December 21, 2009

Ashley Answers, Part 4

You seem to have really, really good relationships with your brother and sisters. How far apart are you guys (both in distance and age) and how have you guys changed over time? What are your relationships with each other like?
I do have wonderful relationships with my siblings. I am the oldest of four children. (Actually 5. My mom had a miscarriage between me and Alyssa, so my parents say that in their hearts they have 5 children.) Alyssa will be 21 in February and is a sophomore at Mississippi State University, which is currently about 1.5 hours from where I live. She's about 4.5 hours from Cape Girardeau, where my family lives. She's an education major and in Pi Beta Phi. Alyssa is quiet-natured at first, but around friends and family she's very outgoing and talkative. I call her the "cool college kid" because she's just cooler than I was in college--ha! She has a very sweet, tender spirit and is very sensitive. Bys and I had our big bonding moment when we lived through a serious car accident when I was 16 and she was 12. Later that night, when we were home, I went in her room and we just hugged and cried. Surviving something bonds you!

Will is my brother, and he'll be 18 in March. We're about 6.5 years apart. He is the absolute funniest person in the world. He can make us die laughing, especially when he's relating a story or family memory. We will just be rolling. He was literally born smiling, and when he was a baby, he rarely stopped smiling. He is a gifted musician on guitar (he's able to pick out John Mayer rifts by ear, if that tells you anything), and has recently let the world in on the secret that he has a wonderful voice. He leads student worship at Lynwood and does a wonderful job. He's praying about what God would have him do with his life. He believes that he is called to music ministry, and desires to serve in a church as their worship pastor. We are so, so proud that God has done this work in his heart! I rocked Will to sleep many nights, and our special song was "What a Wonderful World" on his lullaby tape. He might not remember it, but I do. :)

Andrea (Punky is her nickname) is the baby of the family. She just turned 15, so we're 9 years apart. As I mentioned recently in my post for her birthday, she is animated, dramatic (in the best of ways) and ministry-minded. She doesn't meet a stranger. She started a girl's Bible study in my parent's home that averaged 18-20 girls a week (and most of those were from school, not church). She loves people. If you read my birthday post about her, I mentioned that she has a heart for adoption and put us on the mailing list (at the age of 7 or so) for international adoption. My parents were so confused--haha! She is very sensitive to children, and they are instantly attracted to her. She recently played the role of the Stepmother in Cinderella, which I played my 7th grade year (under the same director!). Andrea and I have a special bond, because I loved on her so much as my little "baby doll." She had RSV (a respiratory virus) when she was little, and I helped my mom with rocking her and giving her breathing treatments. She still asks me to sing her to sleep when I'm in town. The night before my wedding, she asked me to sing to her, and I couldn't get through it. So tender. :)

As far as how we've changed, our personalities have always been the same and we've just kind of grown into them. I'm the leader (obviously), Lis is sensitive and kind, Will and hilarious and the life of the party, and Andrea is the energetic baby. We've gone through different seasons, but right now we're all at ages that are kind of on a similar page. We're all getting along at this point, so I'm sure my parents can't complain! :)

I love my family more than anything. I'm so glad it's evident through this blog. God couldn't have given me better siblings, and I can't wait to see what He does in their lives!


Sarah Denley said...

1. Clue that I'm your emotional friend? Cried a little reading this--mainly the part about singing to your sister. WHY DID I DO THAT?

2. You look like Miss America in the two black and whites.

3. I have that orange shirt from the Anthro....great taste!

Raining Pearls said...

What a beautiful bond you have. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Love that doll Evy.

Amy said...

I totally DO look like Miss America in the black and whites....
Love the pictures and this sweet, sweet post about your family. Your love for your siblings IS evident through your blog! What a blessing!!

Kristal said...

Sweet post. :)

I got a kick out of you saying Alyssa is sensitive - when I was at your parents' house for my shower, Alyssa was talking about some Christmas movie that your mom made you all watch when Alyssa was about 6, and how she cried the whole time. You mom kept saying, "We had to watch it, it was a tradition!" And Alyssa kept saying "But it was sad! I was a sensitive child!!" HAHA! So funny. ;)

littledaisymay said...

You and your fam are just too cute!

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