November 25, 2009

This Day.


This has been one of those days.

Some highlights:

-Evy and I both slept late because she decided to wake up at 3:00 am. Just for fun.

-Woke up after totally forgetting that the plumber was supposed to come this morning between 10 and 12. Jumped in the shower and called Kurt to check in about it. This call was made at 11:45.

-At 12 noon, Kurt calls back and says that Mr. Plumber is on the way.

-Said Plumber arrives at 12:30, and I am due to have lunch with Carrie and SD. Grrr.

-I'll go ahead and give you the happy ending of the Plumber story: one big, huge, hefty bill. Because we had a stupid leak in a pipe in our front yard that was getting our neighbor's lawn wet. I'm so glad we will be able to bless Mr. Plumber with some money right at Christmastime. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

-While at lunch, a random, weird, totally nosy lady has the most bizarre interaction with us ever. Some quotes:
  • (To me): "Does your baby know sign language? Because my grandbaby does. She can sign whatever she wants."
  • (Also to me): "My grandbaby is your daughter's age and is already potty trained. My stepdaughter learned her cues and just puts her on the potty and she goes." (Sidenote: I do believe it's the mother being potty trained in that situation. What good does it do if the child can't even WALK, let alone get on a toilet and maneauver the thing?)
  • (To Carrie): "You must be the health nut. Were those peas your little girl was eating? Was that her snack or her lunch?"
  • (To SD): "And your little one is still in her carrier, so she isn't big enough to do anything yet except cry and smile, etc. etc."
  • (To all of us): "So are all of these girls going to be in school together?" [Pause] "Or are you going to homeschool?"

True story.

-Went to mail a canvas and then to Michael's to buy 10 canvases. Count 'em.

-Came home and basically painted all afternoon and evening. For hours.

-Kurt was a huge help with Evy, as he always is. But when we tried to put her down as usual at 9, she just kept rolling onto her stomach and couldn't get settled. We tried everything. Motrin, rocking, singing, walking, video for a few minutes, rubbing the gums, feeling for fever.....

-Finally, I rocked her to sleep at 11:00 pm.

-And now I'm typing this.

So......yeah. It was one of those days.


Sarah Denley said...

except she didn't say "cry and smile" she said "cry and poop". She may or may not have know AP was capable of smiling. HAHA!

To her credit, she did say the babies seemed secure.

Summer said...

It sooo soundds like you had one of those days! We all have, sooo not fun and puts ya in a not so great mood huh! Anywho what's up with that nosy lady? My goodness elderly sometimes try to be nice and just say the silliest things and your like huh??
Anywho I'm with you on the potty training thing cause my little girl just turned three and three weeks ago we started potty training her and she is a ROCK STAR with it!! It's so not gonna do any good if they can't even get on it yet! Ha! Ha!
Happy Thanksgiving
Summer :0)

Courtney said...

What a crazy day and crazy lady. Hope today is a better one!

Christy said...

i can't believe that woman! i hope your day goes better today

Brad said...

That is so crazy that you saw my mom at your lunch! How is she?

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Crazy! I am amazed the conversations people try to have with me about my daughter. Sometimes,it's just so unbelievable. Hope your day is better today! We were up at 3 last night too.

Ashley said...

The last comment from the random lady cracked me up. Did she really think all of your were high school mom's? Ridiculous!
Sounds like a busy day. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Carrie said...

Oh and don't forget, "Your girls all have such interesting names." Thanks, m'am!

Sorry it was one of THOSE days :o/

Jennifer Lancaster said...

But hey! Today you get to pack and TRAVEL for 3 1/2 that should make things MUCH better :) Hehe. See ya soon :)

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