November 20, 2009

Happenings Lately

Here are some things that have been going on recently!

I was able to go paint at Easley Amused with my dear friends Carrie and Sarah Denley (or SD, as I affectionately call her). We had a wonderful time of conversation and creative outlet-ing. I love these girls!

My sweet mother and father in law came to visit recently, and it was so nice to see them! I have been sick (up and down) for about 3 weeks now, and so it was a big help. Mia helped with everything, and Randad worked on refinishing my great grandmother's sewing table (that I keep in my foyer).

Mrs. Pam was so sweet and kept Evy while Kurt and I had a date. We ate at Beagle Bagel Cafe (one of my very favorites!). We went to the new location (this is the second location in town). So cute!

After lunch, we went and saw Disney's "A Christmas Carol" in 3D. It was stunning! We both just loved it. I was able to fly through the streets of 18th century London during Christmastime, which to me equals perfection! I highly, highly recommend this film. Parts of it are kind of spooky/scary, so it's not for super young children, but it's just dazzling.

While Mrs. Pam was in town, she offered to buy us a "big girl" carseat for Evy as her Christmas present. What a blessing! Evy hates car trips, and I think part of the reason is because she just wants to sit up and not recline so much in her infant seat. So I did my research and we ended up getting the Britax Boulevard carseat. So far, we've loved it! And, as you can see, it seems to have passed the initial testing from a very tough little critic:

Hopefully our holiday travels will go more smoothly this way. I'm not counting on a miracle, but it sure would help!

Today I had a BLAST going to Handworks Market here in town. It's smaller than Mistletoe Marketplace, and everything is handmade, which makes it extra special to me. It was low-stress and stroller friendly, which is just what we needed! Of course I went with the other two amigas, Carrie and SD. I got some really cute things. One was a frame from my friend Demetria's booth. She sells handmade distressed frames, and they are just adorable! Take a look at Plain Jane Frames.

Speaking of an adorable little darling, I do have news as of today: Evy officially has a TOOTH!!!!! It's not even the one I was expecting. It's one of the center teeth on the bottom. I felt something kind of sharp and jagged in her mouth, and sure enough---there it was! So adorable.

I love the holiday season. It's so full of food, fun, family and friends. Isn't the Lord good to give us a season like this?


Courtney said...

Hope you feel better, three weeks is a long time not to feel good with a little one. She looks so happy in her carseat!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

We have the same carseat and love it! You will enjoy it - Evy will be so comfy that she may just go to sleep. Evie grew a tooth too.

Pieper Rodriguez said...

I was just thinking about writing a post on my blog about car seats and getting advice for big girl ones. I haven't done research yet, so I was hoping to use other's experiences as apart of my research. Britax seems like a great brand- I will check into that one. So nice of her to buy you guys one!

Country Sweetie said...

Yes, she looks very happy in her new carseat! I remember my daughter being thrilled to move on up too.. now we are getting ready to move up to boosters, sigh.. Your Christmas card photo preview is amazing.. beautiful family! :o)

The Segrest Family said...

Thanks for the blog shout out about our Beagle Bagel! We are glad that you came over to our location! Thank you!

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