so excited that she's joining me and my dad in blogging :) She's so fun, godly, and hilarious. So go say hello!

I'm going to try and get organized.....but I'm already looking forward to a break so I can watch some shows I've DVR'd and a couple of Netflix movies. Of course, that's only when Evy agrees to watch them with me while playing/eating/folding laundry etc. etc. !

It's good to be back at my own house with Kurt, but I sure miss my family! Have a great day :)


Ashley said...

The blog headers are all lovely!
Hopefully things will slow down to a somewhat "normal" pace. I know the feeling of wanting to get things checked off your to-do list and feeling like you have a mountain of things to do just to get to the list. ;)
I hope you will have a relaxing weekend, free of being overwhelmed. =)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Hope your computer gets here soon. I know how it feels to be overwhelmed. Try not to let it bother you but it's tough.

Summer said...

Love the blogs your doing! They are super cute! I hope your new computer gets here soon! You will have it before ya know it and then maybe you won't be as frazzled! I'm glad you had a great time with your family! I hope you have a very relaxing weekend and get to watch some TiVo if Evy allows it! Ha! Ha!
Summer :0)

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