November 19, 2009

It's Here!!!

Yes, I will be going with a group of friends to the midnight show of NEW MOON! Even though I'm a night owl, this is way out of character for me. I never saw a movie at a theater this late before in my life. But when the group was getting tickets, I couldn't say no! It's so weird, because I read the whole Twilight series when I was pregnant and saw the first movie, and I remember my friend Suzanne saying to me, "I don't care what you have to do---you're getting a babysitter or something and we're going to see New Moon in November!" It was so hard for me to comprehend having a nine month old. Well, here we are! Evy and Kurt will have some good quality time (well...actually they'll both be in bed), and I'll get to indulge in a ridiculous love of mine, the Twilight Saga. I truly love this series. I know it's controversial for a Christian to like it, but I have my reasons and my arguments for why I don't think it's inappropriate. Now, witchcraft and wizardry is a different story. But vampires (in the sense that they're written about in Twilight) aren't real; it's fantasy. It's not like I would let my ten year old read it (the themes are better understood by adults), but I don't think it's evil. If you haven't read the series, I won't spoil it for you, but I will say that I also admire the boundaries in the physical relationship between Edward and Bella. It's refreshing and gives me even more respect for the series.

So that's what I'll be doing myself time to enjoy something I love!

P.S. In case you're curious, I'm on Team Edward. I totally understand Bella and Jacob's relationship, but I've gotta go with Edward for the long-term romance (and because he's a vampire, it's REALLY long term. Ha!).


Kelly@Keeping up with Kelly said...

omg have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
i might see it tomorrow

love the prom pic

bailey said...

i'm going to the midnight show too! i'm sooooo excited!! i can't wait to see all of the hardcore twilight fans. i love it, but i'm not really hardcore. haha. and i'm with you, totally team edward. if people would read all the books, they would realize what happens in the end and be team edward all the way!! have fun!!

Cherit said...

I love the books too! I'm going to the mid-night showing here in Phoenix with my friend. We went last year at midnight to Twilight! It was a lot of fun. I definitely was one of the older ones there! Hope you had a great night!

Carrie said...

OMG! You didn't tell me you were seeing it tonight! I'm seeing it Sunday night and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Summer said...

We are going to the New Moon on Sunday! A bunch of us girlies are getting together for a girls night out! Dinner and a Movie! Yay!!
Summer :0)

Christy said...

I am going to see it in two weeks with my youngest sister, Amy. I can't wait to hear what you thought of it :)

MommaRu said...

I really want to read the series. your the second person today that said they were awesome. I enjoyed the first movie. Pleasantly, surprised by how clean it was.

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