November 29, 2009

The Holidays are Here!

We've had a great time visiting our families to usher in the holiday season! We spent Thanksgiving in North Mississippi with Kurt's family and now I'm here in Missouri with mine. Kurt had to work, but will come and join us tomorrow for a day or so. I always love to have him here at "home!"

Of course when I get home I'll post a lot of pictures and recaps. But here are some pictures I snapped on my phone.

I drove a little bit downtown and saw that it had been decorated for Christmas. We have an old-fashioned downtown and I love it, especially at Christmas.

Tonight we went downtown for the annual Holiday Lights Christmas Parade, which is another tradition I'm going to add to my list. We watched Uncle Will and Aunt Punky perform on the youth float. Uncle Will even added the touch of a tacky Christmas sweater, courtesy of my mom's old wardrobe.

This was Evy's first parade, and she watched it in style!

After the parade, Evy was all smiles and laughs. I'm so excited that we'll live in a small town and that we'll be able to make this parade a tradition. It just makes me feel warm inside :)

I'm so thrilled that Christmas is upon us!


Summer said...

Evy is a doll! I love her monogrammed Christamas shirt! Did your MIL make that for her? I bought one off Etsy for Kelcee but I love your MIL's work! Does she have a shop?
You will love the Christmas Parade Tradition! I have been going for years and then we started it with Kelcee 3 years ago and it's amazing! It seems like the older she gets the more she loves it!!
Happy Holidays
Summer :0)

Christy said...

I have an award for you on my blog :)

Ashley said...

so cute! we just moved to a small town and love the atmosphere that accompanies small downtowns. to echo summer's comment, where is the adorable appliqued outfit from? love it! :)

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