October 13, 2009


So...my dad was somewhere in this crowd:

They're going to post more individual photos at some point, but this gives you an idea of what the environment my dad was running in.

Sunday morning, around 11 am (when he was due to finish), my brother, husband, and myself were huddled at our computer searching for his name and time. My mom hadn't found him yet after the race (you can imagine with that crowd), so no one knew anything. We finally found his name, held our breath, and then I saw 3:34:25 (he needed a 3:35:59 or under to qualify). I yelled, "HE DID IT!!!! HE QUALIFIED!!!!" And then I cried.

My brother called my mom and told her the news. The crowd that was with her started cheering and they were so excited.

Not long after, I got a call from my dad. I could barely talk I was so excited for him. You don't understand what a meaningful thing this was for us!

So on April 19, no matter what, you'll be able to find me in Boston, Massachusetts cheering my dad on in his ultimate race. I'm so proud of you, Dad!

It's going to be awesome.


Summer said...

Yay to your dad! What an accomplishment! I can't wait to hear how he does at the next race :0) ! Are ya gonna get Evy a little monnogrammed shirt that says go grandpa????

Aishlea and Brandon said...

I am so happy for your dad! I totally get your excitement for him, too! When we were there at last year's Boston Marathon, it was overwhelming to see the crowd! Just wait till you see him there- won't be able to find him in the crowd at all!! :) Have you been to Boston before? You will love it! It was freezing cold at the Marathon this past April, but I don't know what it normally is like. It is a beautiful place, though! YAY for your dad!!!!!!!!

winstead family said...

soo awesome!!

Carrie said...

That is such a neat story! I know this is so exciting for your whole family. I'm SO glad you to get to go to Boston!

Ellie said...

So awesome! Congrats to your dad!

I live in Boston and I'm often at the marathon - it is an AMAZING atmosphere.

Crystal said...

How wonderfully overwhelmed he must have been!!! Congrats to your dad!!

lizmclamb said...

Congratulations to your Dad! We were there at the marathon watching a friend run. The runners are truly inspiring. If you're impressed with the crowd of runners, the crowd of family and friends was just as impressive. Have fun cheering him on in Boston.It's so much fun to be a spectator!

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