December 21, 2009

Ashley Answers, Part 5

What does Evy like to eat?
She's still on baby food. My pediatrician (who I adore) and I talked about table food and we're just slowly transitioning to it. No special reason. . .we're just taking it slow! Part of the reason is that Evy loves to cram food in her mouth but then forgets to chew and swallow--ha! But she's getting the hang of it! I was starting to think she was super behind because I was reading about kids around her age having full-on kids' meals at restaurants! But we're doing it on our own timetable, and I'm fine with that!

What is your favorite thing to cook?
Honestly, cooking isn't a hobby I'm terribly interested in. I CAN cook; I just don't love it. For awhile I thought that was just horrible--I mean, shouldn't I love to cook? But I'm owning the fact that it's just okay. I make a good apricot chicken, poppyseed chicken, and brisket. I have the horrible habit of getting into a dinner rotation and never branching out. EVER. Now, Kurt. . .he is a wonderful cook. He's really started experimenting with seasoning, grilling, roasting. . .I am put to shame! But it's something that he's interested in, and he enjoys cooking. So it's not like he walks in the door and I force him to cook! :)

What are your plans for Evy's 1st birthday?
We are going to have two family parties; one at Kurt's parents' and another at mine. We'll probably invite family friends to both, or maybe just keep it family. I'm not sure yet! If we were to host a party here, the guest list would include people from so many different places, plus family; it was just be crowded and awkward (in my pessimistic opinion--ha!). I love throwing a good party, but I think it'll be easier on me to just celebrate with family this year.

What would you say are the 3 must haves for a new mom?
-To help me nurse, the Medela nursing shield.
-A game plan for sleep training (it doesn't make you a monster; it's a gift to everyone involved).
-A piece of baby gear that contains your baby (pack n play, Bumbo seat, or our favorites, the vibrating bouncy Boppy seat and Exersaucer).
What did you buy Evy for Christmas?
Someone in our church gave us a couple of great toys to give her:

Laugh and Learn Baby Grand Piano (fitting, since I play the piano)
Laugh and Learn House:
We bought her a Fisher Price play stroller so that she work on walking when the time comes:
We got her the Egermeier's Bible Story Book. I will mention this in an upcoming post, but these are the illustrations that I associate with first learning about Jesus. I bought it immediately when I found it at Lifeway, because those are my first memories of the Bible!

We also got her a Bible Stories board book that she can play with without tearing the pages. She already loves it!

I found The Night Before Christmas, illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Gyo Fugikawa. It's a Japanese/1950's style. Sounds odd, but it's so adorable!

A new pink cell phone, because she wore the batteries out of her old one!

In her stocking were 2 new paci's. I hate paci's with writing on them ("My mom is hot," anyone?). These are animal print and not too outrageous. Pretty cute, actually!

I'll show pictures of our Christmas once I'm home from traveling! :)

What is Kurt's schedule going to be like when y'all move?
It will be night and day from what it is now. He will still have very early mornings, but he'll get done much earlier in the day. Basically, there's about 10 people in the anesthesia group that he has signed with. It's a constant rotation schedule. About every 8 days, he'll be on call for epidurals, etc. The major difference is that he gets to take call from HOME!! Right now he has to stay at the hospital for his 16 or 24 hour shifts. We'll be living about 3 minutes from the hospital, so his commute will be non-existent. There's a health center in the hospital, so he'll be able to work out on premises, meaning less time away from us. Another big difference is that as an anesthesiologist, he'll be supervising multiple surgeries happening at the same time. The nurse anesthetists will actually be in the surgeries. That's why he's gone to school for so long; he's called in for major emergencies. The biggest blessing: around 11.5 weeks of vacation. This will allow us to see Kurt's family often, as well as travel when budget allows (we want to make a serious dent in paying off student loans, etc. first!) All in all, his hours will be much better, and we'll see him more! We can't wait.

How did you tell Kurt you were pregnant?
He had just finished a brutal 24 hour call, and we had eaten with some friends of the family for Sunday lunch. On a whim, I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive (at least I thought it was, but was paranoid I was wrong). I called him into our bedroom and said "I think I'm pregnant!" and immediately started full-on sobbing. He was barely coherent but gave me a hug and said said "That's great!" I kept apologizing because I wasn't sure he was ready, but he was so sweet about it. He then crashed in the bed and slept while I sat in the living room watching You've Got Mail. Typical.

How did you tell your family you were pregnant?
I called my parents that night and told them there was something we wanted to show them that we had just bought (or something like that), so they needed to come over after Sunday night church. Hilarious sidenote--my mom got pulled over on the way to my house because she was worried and driving too fast! Haha! The officer let her go because she explained that she was trying to get to her daughter. Great story! My brother ended up coming along too. Once both my parents and brother had arrived, I handed them a pacifier. They were so excited, and I think my mom got teary. I know I did. We hugged and everyone was so excited! I had to call Alyssa, who was at the beach with friends. She was beside herself and started screaming and telling her friends. Andrea had the best reaction (remember, she adores babies). I wrote her a letter saying how much someone was excited to meet her and signed it "Baby Lancaster." She was reading it out loud and stopped mid-sentence, looked at me, and started crying. She threw her arms around me, and it was one of the sweetest moments ever. We were visiting Kurt's parents not long after that, and at dinner we also gave them a pacifier. His grandparents were there too, and this would be their first great-grandchild. Momo (Kurt's grandmother) cried and put her hands over her face. It was wonderful, and that's what I'm most excited about in my next pregnancies---telling the family!


Mallory said...

Do you plan to homeschool Evy or send her to public/private schools? I know there are great private schools in the Cape area...

Side note, will Kurt work at SE or St. Francis? A friend of ours is an anesthesiologist at SE...

Aishlea and Brandon said...

I love LOVE these Q & A posts! :) Thanks for sharing... I like knowing more about friends!

Kristal said...

I love these posts, Ashley!

First of all, 11.5 weeks of vacation?? Holy cow, that's incredible! How great for you guys!

Second, I love the stories about how you told Kurt and your family about your pregnancy. :)

Katie A. said...

Love how you told your families! Knowing that it won't be too much longer before we decide to get pregnant, I love hearing all the unique ways out there to tell everyone!

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