November 10, 2009

The Autumn Leaves

When we were visiting my family recently, I took Evy to one of the beautiful parks in my hometown. I took these pictures of Evy, and my baby (well...almost 15 year old) sister came along and snapped a few of me with my sweet girl. Happy fall :)


Love Being a Nonny said...

Honestly, she looks like a china doll. The picture of her sitting in her pink coat with her head tilted to the side is so precious!! She is a doll!

Summer said...

Oh how precious! She looks like a doll!(A real doll) PERFECT! I love the pic of her under the tree with the pinkish red leaves!
Your sister and you did an amazing job!
Summer :0)

Amy said...

I was going to make the EXACT same comment as "nonny"...I think Evy looks just like a china I'll just say, ditto to the first comment! ;0) the pic of you two looking over your shoulders - priceless!

Cara S. said...

Oh my gosh before I even got down to the comments I already was going to say the.SAME.THING!!! she looks like a little doll. These pics are great!!

Leslie @ Lamberts Lately said...

These pictures are awesome! What lens are you shooting with??

Ashley said...

I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite out of these pictures! They are all beautiful! You and Evy are so photogenic. Your love is perfectly expressed through the pictures. Precious.

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Ashley, these are some of the BEST pictures!!! So adorable...and a perfect fall setting!

Sarah Denley said...

These are beautiful. You are beautiful. She is beautiful.

Okay, the kind of "yellowish" ones. Is that some feature on your fancy smancy camera or did you do that with PhotoShop? Because if it's your software, I'm asking for it for Christmas and you're going to train me before you move. Right??

Carrie said...

These are the most gorgeous pictures I've ever seen! :) I think I have those exact same boots you're wearing .... love em!

The music playing in that video is from Aubrey's aquarium -- it's probably just like Evy's! We don't put it in her crib because knowing her she would NEVER go to sleep ;o) She just plays with it when she is awake.

winstead family said...

OH MY GOSH these are GORGEOUS!!!! no wonder you've been dying to post! i LOVE the colors and her underneath the pink leaves tree!!!!!!! these are fabulous!

Andrea said...

What beautiful pictures.
The pictures really capture
the Fall. I love this time of
the year.

Evy looks like a baby doll! She is

I really like your outfit, you
are working it girl. :)

Kathi Fish said...

So cute! What a beautiful family! and I love that park for pix ;-)

Katelyn said...

Those are great pictures!

I have those boots you're wearing from Nordstrom's - I love them! They go with just about anything!

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