December 22, 2009

Ashley Answers, Part 6

Do you plan to homeschool Evy or send her to public/private schools? I know there are great private schools in the Cape area...
As of right now, I'm comfortable sharing that we are feeling drawn to homeschooling. There is so much I could say about this. We're in a unique position because we know what our schooling options will be for when we move. I will say upfront that Kurt was in public school, and I experienced public, private, and a year of homeschooling. So we come from every place possible when considering the options.

I'm in the process of researching and reading, and of course praying, about what we need to do. I will definitely share what I find as I feel comfortable and more confident with it. I really never thought I'd be interested in homeschooling. Honestly, I knew I might enjoy the time during the day that my kids are at school to get things done. However, when Evy was born, something happened in my heart, and I sensed the value in possibly learning at home. Spiritual and cultural issues aside, the practicality of it appeals to me. We desire to travel, and this will provide many teaching opportunities as well as allow us to travel during the school year. These are just a few of many things we're considering. What sold Kurt was looking at curriculum. I ordered some free catalogs just out of curiosity, and we were really inspired looking at them. Kurt was impressed that it's not just some random, mismatched thing that you teach (as if I could ever do something random and mismatched). Homeschooling allows you to tailor the education of your child as you see fit. Again, I will share so much more about this at a later time.

Finally, I want to make sure everyone knows that I do not believe homeschooling is for everyone! This is just something that, as of right now, seems to fit our needs the best. But we are always seeking God, and if He leads us to send our children to public or private school, we'll gladly and happily do that!

Will Kurt work at Southeast Hospital or St. Francis?
Kurt will be working at St. Francis Medical Center.


Katie A. said...

I can't wait to hear more about what curriculum you decide to use if you do homeschool and just more about it in general if that's the way you go. While we are far from being at that point, I have already begun thinking and praying about it and am really feeling led to homeschool our children when we have them. It'll be exciting to be able to communicate with someone else about it IF that's the route y'all decide to go!

Amy said...

Can I please just tell you that I have LOVED reading your answers to all the questions you were asked. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you and your family. Thank you for being so candid and honest with all of your responses! I think you should consider putting a link to all of the "Ashley Answers" posts in your header! =0)

Meghan said...

Thank you for answering all of our questions. I enjoy reading them and hearing your opinions. Here is a question for you

What are some of your favorite books or which ones do you recommend?

Mallory said...

Thanks for answering...very interesting on the homeschooling question! I came from a public school, but know like you said, there are many pros for all! You'd be a great teacher!

The Trobough's said...

We are planning on homeschooling our children! And I agree with you, something happened in my heart when Whitley Claire was born that made me change my mind about how I felt about homeschooling. I feel it's the right choice for our family, especially since we are military and will be moving around a lot! I have a great pre-school curriculum that I want to order when WC gets to be that age.... Good luck to y'all!

The Shavers Family said...

How long did you breastfeed? I hope that is not TMI but I have a 6 month old son and I am trying to decide what is the best time to wean! Thanks..

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