December 28, 2009


Kurt and I were able to go to Memphis for the day! It's about an hour away from where Kurt's parents live, so Mrs. Pam kept Evy and we went to spend a few gift cards that we had on hand. It was really great to be together, but of course something had to go wrong. I got a slight case of vertigo (dizziness/nausea) that I just couldn't shake. It was horrible! I was able to buy some things, but by the end of the day, I just had to sleep it off the entire way home. Thankfully I seem to be over it, but my dad is going to bring me some medicine just in case tomorrow (he and I have both had cases of vertigo before). In case you've fogotten, we're meeting up with my family tomorrow (again in Memphis), so Evy and I can travel to Texas to see my relatives there, while Kurt has to go back to Jackson to work (DEPRESSING). I'm just praying tomorrow flies by.

In between dizzy spells, I did get some super cute things today! I couldn't find pictures of them to post, but they'll probably make some appearances in pictures. :) I also got 3 new pairs of jeans at Old Navy. I meant to put this in my answer to where I shop, but I only buy jeans at Old Navy. I've tried other places, and always go back to old faithful! Plus, I got each pair today for $19 each. You can't beat that! I got a cute animal print jacket from Forever 21 that's a little snug but it was too cute not to get. Ha!
I do want to say what a wonderful mother in law I have. Just like my own mom, she is always willing to take care of Evy so I can have a little break, and I don't have to worry about anything--it's such a relief for a little bit! She also sews the cutest outfits for Evy, and tailors anything that we need for our own clothes. I am so blessed to have married into this family! It's been wonderful to spend time with everyone.
I still feel weird not having done a Christmas recap, but I know it will get done once I'm home. I hate packing and unpacking, which is what I need to be doing right now, for the third and final installment of our Christmas Around the World Tour. Next year it will be really nice, because we'll live in the same town as my parents, and scheduling/traveling won't be as grueling. We'll only make one trip to see the Lancasters and that will be IT (well, unless we do a Texas gig again!). It's so strange to think that next Christmas we'll be all moved into our new house and we'll have started our lives there. It's exciting, but something I just can't wrap my mind around.
Pray for non-stressful traveling (if there is such a thing with a 10.5 month old)!!


Bethany said...

Have fun!! I've only been to Texas a few times but this time of year I'd love it!

Sassy and Classy Southern Mrs. said...

I just read where you are form Jackson...TN? I've read your blog for awhile and never made that connection, we live in a small town outside of Chattanooga, TN. My Aunt and Uncle live in Jackson and he is an anesthesiologist there in town. I wonder if you guys know them...

Have fun in Texas!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Mephis sounds fun! We want to go there while we are living in Nashville since it's not that far away - 3 hours. Hope you are feeling better!

Brittany said...

I wish Old Navy jeans fit me! They are always cute and you can't beat $19!

Love reading your blog and seeing your sweet baby!

The Trobough's said...

I LOVE Old Navy jeans!!! And with my unusually long legs, they fit great. I love a good steal :)

Ashley said...

Oh my heart goes out to you with those vertigo spells. My Dad has an awful time with his and it makes me feel so helpless. Glad you made it through and could do some shopping ;)

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