March 30, 2009

Scripture Paintings

One of my favorite things is when Scripture can be used decoratively in the home. I have done several paintings on canvas with verses scripted on them in the past, and even did some for a charity auction at one time. Well, I have decided to take this back up and do paintings if there is an interest out there. I would charge for them (a reasonable price), but the proceeds won't be going to me. The Lord has laid on my heart to use my talents (even though I'm definitely not a professional) to help His kingdom. As a new mom, I don't have the ability to go out and get a job, so I'm just going to do what I know how to do. If you're interested, email me or leave me a comment. I can do any size, funky/elegant, any colors, any verse/saying/quote, etc. I've painted canvases for nurseries, dining rooms, living rooms, etc. Also, if you need a cute baby gift, I also make door hangers for the hospital (I will include a picture below). I will do some examples of canvases and post pictures once I'm able to find a free minute!

Examples of Hospital Door Hanger:

(Can be modified to any size, color, etc.)

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Sip & See and Recent Pictures

A lot has been going on! Evy is really doing well with her schedule and sleeping. Last night she slept from 11:15 pm-5:30 am! This was one of her longest stretches of sleep so far. She is just a happy baby and I can tell she's already wanting routine in her day (just like her Mom!). Some days are harder than others (obviously), and we still have our little evening fuss, but she is just a precious baby and so content!

Some sweet ladies in my church hosted a "Sip & See" recently for me and Evy Kate. It was so precious! The decorations featured a sign that said "The Princess Has Arrived," building blocks spelling her name, a framed birth announcement, and my personal favorite----a white icing "Pumpkin Coach," just like in Cinderella! I about died, it was so cute. I am storing these ideas away for when I host some baby showers! Thank you to everyone who made this extra special.

A recent milestone has been Evy sitting in her Bumbo chair. She is really working on holding that sweet little head up!!

Some recent modeling shots...she was smiling at her Gigi when these were taken!

Aren't you jealous of this girlish figure?

And finally, I captured these pictures recently when Kurt was loving on Evy. Does this not melt your heart?!

We love our sweet, growing girl!

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March 28, 2009

Ventures for Christ!

Since I mentioned my Poppy (H.D. McCarty) in my previous post, I wanted to add the links to his ministry website and his personal blog! These are incredible resources for your Christian walk.

Ventures for Christ Website

Bullets for the Battle Blog

Ventures is under the "Sites to See" column, and the blog is listed as "Poppy" in my blog list to the left.

I encourage you to visit these sites, and to support and pray for this wonderful ministry. You will be blessed!

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It's a Small World After All!

I love when things like this happen! I know many of us read the Kelly's Korner blog, and prayed for Kelly's daughter Harper when she was born.

I got addicted to this fun blog by this really fun girl! I noticed that she was from the Northwest Arkansas area. So, on a whim, I emailed her and asked her if she happened to know my grandfather, H.D. McCarty, who was the pastor of University Baptist church there for YEARS and was also chaplain for the Razorbacks (go Hogs!). Almost immediately, Kelly emailed me back and told me that Poppy had been her pastor for 8 years!!!! Also, she had the special memory of my grandfather calling her every year on her birthday (he was such a personal pastor, if I do say so myself!), and of seeing me and my family at church when we would visit Fayetteville. Who knew that we would eventually connect through blogs, and have little girls just one month apart?!

I totally think that Evy and Harper would be BFF if we lived close :o) Here are the stylish little ladies:

I love when things like that happen, so I was excited to share! Kelly, I love your blog, and Evy wants Harper to go shopping with her :o)

I'll be putting up new pictures soon! Stay tuned! (By the way, I borrowed the pictures from Kelly's blog!)

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March 23, 2009

Shot Survival

Well, we survived our first round of shots.

We were just not happy about things :o( Even our sparkly bandaids didn't help.

While stretching in our bouncy seat, we were still irritated by the whole experience.

....Until we fell asleep.

But Daddy always makes me feel better!

On the bright side, we have a growing girl! She weighed in at 10 pounds, 12 ounces :o) I did tear up during the shots, but didn't blubber, which I thought was good. It was WONDERFUL to have Kurt there! You have to have moral support at doctor's appointments I've decided. We won't have another round of shots until early June, when Baby is 4 months old. You've probably noticed that I have a million nicknames for her. I used to call Doris Bitson (I come up with weird names), and now that she's gone, I can't help but call Evy that too (but I'm the only one who can call her that...otherwise it would be weird)! It just comes naturally! So Doris was the original, and now I have a new little Bitson. :o)

Have a great evening...

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March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning...

Here's what we've been up to:

Aunt Lissie has been here this weekend to play!

We also tried out the carriers this weekend....we didn't go anywhere, just tried them on :o)

There's that smile again...I ordered her new bows from Etsy and she looks just adorable in them. Don't you think so?

I took these this morning:

Things have been going pretty well here. We're still trying to settle into somewhat of a routine, and nights have become a little easier. The only reason I'm able to post right now is because Little Boo is in her crib, "napping." She has been napping in her swing every day, and I wanted to see if we could try and make the transition to her crib. I turned on the swing music so it would be familiar. She's been in there for about 10 minutes, and I haven't heard any shouts of protest...just her usual grunting :o) We'll see how "napping in the crib" goes!

Tomorrow my little girl is getting her shots! :o( Thank GOODNESS Kurt will be off work and able to go with me (I planned it this way!). Everyone says it's an emotional experience, so I don't know what my reaction will be. I think having Kurt there will really help. I'm glad she won't remember it in the grand scheme of things.

Kurt is on call tonight, and I always miss him so much. I also don't like it because Little Boo has a "fussy time" every evening...and it's not fun to not have moral support while listening to it--haha! I can't believe she'll be 6 weeks tomorrow. That's almost 2 months! If I'm honest, I'm glad that we've made it past the first 6 weeks. They are really difficult at times! Thank you for your prayers and support...I definitely have felt them!

Have a great Sunday :o)

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March 19, 2009

The Great Explosion

It all started out innocently enough. I woke Little Bit up from her nap because it was time to eat. Then I started changing the diaper. And then we decided we weren't quite done doing our business. And that business went EVERYWHERE.

The Scene:

The Victims:

(Changing table cover and pad, my white hoodie, and diaper bag. I was also a victim, but will spare you the picture.)

The Helpers:

(Yes, Spot Shot was involved because the carpet was also hit.)

The Culprit:

(Note: the culprit managed to not get any mess on her. At all. Other than in obvious areas. But she's a cute little culprit!)

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When Kurt's mom was here this weekend, we couldn't help but be EXTRA cute!

And my personal favorite:

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