September 30, 2009

Happy Fall!

Here are my fall decorations for the house. I feel like it's finally here, and I'm so excited :)

Happy Harvest!

New Discovery

Evs has been up to a lot lately! She's grabbing absolutely everything, and just goes crazy if it rustles or crackles or makes noise.

Kurt brought home these flowers from the grocery (super sweet, I know!), and we let Evy have a look. She was just dazzled by the cellophane!

This is what happened when I took them away:

Her newest discovery (as of today) is her tongue. She woke up and just stuck it out at me as if to say "What is this thing in my mouth and why haven't you told me about it?" All day she's been sticking out her tongue, and she's getting really good at mimicking us when we do it. It's cute for probably won't be when she's throwing a temper tantrum and does it. Well, I don't know...I think I'll probably laugh like I did when I took these pictures:

She's starting to give "love loves" when the mood strikes her. I don't think she means to do it...but sometimes she'll grab my face and I pretend she's showing her undying love for me. :)

Next up is pictures of my fall decorations...stay tuned!

September 29, 2009

Bollywood: My New Hollywood

Okay, so this is kind of a weird fact about me: I love Indian culture. As in, the country India (but Native American Indians are cool too).

This might seem incredibly random, but it's true---I love the bright colors, their emphasis on family, how their wedding celebrations go down (for like, 5 days), their movies....and most recently, their biggest celebrity couple, known as "Ash and Abhi." (Full names: Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan.) They're married, and are about a gazillion times more popular than Brad & Angelina (and they're a whole lot classier).

I saw Ash and Abhi on Oprah the other day and was so pleased to see Ash because she was in the Bollywood film "Bride and Prejudice." (In case you didn't figure it out, Bollywood is the Indian version of Hollywood.) I decided to check out Bride and Prejudice several months ago because I was curious about their movies. Bend It Like Beckham is one of my very favorite movies (again, I don't know why---soccer and Indians....random?), so I thought I'd like to try others in that genre.

Sidenote: Probably another reason why I love this movie is because Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is in it. I met him in London and haven't been the same since. He's super dreamy.

Anyway, I loved Ash in Bride and Prejudice. However, Bollywood is way different because from what I understand, almost every movie is like a musical. There's always a big dancing number, and they just burst into song at random times. It's weirdly cool.

So when I saw Ash and her husband on Oprah, I was way excited!

Is she not insanely gorgeous?

Okay, sorry...I'm kind of obsessed. But I kind of wish we wore saris. They're so glittery, bright and pretty. It also helps if you look like this wearing one:

This was also nice to know: Ash's husband Abhi said that in Bollywood, the physical side of a relationship isn't usually shown in their movies because "audiences don't really expect it or need it." How refreshing. In Bride and Prejudice, there was barely a kiss!

So why not give my girl Ash some love and check out Bride and Prejudice or another Bollywood film. You might be surprised! :)

September 26, 2009

By the Way...

I have a new post up at my Disney blog with a few pictures from our trip last year! Be sure to follow that blog if you're interested. It's not just planning and tips; I'll write about why I love Disney, reminisce about trips I've taken, and other fun things. So be sure to have a look!

Oh, and I'll be doing a post soon here remembering that trip, so there's more to come! :)

The June Cleaver Cooking Club is Back!

Hi everyone :)

Awhile ago, I started a recipe blog so I could exchange recipes with some of my friends. Well, life got busy and the blog kind of stopped, but Ashley asked me if we could get it going again, and why not!? After reading a recent recipe tour on Kelly's blog, I remembered how great it is to get recipes from people who have actually cooked them---not just typed out in a recipe book!

So, here it is {newly re-designed and super cute if I do say so myself}!

I would LOVE for all of you to contribute recipes! I can't tell you how many times I've used recipes that I got from JCCC already. So let's add more!

To contribute, just email me your recipe as well as your name and blog address (if applicable). That's it! I'll post them and we'll all benefit from new recipes.

Thanks a bunch!

September 24, 2009

Be My Little Baby Bumblebee

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

There's a reason I haven't been blogging as much recently---I've been uploading and editing pictures. A TON of them!

Between being sick and out of town, I had to catch up and get all of these ready to show you. So, if you're not interested in pictures, please come back later. If you are interested in pictures, get a soda and wrap up in a blanket because there are lots of them!

First, here are some shots from the last couple of weeks:

Here are some pictures from our weekend trip to see Kurt's family:

Here are some pictures from a few days ago when my mom came to visit:

We tried on the tutu that Kurt's mom made for Evy to wear for her next photography session (at the end of this month). Adorable!

Mrs. Pam also made Evy an ADORABLE shopping cart/highchair cover. The pattern is little retro 1950's cowgirls! We tried Evy in a highchair for the very first time at Cracker Barrel. She did great!

I have to share this blessing with you. A quick backstory: my family always hates to see the elderly dining alone, and one time when we were traveling we stopped by a man's table to talk with him (it also happened to be at Cracker Barrel). We found out that he had recently lost his wife and that he was a veteran. We loved talking with him!

Okay, back to present time. We saw this man eating by himself, and we just had to say something to him. My mom was walking by with Evy and stopped to say hello. We ended up inviting him to sit with us, and guess what? It was the 10th anniversary of his wife's death and he fought in World War II at Normandy. I got chills as he told us about running out of the Higgins boat (where the flap came down, soldiers ran out and were literally gunned down immediately). This was the second time that this had happened to us, stepping out of our comfort zones and we end up meeting two men who really needed encouragement. Mr. Barnes was just precious, and we got his address so we can keep in touch. He has no grandchildren, so we hope to spend some time with him. Even though it's hard sometimes, just talk with people. You never know how God will bless you!

We love Gigi!

I have just a few more pictures to show once I have them uploaded. But here's a sneak peek....

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