January 30, 2009

Pictures :o)

As promised, here are the long-awaited pictures!

First, here are pictures of our wonderful shower in Tupelo. My sisters-in-law, Ashley and Jennifer, and Kurt's aunt and cousin, Betty and Raleigh, helped give us a great shower! It was extra fun because it was "couples," not girls only! We had such a fun time. My sister-in-law Jennifer made a diaper cake with Minnie Mouse ears on top! This child has no choice but to love Disney.

Next, here are pictures of my Lifegroup (Sunday School) shower given to me by Roseann, Chasity, and Suzanne. I am so blessed to be around the ladies of this class every week, and was so touched by their thoughtful gifts!

And, without further ado, the nursery! My Dad hung the angel wings and sign above the chest that says "The Blessedness of Being Little----Shakespeare." The bright-colored thing on the right of the changing table is my way-awesome sling :o) The room looks more dim and soft in person, but camera flashes are stupid. So here's the finished product!

Finally, here I am in all my hugeness at 37 weeks:

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I had been tagged by several people to do the Photo Tag, where you take the 6th folder and then the 6th photo in that folder....and guess what it is!?

Valentine's Day last year! We were on our way to the Fairview for dinner--and I JUST talked about it in my last post! So funny :o)

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Valentine's Day

I HAVE to take this opportunity to brag on my husband.

Since there's a REALLY good chance we'll be out of pocket and busy with a new little one on Valentine's Day, Kurt surprised me yesterday and today with my Valentine's!!!

He called me yesterday at 5 and told me that we had dinner reservations at 6:45. I was so, so excited. He ended up taking me to Sophia's Restaurant at Fairview Inn (a beautiful B&B). We have special memories at Fairview, and we also ate there for Valentine's last year. I loved it so much, he took me again! It was almost deserted in the restaurant, and our server told us that we were so smart to celebrate ahead of the crowd. We got a much more private atmosphere that way!

Today, before Kurt left to go on call at 3, he brought in a box and said "Happy Valentine's Day!" I was shocked, not expecting this at all. He let me have another prenatal massage last week, and I had assumed that was my present. I opened it up and found this:

A Canon Rebel xsi!!!!!!

I am so excited!!! We now have a high-quality video camera and regular camera to document our lives from now on. I didn't expect to be able to get my camera for a long time, and it was such a wonderful surprise. Now I need to learn how to use it...and fast! I don't want to be out of the loop when we will have so much to take pictures of. Thank you to my WONDERFUL husband for so many surprises!

In other news, we have our internet hooked up to our regular computer---FINALLY! Hopefully this means that I can now upload the pictures that everyone has been waiting for. I'll get to that as soon as I can. Have a great day....

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January 29, 2009

Doctor's Visit

I am 20% effaced and 1/2 cm dilated! I am so excited that I am showing at least some progress. We are looking at induction dates, but nothing is set in stone. I am so thrilled and giddy that things are being set in motion. Here comes baby!

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January 28, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged on Facebook by some people to do this, but this is the easiest forum for me to write on, so here are 25 Random Things about me:

1. I hate everything about oatmeal. Kurt eats it often and I just can't stomach looking at it, smelling it, or the consistency of it.

2. I realized that my tastes are majorly changing, because I'd rather hear Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar at a speaking event than Jon and Kate Gosselin.

3. I have a really vivid memory bank. I can think back to certain events/moments from the time I was 2 until now and remember lots of details and stories.

4. My Dad was the one that brushed and dried my hair every night after bathtime. I stood and sang to myself while he styled me. I'm going to make Kurt do this, because I love that memory so much.

5. My Mom was (and still is) constantly singing around us, which is how I know so many songs. I'm going to make myself do this, because I equate it with a happy home.

6. I don't care for the beach. Give me a cool city any day of the week.

7. I have game anxiety. I hate ice-breakers and awkward group situations. It stems back to first grade when I ruined a game of "Heads Up, Seven Up" in front of my class. I was scarred for life.

8. My most embarrassing moment: Due to timing, I had to start planning my wedding before I officially had my ring. So I put on this cloudy, obviously fake ring just for laughs and to not get embarrassed at bridal shows, etc. Well, I was trying on a really expensive gown at a bridal boutique, and Kurt called me. I was distracted and on the phone with him, when I noticed that the girls that worked there were looking at my hand and snickering. They walked away and were obviously talking about my ghetto-fake ring. By the time I got off the phone, it would've looked like I was just digging a hole trying to explain that it's not my real ring. I was mortified, and I told my mom I just wanted to get out of there. By the way, the girl that owns that shop has been on TV for her wedding planning skills. I was THAT girl who looked pathetic trying on a gown when my ring was cloudy and ugly. Ugh.

9. I rarely like baby onesies that have messages on them. "My Mom is Hot" just bothers me. I've seen a few that I can handle, but not many.

10. I spent everyday after school in Oklahoma watching Punky Brewster reruns and Brady Bunch reruns, while eating Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. I rediscovered my love for this ice cream recently and I'm re-addicted.

11. I have always been interested in how people view my personality. Sometimes I get Kurt to just tell me observations that he's made about me. It's so interesting to me.

12. I spent the summer of 1997 listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Let Us Pray" on repeat and pining over magazines about Princess Diana and Prince William. Oddly, these activities usually went on at the same time.

13. I don't have any desire to eat organically. I know someone out there is making the sign of the cross.

14. Hate milk. Always have, always will.

15. I don't like different foods to touch on my plate. If I want to mix them, I will, but I don't like other people deciding for me that my foods should mix. I require a new utensil for dessert, and it has to be on a separate plate. I get nauseated when I see someone use bread to soak up food juices. Excuse me, I need to go throw up after typing that.

16. I think college was overrated. I did enjoy London semester, though. That's about the only fond memory I have of college.

17. I will forever be in search of the perfect jeans.

18. I'm not opposed to plastic surgery, I just think it should be kept classy and as natural looking at possible. It's a fine line and hard to accomplish, but it can be done.

19. There's a part of me that will always want to raise my family in Dallas, wearing boots and just living it up Texas-style. Since my husband thinks urban sprawl is from Satan, this will never happen. *Sigh*

20. I would rather shower than take a bath. Baths take more energy and effort.

21. I'm very curious as to where I need to serve in the church. I can't seem to get a read on it, and the Lord and I are still discussing it.

22. One of the people I desire to talk to the most is Corrie Ten Boom. She's one of the reasons I can't WAIT to get to heaven.

23. Some nights I enjoy cooking, and other nights I hate it. It's annoying.

24. I love eating at restaurants with my husband. We just love it.

25. I'm taking my parents to Europe some day. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Well, those are some things about me! I would love it if all of you wrote 25 things about yourselves. It's so interesting to learn about people. Some upcoming posts:

-Beautiful Faces tag from Tiffany
-Photo tag from numerous people
-Pictures from showers and the nursery
-A Wedding Memories post I'm working on

Have a great evening :o)

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January 27, 2009

This and That

It's been great to have my Dad here :o) The church seemed to be glad to see him, which was meaningful. Honestly speaking, it's always nice for me when my Dad is on the platform speaking. He's always been my pastor and I am partial to his teaching style. And he's my Dad, so...that helps me relate to him :o) It's very interesting: once my family moved, I became almost anonymous at church for the first time in my life. I'm not considered the pastor's daughter anymore, and for 6 months now I've kind of been on my own (with Kurt of course). The minute my dad was back in the building, it was like I was the pastor's daughter again, and everyone was asking me about the due date, how I'm feeling, telling me how I look, wanting to get all the updates, etc. I sound bitter, and that's not how I want it to come across. It's just very interesting how roles change, does that make sense?

This may seem random, but while I'm thinking about it: church dynamics are something you'll never see me write about. I've received many comments from people, both on the blog and in person, saying that I seem to be worried about what other people think of me, or that I'm afraid of being judged, I'm always giving disclaimers, or I have issues with being a pastor's daughter. And here's the deal: I do not have the freedom to write what I'm truly thinking a lot of the time. If it concerns the church, its people, or situations concerning those things, I won't/can't write about it.

I loved growing up in a pastor's family. I seriously have no issues because of this, and I'm blessed to be able to say that. I'm also not "afraid" of what people think of me or being judged per se, but I do keep in mind who my audience is. When I started a blog, it was mainly a way for me to document things that happen in my life, and for fun things like my likes/dislikes, etc. It was never meant to be a journal exposing my soul. I've always respected the position my father holds in the church, and its taught me to be accountable in my actions and behavior (a very valuable thing to learn).

There is so much that I could say about this topic, but I won't. My family doesn't have "celebrity" status in the church because we're a pastor's family (that's so stupid and so not us), but people feel a freedom to say things to us that other families don't deal with. I am fiercely defensive of my family, and while I'm one of the more outspoken people in my family, I never want to respond to people in a way that would be inappropriate. Loyalty is a big deal to me, both in church membership (staying committed to your church fellowship unless you have Biblical reason to leave) and to me personally (not talking about me or my family behind our backs and then acting another way to our faces). I don't know why I felt the need to express these thoughts, and it won't happen again, but sometimes I need to just put things out there. Tactfully, I hope :o) Please don't think that I'm being a "fake" person. I'm a very genuine person who is also passionate. I simply filter the way I blog so that no dishonor is done to my family or the Lord. Just clearing that up! :o)

I really didn't mean to go off about that--moving on! I'm still struggling with fatigue and being very physically uncomfortable. I sound like such a recluse, but it's very difficult and draining for me to get out and about at this point. I feel like an 85 year old! :o) I just need to pack the hospital bags and I think we'll be good to go. Keep the baby in your prayers..I just want her here safely!

By the way, I hope this post didn't sound bitter, mean, or harsh. I rarely do posts that are kind of exposed, and this was one of them. Thank you for understanding my heart and sometimes my need to just be honest about how I'm feeling at a particular time.


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January 24, 2009

Miss America

So...I watched the Miss America pageant tonight. This girl, Miss Indiana, won:

I liked her. She seems well-spoken and hopefully she won't end up on Myspace, thoroughly intoxicated or something. Also, she picked an evening gown that was kind of a throw-back to earlier pageant days. I haven't seen sleeves on an evening gown in ages. I won't say I was thrilled with the dress, but it worked. Overall, here are my thoughts:

Let me start with the positives:

-I think Miss Florida had a super-cute talent.

-I think this was the first year in a long time where there weren't fill-in performances by "popular artists" (that aren't even popular anyway). I LOVED THIS. I hate time-wasting.

-Mario Lopez wasn't awkward as a host. He kept things moving and was very efficient, and didn't have to make awkward non-funny banter with a co-host.

-Good interview questions. None of them were stupid, and all were on the same difficulty level, I thought. They came from people on the street in Vegas (I know, it sounds terrifying), but they were relevant to what's going on in the culture. I'm tooting my own horn, but I always try to formulate my own responses to the questions, and I think I would definitely do well in interview. Example: "Do you believe that the government should bail out major companies and individuals in times of crisis?" (Actual question from tonight):

My answer: "I definitely don't believe that the government should use bail-out plans. It's using a band-aid when the country needs major surgery. Although it sounds wonderful to give major money to major companies, where do we draw the line? Sometimes experiencing consequences for over-spending is a good thing and keeps us accountable, which leads to maturity for individuals as well as the country." Let's put it this way: if I were in a pageant and the judges had Democratic tendencies, I would be voted off. For the record, Miss Georgia was in favor of bail-outs because "That's the government's job." Nice.

-The pageant didn't feel cheesy, even after a reality show leading up to it. Last year was cheesy and I hated it. The pageant was done pretty well.

However, this leads to my negatives:

-Reality show. Now, I do understand that we are a reality-TV show nation, and I am admittedly a reality show junkie to some extent. I did watch the Countdown to the Crown. However, I have problems with it. They only showcase certain contestants, and others get no face time. Also, the "pageant consultants" or "judges" of the show were just randoms. And I don't think they knew what they were doing. Now, I do think that TLC is a step up from CMT (that was ridiculous), but I miss the days of a major network hosting it.

-Speaking of missing the days...I just wish the pageant had its old glamour and sparkle. This year they didn't try anything stupid, thankfully, but the crown just doesn't have the clout it used to. I love this era:

Or my absolute FAVE, the Heather Whitestone year. All-white gowns, dancing to a Sandi Patti song, and being the first deaf contestant? Amazing. I will NEVER forget that pageant. I think every American was in tears watching that pageant.

So, yes, I'll continue to watch the pageant. But that doesn't mean I'm thrilled with it. Also, I would love to see a gorgeous, fair-skinned, redhead win the thing. I really would. Because I don't relate to a deep-tanned, rockin' body with blonde highlights. I just don't. But whatever.

Maybe in many years the pageant will come full-circle and it will actually be a big deal to be Miss America again? Here's hoping...

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On the Mend

I am doing better, FINALLY. I don't remember the last time I was sick for 7 whole days. Thank goodness for medicine and rest. Sleeping is going much better. I think my body appreciates not coughing every 5 minutes, so maybe that's why I'm sleeping soundly. I hope it lasts!

My 37 week mark was yesterday! I think I might have lost track and thought I was a week ahead but I don't care...I'm full term and that's all that matters. I've made my to-do list entitled "Before Baby Comes" so I need to start crossing things off. It's mainly just last minute straightening and getting batteries for different gadgets. I'm trying to take this all in stride but I'm still just in shock that this is actually happening. It feels like yesterday that it was June 8, 2008, and I found out I was pregnant. Crazy!

On a VERY positive note, I get to see my Daddy tomorrow! He is coming in to speak for a retirement service for a staff member at church. He'll be with us a few days and I can't WAIT. I wish Mom could be here too, but someone needs to take care of my other siblings....I guess. :o) I do feel sorry for Dad, though. He has to suffer through the Bachelor every Monday night in Cape, and now he's visiting me, which means he can't even escape it for one week. I CAN'T miss the Bachelor!

By the way, I officially have tickets to see Topol perform in Fiddler on the Roof in Memphis!! It's not until May, but we already have the whole weekend planned. If I didn't explain it before, this is such an awesome opportunity, because Topol was the Israeli actor who played the lead in the movie. He is reprising his role with the Broadway tour--truly once in a lifetime. Kurt and I are taking my grandfather with us, because I grew up watching the movie with him, and he just can't miss it. We're SO excited!

Thank you for your encouragement and prayers while I have been sick. I have many great friends and readers out there!

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January 22, 2009


Just taking a minute to give an update. I went to the doctor today and was checked for the first time. I have not dilated---but I felt quite violated, if that makes sense-ha! I did get some news though. They found that there's not enough iron in my blood, making me anemic. Not a severe case, but enough to where I am going to take supplements for the rest of my pregnancy. This explains why I've been extra tired and why I haven't been able to shake off this "upper respiratory infection" (as it was diagnosed).

Speaking of that, last night was the longest of my life. I tried the bed, recliner, and couch, but my cough was the main culprit in keeping me awake. I think Kurt is going to look into getting me an inhaler because I was wheezing and rattling so badly in my chest. It was actually kind of scary, because it's hard to get a deep breath when you're pregnant anyway. Around 3:00 this morning, Kurt came in to check on me in the living room...I think he heard me in my coughing attacks. All I could tell him was "Just pray for me." So he prayed over me, at 3 a.m.! What a sweet husband :o)

I did make the mistake of not getting anything in my stomach this morning, which led to me getting sick (literally) when I got home from the doctor. It reminded me so much of morning sickness. Doris (our faithful cat who loves Kurt and hates me in case you've forgotten) just sat there and watched me by the toilet like I was being annoying. But, to her credit, she rubbed up against me afterward, as if to say "See? I didn't leave you alone. Give me some credit." What a little diva.

So anyway, I'm still alive and there's still a baby inside of me (even though I'm sure she's scarred after the exam today and all of my ailments). I ask for your prayers! Have a great end of the week. I'll just be here on the couch.

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January 21, 2009

I've Been Awarded!

I got a Smile Award from my sweet friend Leah!

The qualifications are:
A. Display a cheerful attitude
B. Love one another
C. Make mistakes
D. Learn from others
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world
G. Love kids

And the rules:
1. Must link it back to the creator
2. Post the rules
3. Choose 5 people to give it to
4. Recipients must fit the characteristics above
5. Create a post to share this
6. You must thank the winner

Leah, thank you for this award. I like the fact that it includes "Makes Mistakes" because EVERYONE does. Some people might think that I don't write about my "off" days very much or I only write about the good things. I just have a very tight filter when I blog, because I know who's reading. I should post about that sometime. Anyway, I love that someone knows that I'm human and yet I still make her smile on occasion :o) Thank you, sweet friend!

I'm totally cheating, but I'm only tagging one person (this is usually my trend with awards). Maybe it's my urge to simplify? Haha :o) With that said, I'm tagging Tiffany, because I've been able to get to know her better lately, and she definitely has all of these qualities (although her mistakes are probably few!). Go for it, Tiffany!

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Rest in the Man Chair

Well, it looks like I have a new sleeping location.

I slept off and on last night while tossing and turning in bed. Kurt woke me up (as he does every morning) to say goodbye to me around 6:15, and gave me more medicine. I woke up again two hours later (I've been waking up about every 2 hours) at 8 and was awake enough to NOT want my bed anymore but too tired to even think about staying awake. So I moved to the recliner in the living room. You know, the overstuffed, gigantic recliner that I inherited when I married my lovely husband (it was his gift to himself after he finished medical school). I literally slept another solid 3 hours in that chair. I was astounded. I woke up at 11:00 and first felt lazy, but then I felt really grateful for any amount of sleep. So yes, it's midday and I'm just now about to eat my Honeycomb. I still don't know if I can sleep the entire night in the chair (I seriously think I would miss Kurt...how clingy am I?), but I know I'll probably be spending more and more time there.

So thank you, "manly recliner", for finally giving me sleep.

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January 20, 2009


Hi, everyone...

Would you believe that I'm still sick? It's tapering off into a cough now, but gee whiz. I really don't want to sound like a whiny baby, but late-pregnancy symptoms are enough to deal with...I don't like adding extra cold and sinus! Speaking of late pregnancy symptoms, sleeping is a nightmare. That's my biggie right now. I just feel like I toss and turn the whole night and get up regularly to go to the bathroom. Even Kurt is noticing, and that says something. I am still using my body pillow, but I just can't find a comfortable way to sleep. I've heard of sleeping in the recliner, but I would feel so lonely...haha! Anyway, I'll keep plugging away until Evy decides to join us. And then I REALLY won't be getting much sleep---what a lovely thing! :o/

I've found that towards the end of being pregnant, I'm really wanting to just be in my house with only Kurt and family. That sounds so rude, and I don't mean for it to...but that's just how I'm responding to these last few weeks. I'm not craving socialization, and I'm just not up to making a lot of outings. But in another sense, I know there are some visits and connections I need to make before Baby gets here. I just can't help how I feel---just keeping it real!

I never did a post about New Year's Resolutions. I am still working at my 101 in 1001. However, I am realizing that it's difficult to keep up with daily/weekly/monthly counts of each time I do something. I'm really trying, but I know it will only get more difficult once the baby gets here. I'm not sure how I'll handle this. What I might do is just give a report when it's all done about how I think I did with each goal. Would that totally disappoint people? I'm really not trying to cop out and not give an "accurate" report, but there will be bigger things going on in my life than computer time in a few weeks! Hopefully everyone understands this. But keep checking my list as I cross things off and begin new projects. One thing I'm about to cross off is finishing the nursery--yay! I know I still haven't posted pictures of so many things. We are getting our new internet package set up soon, so I promise I'm working on it.

I think I'm going to attempt getting in bed now, even though I know sleep will be elusive. I go to the doctor Thursday and this will begin my weekly visits. I'm ready for my little girl to be here and terrified all at the same time. I covet your prayers!

Have a great night (I know I will with my Kleenex and body pillow...)!

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January 18, 2009

Still Sick....

Still here, but still very sick with cold/sinus :o( Of course Kurt is on call...I hate it when he's not here. So I'm hanging in there...have a good rest of the weekend :o)

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January 17, 2009

Checking In...

Well, I've been sick the last few days with a cold :o( They are no fun. But my mom got here yesterday to save the day (well, actually to attend a baby shower being given for me). I'm blessed to have friends who want to do this for me! I've been feeling fine pregnancy wise...just very big :o) Not much else to report. But being in my last few weeks, if I go too long between posts, people may think I've gone into labor or something. Actually, who am I kidding? I don't think enough people even read to keep track of my progress...haha! So I'll just keep checking in for the few that do :o)

Take care!

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January 14, 2009

Private Transition

Some have asked what a private transition is after the post below....I'm sorry I didn't explain better!

A private transition just means that once the baby is born, she won't go to the nursery right away. She'll be with us in the room for at least 4 hours, and we'll have a private nurse caring for her/us in our room. I just wanted it because I want to bond right away with her, and I want to be there when family members see her for the first time. Traditionally, the husband carries the baby to the nursery after the birth and shows the family then. I just REALLY wanted to be able to be there when people see her for the first time. :o)

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God is Good!

This morning I had my pre-admission appointment with my new hospital. I'll be honest: last night I was convinced it probably would be run-of-the-mill, and make me feel like just another random patient. They changed the location of the meeting, so I was nervous about finding it and getting there on time (I can't STAND being late for anything). Thankfully, this hospital is extremely near to where I used to work as a receptionist, so I was hoping it would be a little familiar.

I found the location with no problems (except one missed turn) and parked. The first person I saw was a super-friendly security guard, who pointed me in the right direction. I noticed the building was incredibly new, and the office was easy to find.

I met with Bridget (I think that was her name), who gave me the estimate for our hospital costs. She was so sweet and helpful, and made sure I understood everything so I could pass the info along to Kurt. Then, she pointed to the sheet and said "Oh, and you'll be getting a 50% discount because your husband is a resident." WHAT?!!? I was floored! That will help so much, and I couldn't help but just feel blessed. After she finished explaining more about the costs, I ventured into my questions about having a private transition with the baby after birth, like I was planning to have at the other hospital.

She quickly smiled and said that she knew exactly who to talk to, and paged Jackie. I expected to have to go to another office or make an appointment, but Jackie came right in and sat down next to me. Honest to goodness, she was so reassuring and sweet. She said that although there would be an extra charge for a private transition, it would be no problem to accommodate. I think I probably stared at her like I wasn't hearing correctly; I had expected this to be a much more difficult process. She wrote my name down on my due date in her personal calendar and gave me her cell phone number so I could call when I knew more about when Evy might be born. Again, I must have looked stupid because I said, "So you don't mind if I call your personal cell phone number?" She said not at all, and if she wasn't able to do the transition herself she had several nurses that enjoy doing them. Another plus: when you use this service, they offer a lot of bonding time with the baby and you're given the opportunity to try and nurse early, which I wanted.

As I left, the security guard waved goodbye and said that he would see me next time, when I come in to deliver. I literally got into my car feeling so thankful. Then I realized one more thing: since we were given the resident discount, God provided us some extra money to pay for the private transition. He really does hear our prayers. All in all, I think recently I've been paying attention to the ways that God reveals Himself more than usual. He's not just a "Big Life Moments" God that shows up when we're making a big decision or need help. He's an "Everyday" God that is constantly wanting to show us that He cares about our smallest needs. I feel blessed and thankful today, and I found myself feeling kind of giddy walking into a hospital. I'm more and more excited about meeting our baby and loving on her, and having our families there. Thank you, Lord :o)

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January 13, 2009

In Loving Memory

Even though Kurt and I do not know Magdalena's family personally, we have donated to one of their favorite organizations, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. This is an incredible charity that is made up of volunteer professional photographers, who take beautiful photographs of infants that are either born stillborn or are not expected to live long past birth.

I have a love for photography, and I can't imagine a more precious thing to have than beautiful photographs of a child who has been lost. Even under terrible, sad circumstances, this organization believes in celebrating life, no matter how short, and capturing images that will last forever.

Kurt and I make this contribution in memory of Magdalena, and also in honor of the birth of our daughter soon. We are honored to support such a precious cause.

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Getting My Attention

This is an unconventional post...I don't really know how else to describe it.

When I was picking up my diaper bag from a baby boutique last week, I saw some business cards on the counter. One of them said "Magdalena Grace Roberts" and then "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world." I immediately thought that it might be a business card for imprinting babies' hands- or footprints in plaster; something I have seen done that I am planning to do with Evy. I grabbed the business card and stuck it in my planner, not thinking much about it.

This morning, I was looking through my planner and came across the card. I was still curious about it, so I typed in the web address. I quickly noticed that it was a personal blog, and it was about a baby: Magdalena Grace Roberts, a little baby girl with a chromosome disorder that they diagnosed her with around 22 weeks.

And then I was stunned.

I saw that a post had been made today around 5 in the morning: Magdalena had passed away. Today. I quickly looked back at posts to try and get the back story, but I am still just completely stunned that I came across this website today, of all days.

The only responses I can form are grief for this family (who are strong Christians) and humble praise that (God-willing, as far as we know) Evy is healthy. There are times when it's so easy to take for granted that I've had a normal pregnancy, and we haven't had to sit in a doctor's office and hear devastating news.

Like I said, this isn't a happy-go-lucky post, but when God times things like this, it's important to pay attention. Pray for this family and for their strength. I for one am going to be complaining a lot less today.

Here is the website.

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January 9, 2009


I finished the fourth Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, tonight. I must say, it's bittersweet! On one hand, I was glad to see how the story ends, and to see resolution with the characters/events. However, I'm one of those people that just hates to say goodbye to characters. But I am SO glad I finished this series before Evy gets here! Not that I would've abandoned my child to read books....but you know what I'm saying. When you have a baby in the house, book obsessions definitely don't rank very high.

I guess it's all been hitting me recently; what is about to happen. Like I've said before, I've handled this pregnancy very differently than I thought I would my whole life. I don't think the incredible joy, bonding, love, and amazement will hit me until they hand her to me. I know that sounds calloused and removed, and that's not even necessarily how I feel; there's just still a sense of anonymity about her. What will she look like? Will she be good-natured or cry a lot? Will she favor my personality or Kurt's? It's just all these things that you can't possibly know while they're still growing inside. Don't get me wrong....there are moments when I feel like if she doesn't come tomorrow I will go crazy because I can't wait to hold and cuddle her. And then there are other moments, like tonight, when Kurt's on call....that I look around my quiet living room, having eaten whatever I wanted for supper (Spaghettios), at my own leisure, watching whatever I want to on TV, that I realize that I'm about to be totally redefined as a person. I won't just be Ashley; I'll be Ashley AND "Mom."

I know that people will leave comments about this and reassure me that there's no greater thing on earth than to be a mother. Trust me, I KNOW! I have wanted this my entire life, and I have absolute confidence that this is what God has planned for us. But I just wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that there are sometimes when it's all just a lot to take in. But when I picked up the monogrammed diaper bag today and bought a little smocked Christmas dress that was on sale...I felt "it." That twinge of excitement that you can't hold back----I'm about to be a mom! And honestly, I can't wait :o)

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January 8, 2009

Tribute to TV

For those of you who know me or read this blog here and there, you know I'm a fan of TV. I don't apologize for it; I really like to watch television. I did a post like this at the beginning of the last television season, so here we are again. In no particular order, here's what I'm watching:

The Bachelor

So, I love this show, always have. Kurt and I actually watch this for entertainment value, and I enjoy hearing his male perspective. Which usually consists of him saying things like "What a loser." "Of COURSE his shirt is off." or "Nothing on her body can be real." You get the idea. My thoughts on Jason? Well, he's very sensitive and sweet. And honestly, his child is the cutest thing I've ever seen. He's not Edward Cullen, but I can deal. I have a few standout girls that I think will go far, but I don't feel like posting their pictures and going to all that trouble. I'll give an update mid-season and see where we stand then. For now, I'll just enjoy the drama and thank the good Lord I didn't have to go on a reality show to find Kurt. However, I think I would've liked going on fantasy dates. A girl can dream.

Grey's Anatomy

Love this show. Although they really need to stop the Izzie/Denny thing. Creepy. And not realistic. Yes, this is coming from me, who believes the Cullens are real, but give me a break, ok? I like Grey's. That's about it on that one.

Secret Life of the American Teenager

This show was a surprise to me. I started watching in its first season, and was quickly taken by it. Yes, it deals with teen pregnancy, but that's a real issue. Oddly, I like Molly Ringwald playing the mom. I don't have a ton of things to say about this show, other than the fact that I just like it and it keeps me interested. Also, they're advocating adoption/keeping the baby, which I always appreciate in mainstream media.

The Office

Ahhh. The Office. The perfect blend of comedy and storyline, in my opinion. Although I do think they sometimes run low on ideas and plotlines, it's still my favorite. I love Jim and Pam together (otherwise known as Jam) and I think the character of Michael Scott is the funniest thing on television. Love it. My kind of humor.

And coming in February....

The Millionaire Matchmaker, Season 2

SUCH a huge fan of Patti. I love how she tells people how it really is when it comes to relationships. And she's dealing with millionaires, a lifestyle I'll never know. It's very interesting to me that these people with the most money are the biggest idiots when it comes to dating. Money can't buy everything, people. I did realize once I saw the promo that the premiere is on February 12. So I need to make doubly sure that the DVR is set to record, no matter what my labor status is. Yes, I will be that mother who rocks her infant while watching Patti on TV. No apologies.

I think that's a good rundown for now. I'll keep you posted on my favorite shows. I'm now going to read more of Breaking Dawn, the last Twilight book that I'm able to get my hands on. Stephenie Meyer needs to get her rear in gear and finish the 5th book. It's supposed to be from Edward's perspective. Smelling salts, please?

Oh, and check out what Suz and I found the other night:

This would be Bella's engagement ring. That's right. You can buy it. And they have 3 versions: Cheap, Moderate, and Expensive.

Do I need to elaborate on which version I want?

I can't help it that I have $2000 taste. Kurt doesn't know about this newest little item on my wishlist. I'm trying to figure out the best way to tell him that I want a really expensive ring that's based on a piece of jewelry in a fictional book, that was given by a vampire to a human. And that I want it really badly.

Yeah, my husband just wouldn't get that.

I'll let you know how that conversation goes :o)

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January 7, 2009

Bitten and Smitten

So, I think I need to establish that I have a new crush (I'm allowed, I asked Kurt):

Edward Cullen. Now, please keep in mind that in theory, I have a crush on the character of Edward Cullen, not Robert Pattinson as a person necessarily (how's that for lame justification?). If you haven't read the books, the movie just isn't the same. I am now in the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, and am still in love and intrigued by these characters. It's rare that you find a book or book series that literally draws you in so deep you're convinced it's real. I love when that happens. That's why I read. There is so much more I could say, but it would just make me look like a lovesick teenager. Fine, I'm a lovesick 23-year-old who is obsessed with a fictional character. But I'm not alone....and there are people much more pathetic than I am. I think.

I had my wonderful, amazing, relaxing, and calming pre-natal massage today, given to me by Kurt for Christmas. I am THAT person that just loves the spa. I love the treatments, the environment....I am such a lush. Oh well. My tip: if you are pregnant or ever will be pregnant again, or aren't even pregnant at all: massage is the way to GO. There's just something about it...such an escape. So I was able to have an ahhhhh moment today. Which is good, because I had to deal with this right afterward:

As I understood it, my doctor's office is affiliated with two hospitals, and you have the freedom to choose where you want to deliver. This was implied to me during my entire pregnancy by not only my doctor, but other people in the office too. Well, as it turns out, that's not the case. SURPRISE.

I only found this out because I happened to mention in front of the OB rep that deals with billing that I would be using a certain hospital. She looks at me and says "Oh, we don't deliver there anymore." I'm sorry.....WHAT?! She asked me to come into her office and informed me that no, even though the website says that and even though I had been told otherwise, they only deliver at one certain hospital. I was so livid (in the godliest way possible). I am proud to say that I kept my cool and calmly left. Kurt decided to call, and he was told that if your insurance covers their main hospital, that's where you have to deliver. The other hospital is just for rare cases. Oh, really? Well it would've been lovely if I could've gotten some print-out or information packet or been TOLD that when I got pregnant. Nope. Didn't happen.

So, I had been planning for now 8 1/2 months to have a certain kind of delivery that was just what I wanted, with nurses I knew, at a certain hospital. And now I'm being told (at 35 weeks, no less) that they were just kidding; that can't happen. Seriously?!

However, I am viewing this as God's plan for us. He knew then and knows now where I need to deliver. We are going to use the hospital that my office prefers, because it's not worth losing our witness over. And I'm sure it will be a lovely delivery. I just don't look kindly upon unprofessionalism and being treated like a number, know what I mean? So that's always fun to deal with.

But, the bottom line is that somewhere, somehow, the baby will be born and we'll bring her to a happy home. This is where you just take the high road and move on.

That's life in a nutshell right now...have a great evening!

Edward Cullen, I love you.

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January 6, 2009

Disney 101

Hi friends :o)

I have had SO many people ask me for Disney tips that I am going to put a link under "Sites to See" of this post that I did awhile back. Keep in mind that I wrote the post with a specific family in mind, and I will gladly help with any specific ages, etc. if you need me to. Email me at ashley61985@gmail.com if you need my help! I'm also going to include some emails I recently wrote to a few families. So if you or someone you know needs Disney advice, direct them there and/or email me. Obvious note: I'm NOT an expert, I've just been often. There are people out there that know psychotically much more than me. I just give my best advice to anyone who asks!

Here are some recent emails I've written (remember, they are family-specific and can/should be altered).

Email with 3-year-old girl in mind:
I have a lot of people ask me for Disney help, and since every person's kids are a different age, I just write a new email every time :o) So since this isn't a "generic" pre-written email, it may be a little random as thoughts come to me. But here goes!

-My first thought: You are SMART to go in January!!!! (Off season!) This will make your experience so much better!

-Best websites:
www.mousesavers.com (Discounts and tips on saving some money)
www.allears.net (Great info for researching, advice, and planning)

-My favorite planning book is The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, by by Bob Sehlinger and Len Testa. They are so thorough, and cover every imaginable topic. I have been to Disney MANY times, but when my husband and I recently went, I read this to refresh my memory and get some new knowledge. They even include touring plans that make the most of your time and cut out so much waiting time....worth the whole book! I seriously recommend that you buy this and read it!!!!!!!!!!!

-I don't know where you are planning on staying. My family has stayed on Disney property and off, and there are pros and cons to each. However, with a 3 year old (what a FUN age!), I would probably recommend staying on property, purely for convenience. Getting to and from the parks are easier, etc.

-I don't know if you are planning on "park hopping", doing one park per day, or just sticking to Magic Kingdom. If you're going to be at Disney for several days or so, it's wise to get a Park Hopper ticket. Especially with a 3 year old, you'll want freedom to go back and forth to different parks in the course of one day. For instance, if Bailee HATES Animal Kingdom (just a random example), you can always high-tail it back to Magic Kingdom (which she is garaunteed to LOVE).

-Speaking of the different parks, I'm not sure how much you know. I will abbreviate to make things easier:
MK-Magic Kingdom
AK-Animal Kingdom
DHS-Disney Hollywood Studios (used to be MGM)

-Magic Kingdom is going to be your home base with Bailee at her age and based on her likes right now (Princesses and Minnie Mouse are in abundance!). You know her better than anyone else, but a special thing that you can do is Bippity Boppity Boutique, which does makeovers on little girls....precious! They have different price tiers, I believe. But you do need to make a reservation for that. Also, a Princess character dining experience is a must. Here is a website to check out: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/experience/expListing?id=CharacterExpListingPage

I personally think that you HAVE to dine in Cinderella's castle for at least one meal. Even if you can't get into a character dining experience (you definitely won't have a problem 180 days out, though), eat there for dinner. It's worth the money, trust me. Just to experience dining in the castle is awesome. And even if it's not a full character experience, if you eat there for dinner, the price includes a picture package with Cinderella. Note: you have to pay in full for this at the time of booking. Obviously, I think you should try to get in for a Princess breakfast or lunch first....Bailee will flip out! Here's the website:

You really can't go wrong in MK. Seriously, everything will be awesome for her. The one ride I would avoid would be Snow White's Scary Adventures....I still don't go on it. There's a lot of emphasis on the Witch for some reason, and she pops out at scary times, and it terrifies kids. Trust me, you're not missing out on anything by skipping this ride. If you need a break and need to sit and rest, visit Country Bear Jamboree and Hall of Presidents. They are in climate controlled buildings, and offer pretty comfy seating. Good place to regroup!

DO NOT MISS PhilharMagic!!! It's a 3-D show that will tickle all of you to death....it's so awesome. That's the best attraction in MK. Carousel of Progress can be skipped if you and your husband aren't interested. Visually, Bailee may find it interesting, but she will most likely be bored by it.

Take advantage of Fastpass when you can. The book does a good job of explaining this. The main ride that has long lines is Peter Pan's Flight, so get a Fastpass for this. If you're not familiar, Fastpass is a voucher that allows you to come back at a certain time and bypass the line. You can only use one set of Fastpasses at a time (meaning you can't hold Fastpasses for more than one ride at a time). It's awesome!

-I love eating at Pinnochio Village Haus for fast counter-service food. You can sit and watch people going on the "Small World" ride. It's fun! Always try to eat at "off" times....early lunch, early dinner, you get the idea.

-General note: if you want to eat at any specialty restaurants that aren't fast food, MAKE RESERVATIONS!!!!! This will save you time and headaches. Just pick a few by browsing the website that you think Bailee would enjoy and book them. You will thank yourself. This goes for any park.

-I'm not as familiar with AK, but I know that kids tend to enjoy the "zoo-like" feel. They have a safari that's fun, and some good shows, like Lion King and Finding Nemo.

-Epcot is going to be the park that Bailee likes the least (at least that's my prediction). They have a few kid-oriented rides, but honestly, you won't want to spend a lot of time at this park. Walking around World Showcase can be interesting, but with a 3 year old, you have to make that call. Do your research on that park and pick and choose a few things to do, but I would spend your time in other parks. That's just my opinion though!

-DHS is fun, because it has Playhouse Disney stuff, a Little Mermaid show, and a Beauty and the Beast show. There are also roller coasters for you and your husband, if you're interested. Speaking of, Disney has a parent switch program that allows you all to wait in line, but the parents get to switch off so one can ride while the other waits with Bailee. Just FYI!

-In general, going with a little 3 year old girl that loves Princesses and Disney in general is going to be such a wonderful experience. Do your research on the weather....Florida can be unpredictable, and you need to be prepared for many climate changes. I definitely think you should read the book I mentioned above and definitely make dining reservations. Top priority would be getting a Princess Dining reservation....that will truly be priceless. Let me know if I can help with anything specific---just email me questions as you think of them! Hope I've helped a little!

Ashley L :o)

Email with 7-year-old boy in mind:

-First of all, two websites you need to look at: www.mousesavers.com and www.allears.net . All Ears is good because it has a ton of information that's pretty easy to sort through. Mousesavers is more discount oriented, but it's good to take a glance and see what's out there.

-Since you're staying at the All Star Sports resort, renting a car isn't absolutely necessary. They will offer shuttle service to the parks, etc. Obviously, they will not offer service to Sea World, and you're at the mercy of their schedule. Disney transportation is generally pretty good. However, when my family went back in 2004, we stayed at a hotel (not on Disney property) that offered shuttle service and really disliked it. We liked the freedom to drive our own car to the parks. You need to figure out how you're going to get from the airport to the hotel, and how you'll get to Sea World if you decide to go. You might be able to get away with renting a car for just a day (I'm not sure about this?) in order to go to Sea World, and use Disney transportation to go to the parks. Here is the Disney transportation link: (keep in mind you might have to make reservations in the next few days)

-Okay, so you'll get to your hotel around 2:30 on the 13th. Have you bought your tickets? If so, how many days are they for, and are they Park Hopper? This will affect planning. If you haven't bought them yet, we used www.undercovertourist.com, which offers discounted park tickets (but it's legit...our tickets worked perfectly!). I just looked at the website and it looks like you could save about $14 off the gate price for a 5 day Park Hopper ticket. Here's the link:
I would hurry and buy your tickets. The website outlines its shipping policy, and I think if you were to order them today, they would ship them tomorrow or Wednesday. If in doubt, you could pay for quicker shipping. I think this is worth the money to avoid standing in long ticket lines the morning of your first park visit. You'll just have them in hand! Let me know if you have questions about this.

-I'm not going to count the 13th as a park day. Honestly, here's what I would do. I would get there, get settled in, look around the resort, rest, and if you want something to do, go explore Downtown Disney. It's free to get in, and it's a great shopping district with some fun stores. This is where you could do your souvenir shopping. They have the largest Disney store there in Downtown Disney. I wouldn't try to cram a park into the 13th. You'll be too tired, and you need to save your energy for the next few days.

-As far as parks go, I think you should visit all 4 (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Studios, and Animal Kingdom). My family doesn't go to Animal Kingdom, but it's because we're just older and aren't huge zoo people. Animal Kingdom is great, I've been there one time, and if Cole would like it, you should go. You need to look at Disney's website and see if AK is something Cole would like. More on that later. You can basically do a park a day, but there are ways to mix it up. For instance, my family doesn't go to AK. We do MK, Studios, and Epcot for 3 days, and then do a "recap" day where we park hop and repeat things we want to do. Kurt and I recently did this as well, but we ended up park hopping almost every day. Trust me, you'll want that option.

-You're going during low season (yay!). Pack carefully. You do not want anything that would remotely get uncomfortable. I wore tennis shoes every day. No denim---it will rub your legs too much (in my opinion). Pack for different weather options. There was one day when Kurt and I had to go back to the hotel and layer on more clothes...it was just a fluke that day, but I'm really glad we brought something just in case! Check www.weatherchannel.com and just give yourself options.

-Take a backpack (no purses, etc). We kept our cameras, lightweight jackets, a few snacks, umbrella, and ponchos (just in case) in there. Just keep things in one place. Shan should carry his wallet in his front pocket (not in the backpack and not in his back pocket). Keep your tickets and fastpasses in his wallet so he can easily whip it out when you need it.

-As far as parks go, here's the general rule of thumb: You need to be at the gates about 20-30 minutes before the park actually opens, so plan accordingly. There is always at least one or two rides per park that people will flock to. GO TO THESE RIDES FIRST.
MK: Space Mountain Roller Coaster
Studios: Aerosmith Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, but most of all Toy Story Midway Mania (our FAVORITE!)
Epcot: Soarin'
Animal Kingdom: I would assume Expedition Everest Roller Coaster

Here's what you need to do. When the parks open, immediately go to the most popular ride. You need to briskly walk, do not sightsee. More than likely, you'll get right on the ride or you'll barely have to wait. After you ride the ride, you can either ride it again (depending on the line) and/or get a Fastpass for a little later. A Fastpass is awesome. You insert your ticket, and a little voucher will pop out, telling you when to return to the ride to bypass the line. The one catch: you can only use one set of fastpasses at a time. Meaning you can't have a set of fastpasses for one ride and get another set for another ride. Make sense? I'm telling you, the popular rides are insane.

MK: Magic Kingdom is Fantasy based. It's more kiddie rides, but they're still fun. Peter Pan's Flight always has a long wait...I'd get fastpasses. Disney's PhilharMagic is awesome...it's a 3-D show and the wait is hardly ever long. Thunder Mountain Railroad is fun, Cole will like it. Unless you want to get wet, don't do Splash Mountain.

Studios: Toy Story Midway Mania is insane at Studios. Kurt and I were blown away. You need to ride that immediately first thing, get a set of fastpasses, then run to Aerosmith and Tower of Terror (they're right next to each other). Obviously, read up on these rides and make sure you think Cole can handle it. They can be stomach-turners! Studios is a pretty easy park to manage. It's smaller than the others, and you should be able to make good use out of fastpasses. Do NOT miss Fantasmic--the show at the end of the night! It's so awesome. People start lining up pretty early....I would ask and see what they recommend on that particular day. My guess is that you could get there 30-45 minutes early and be fine. Sounds excessive, but you don't want to miss seats to this show!

Epcot: This park is more educational-based, but it's still enjoyable. There's a lot of walking at this park. I would immediately go to Soarin' first thing and ride and/or get fastpasses. I think Cole will really like this ride (you and Shan too!). Mission Space is an intense ride, and if any of you are prone to motion sickness, don't do it! They have a mild version and Kurt did it and was fine. Just something to look into! Do everything in the front part of the park (Futureworld) first. World Showcase is in the back part of the park, and you can really look at that at your leisure. There are a few rides/shows in some paviliions, but it's mainly fun just to look at what other countries would look and feel like. This would probably be the park that Cole will be the least interested in. But you still need to go!

Animal Kingdom: I'm really no help on this one! I know they have a safari, where you drive through and see animals on some really pretty land. I've also heard the Nemo and Lion King shows are great. Expedition Everest is apparently a great roller coaster. I would suggest you do that first and get a round of fastpasses if you want to do it again. Sorry I'm not an AK expert!

-As far as food goes, we've never done the meal plan, but I've heard it's pretty user friendly. However: you REALLY REALLY need to make advanced reservations for any restaurant you're wanting to eat in, unless it's quick service. Here's what you need to do: Map out what days you ideally want to be in what park (ex: Sunday, Magic Kingdom, Monday, Epcot, Tuesday, Studios, Thursday, AK) and then pick one (maybe two) meals per day that you want to eat at a special place. Lunch is sometimes cheaper, but we always eat dinner in restaurants. You also will get the most out of your dining plan if you eat at sit-down places. Here are some good ones:

MK: Cinderella's Castle (might be hard to get into, but have them try to search all the days of your vacation and you might get in), Tony's has good Italian food

Studios: 50s Prime Time is a lot of fun, and Sci-Fi Drive In has a great environment.

Epcot: My daddy's favorite Mexican food ever is at the Mexico pavilion! (San Angel Inn). It's great food, and an awesome environment.

Ak: No clue! Sorry!

Call 1-407-WDW-DINE to make reservations. They're very nice. Just go day by day and see what they have available in the restaurant you want. You might have your meal at a weird time, but that's ok. Kurt and I had dinner at 4:30 one time! The environment is worth it. It is SMART to make reservations, trust me. So many people don't get to eat in fun places because they didn't plan ahead. This is my big tip!!!!! But I would call in the next day or two.

As far as character dining, every park should have at least one option. For character dining, it's sometimes a good idea to go to a hotel because the crowds tend to be less and there's more room (not as crowded). However, it's convenient to go somewhere within the park. Here's a website:

That's all I have time for now....please read over this and let me know if you have other questions. I will have internet access the whole time I'm gone, so don't worry about contacting me...I'll write back and give you tips! I hope this helps :o)

xo, Ashley L.

Happy Disney Vacation!

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January 4, 2009

Around Here...

Still waiting on the internet issue to get resolved...and I have more pictures to share of the wonderful shower we had in Tupelo this weekend! We had a small gathering of family and friends, and it was wonderful to celebrate the baby. When I get my camera/internet working (ugh) I'll post those!

Also, I'll be going back to my non-Christmas blog format and non-Christmas music soon. WEIRD. We have most of our Christmas put away. In a sense it's sad, but there's so much that's about to happen, I'm kind of focused on that. Right now I'm also on a mission to find a pretty round wood accent table for the living room. I'm on the prowl...any ideas?

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and this should begin my weekly checkups. I seriously can't believe it. I had a little scare on New Year's Eve that was either Braxton-Hicks contractions (that lasted for an hour and a half straight), Evy was moving positions, or she was in a position that pinched a nerve. I was in so much pain that I ended up throwing up and calling the emergency nurse on call. Thank the LORD that my parents were here. Kurt was on call that night, and otherwise I would've been alone. Everything subsided and I've been just fine, but I'm sure my doctor will check things out tomorrow. It just made the concept of Evy coming much more real!

So that's the update around here. It was such a blessing to have my parents and Kurt's parents after them here to visit and get the nursery put together. Also, at the shower this weekend, we were given our carseat/stroller system!!!! We can now officially bring her home once she's born :o)

Have a great week!

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January 2, 2009

How Exciting!

I got an award from Demetria and Christy! How exciting. I'm supposed to answer these questions in one word:
1. Where is your cell phone? Chair

2. Where is your significant other? Work :o(

3. Your hair color? Auburn

4. Your mother? Friend

5. Your father? Wonderful

6. Your favorite thing? Love

7. Your dream last night? Twilight-ish

8. Your dream/goal? Mother

9. The room you're in? Nursery

10. Your hobby? Reading

11. Your fear? Losing family (two words, I cheated)

12. Where do you want to be in six years? Cape

13. Where were you last night? Home

14. What you're not? Stupid

15. One of your wish list items? Travel

16. Where you grew up? Everywhere!

17. The last thing you did? Ate

18. What are you wearing? Pajamas

19. Your TV? Nice

20. Your pet? Diva

21. Your computer? ANNOYING (right now)

22. Your mood? Anticipatory

23. Missing someone? My parents!

24. Your car? Child-friendly

25. Something you're not wearing? socks

26. Favorite store? Target (but I couldn't choose just one)

27. Your Summer? Lifechanging--found out we'll be parents!

28. Love someone? Kurt/Family

29. Your favorite color? European gray right now

30. When is the last time you laughed? Today I think

31. Last time you cried? Yesterday...my parents left :o(

This sounds terrible, but I love every blog I read, and a lot of people have been tagged! So I'll just pick one: Carrie, go for it!

Still waiting on internet situation to be resolved. My camera still won't upload for some reason! I know I've been promising pictures of the nursery, and I can't wait to show them....ugh! Hopefully soon. Xoxo!

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