December 23, 2009

Ashley Answers, Part 8

What did you create the slideshow with? I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile, but never knew what to use to create it!
I made the slideshow using Windows DVD Maker. It came on our new computer. I still wish I could show everyone the original, but I had trouble uploading to a sharing website like YouTube or Vimeo. But hopefully you got the jist!

Where did you shop for most of your maternity clothes? looking back through your archives you always dressed so cute! :)
Thank you for the compliment, because I always felt like I was not a "cute pregnant person!" I got jeans at Motherhood Maternity, but for my next pregnancy I'm going to invest in some nice maternity jeans. We didn't have a GAP Maternity, so I'll be going to St. Louis next go-around for that. Some friends let me borrow a few dresses. A lot of the time I would buy non-maternity tops that still fit. Thankfully tunic-type tops were (and still pretty much are) in style! Like I said, because I'll be able to afford nicer jeans next time, that's the one thing I'll pay more money for. I found that maternity jeans were either too tight with the elastic around my tummy (I HATE having things cutting into my stomach!) or they were falling down to my knees if it was the under-belly elastic style. So if it's one thing you invest in: Jeans!

As a side note, I didn't gain very much during my pregnancy with Evy (I think 25-30 pounds was my total, which included 7 pounds being Evy), but I'm still going to try and gain less with my next pregnancies. I wasn't even eating badly or all that much; I just need to be more conscious of things the next time(s) around. Now that Evy has been born, losing the last of the baby weight has been difficult. But I'm also trying to get below what I was when I got pregnant, so I have a little more to lose. So learn from me and really try to watch your weight in pregnancy. Obviously you have (and should) gain some, but it's not necessary to gain a ton. So we'll see how I do next time!


Sarah Denley said...

Ashley, 25-30 sounds great! I gained 25 and my OB said that was her the minimum she'd want someone to gain. I guess 20 would be okay, too, though! What are you going to shoot for next time?

My mom gained like 40 with me and over 50 with my sister! Ha! But I've heard many people gain less their second pregnancy, more active, I guess!

Sarah Denley said...

P.S. you don't have to answer that in a post and also, I hope that didn't sound mean, Dr. McMinn could have just been trying to scare me because I started out weighing like 90 lbs and I'm 4'11 and everyone thought I looked HUGE (including me) but I actually measured small.

The Trouts said...

Highly recommend Paige premium maternity jeans with the elastc adjustable waist!! They are pricey but I wore them all the way through. I hated those with the big band that came all the way over my tummy. I also got an inexpensive pair at old navy and gap online. FYI - target has a new line called moody mamas that's only online. And the baby gap in collierville, tn has a little maternity store in the back.

Kara said...

I got Gap maternity jeans and have worn the same pair since September. I am getting a new pair for Christmas to last until April. I haven't had any trouble with them cutting into me or falling down at all. They have an elastic waist band, but not a huge belly panel. Also, they come in talls!

Heather said...

Where all have you lived? What were some of the things you liked about each place?

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