November 25, 2009

We Gather Together....Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's so hard for me to believe that the holidays are here. In some ways, it's surreal because last year I was pregnant at this time, and it was so hard for me to fathom being a mother and experiencing the holidays in a new way.

It's so wonderful.

I am so blessed beyond measure. It sounds so trite to say that, and the words aren't adequate, but God has been so good and faithful to Kurt, myself, and our families. It's just incomprehensible to me.

Here are some things that I'm thankful for this year.

  • If you read this blog at all, it should go without saying that I'm thankful for Jesus. The Christ, the Master, the Giver. The Healer. The Sustainer. My Lord.
  • I'm thankful for my God-given, beyond-perfect-for-me husband. Kurt is diligent in his work, faithful to me, and such a joy in my life. Having someone that I can confide in, cry to, love on, and dream with is my dream come true.
  • I'm thankful that I am able to live my dream of staying home full time with my daughter and keep our home. I've known of comments that have been made about me (by a reader of this blog) that are derrogatory in that regard, and I have to say that I only pity them, because they clearly don't understand what a joy this is. This is what I'm called to do with my life, and to say I love it is a tremendous understatement!
  • I'm thankful for the blog world. I was telling my friends the other day that it's a world unto itself, and unless you're in it, you don't get it. I love the interaction, the fact that you're able to be a self-published author of sorts, and that in an instant you are connecting with people you would never have known otherwise. I'm proud of the fact that I blog, and I'm so thankful that I took the step to create my own little piece of the blog world back in October of 2007.
  • I'm thankful for music. It transcends every emotion possible, transports you to where you want to go, and can change your life. That's powerful.
  • I'm thankful for the opportunity that we have been given to live in the same city as my parents, and to not be any further away from Kurt's parents. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be given this by God. He is unbelievably gracious.
  • I am thankful for my family. Again, words fail, but those relationships are sacred to me. I would die for any member of my family, and I do not say that lightly. They get me. I adore them.
  • I'm thankful for the gift of friendship this year. I am the kind of person that desires only a few close, deep friends and not tons of shallow acquaintances. I love meeting people, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to investing my time--I can only give that to friends I really hold dear. I think you know who you are, and I want you to know that I love you, my dear friends.
  • I think most importantly this year, I'm thankful for the gift of motherhood. There's so much meaning behind that sentence! On February 9th, at 4:12 pm, my life was changed immeasurably for the better. I am a different person, in the best sense. I've always been kind of a deep thinker, and I was always able to find the deeper meaning in things, but now.....I can't help but see so much more significance in life. The task, calling, and responsibility of raising a child is something that puts a weight on your soul. It's not a bad weight, per se, it's just always there. There's no "off" switch. And that's a good thing, because all of a sudden you're responsible for something other than yourself. Your duty is to, at the very least, keep this little, innocent, amazing being alive. And especially if you're a Believer, you know your duty is to help form this little soul and steer it in the direction of Christ. There's nothing light about it. It's serious business, but God was so wonderful to design parenting in such a way that as you're steering this little soul, you're steering your own soul as well. I've never been closer to the Lord than right now. He's never seemed more real to me. And that is the most important thing to be thankful for this year.

I need to add that I'm thankful for you. Compared to the "big blogs" I don't have that many followers (and that's NOT important), but it's amazing to me that so many of you take an interest in what happens in my family's life. I know that not everyone who reads leaves a comment, and that's okay. But somehow, putting my thoughts out to the collective group of "Internets," as BooMama calls you, is so therapeutic. I'm so blessed by your reading my blog, and I'm blessed to read yours. I might not be able to comment or diligently follow every single one, but know that I've looked at all of them and stopped by. Leave a comment for me and say hello sometime if you haven't before. :)

I'm praying that you have a wonderful time of celebrating God's goodness.

"They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness." Psalm 145:7


Sarah Denley said...

oh. Tis the season to wax sentimental when reading your friend's blog post. This made me want to cry. Partly because our "thankful lists" were so similar. There are two things one your list (music and blogs) that I almost put on mine. Wow! I. Love. You.

P.S. LOVE the Christmas motif. I was gonna wait til the day after Turkey Day, but that's certainly not your style. Ha!

Be safe in all your travels!

Amy said...

I love how you described motherhood...the absolute truth of it brought tears to my eyes! I could not have described it better. What an amazing responsibility, yet such an unbelievable gift it is to be a mother! Love the new look of your blog and the beautiful picture of your family! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ashley!

Love the new blog look!

Summer said...

What a beautiful post Ashley!! Happy Thanksgiving!
Wow Evy has the same B-day as me!
Anywho I love your new blog look and Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you! Now I am off to start my big day of Thanksgiving Feast and family time!
Summer :0)

Courtney said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I have been blessed by the blogging world, by meeting people like you who encourage and inspire me daily. Enjoy the blessings that you have today and everyday!

Ashley said...

Thank you for helping me shed some Happy tears this morning. :) You express yourself so eloquently.
I love reading your blog and have been reading it for so long. It's one of the reasons I created my blog, so thank you! It's slightly strange to me because I feel like I know you better now through the blog than I did back in the days of CHBC youth group. ;o)
I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving! And safe travel!

Carrie said...

It is such an honor to be counted among your friends. You are truly a kindred spirit for LIFE and your friendship means the world to me! I love you!

Erin said...

We're thankful for you, too! I love reading your blog [mine has a grand total of three followers- hah]

Hope yall have a very happy and blessed holiday season!

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