January 31, 2010


-I woke up this morning and got fully ready for church, but had to lie down twice because of feeling sick. I ended up staying home and sleeping for 4 more hours (!!) while Kurt watched Evy. I want to get on top of this if it's anything, so we're not going to church tonight either. I feel better, but I just can't afford to get sick.

-I have a whole separate post coming on this later, but I did watch Miss America last night (while texting with my blog friend/friend in kind-of-real-life Lyndsie and my sister). Again, I have a lot of thoughts on this, but just wanted to give you a heads up it will be coming.

-I am SO EXCITED about the new Duggar special coming on tonight about Baby Josie Brooklyn! I literally can't wait, and Kurt is even letting me order takeout so I have something fun to eat while I watch. Also, this means that a new season of "19 Kids and Counting" will be kicking off on Tuesday. So. Excited. Seriously.

-Grammys are also on. I'm not big into a lot of current music, but I'll still record it to get the gist of what goes on. Also, I watch the red carpet because I like to see celebrities in their natural element (talking in interviews, etc.) instead of just seeing pictures in magazines. Did that make any sense? Or make me sound like a 12 year old?

-The mini-series adaptation of Emma on PBS (from Masterpiece Classics) is on tonight (the second installment of 3). I missed the first segment! UGGH! But I'm watching the last two and will Netflix the whole thing when it's available. I love this period of history, and Jane Austen is one of my favorites. So we'll see how this adaptation goes.

-Speaking of, Kurt watched Jane Eyre with me the other night (his first time to see it). My favorite adaptation is this one from 2006 (another Masterpiece Classics mini series):

Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson


-Finally, I stumbled upon this post from Julia today at Hooked on Houses and almost cried. She featured the houses in the original "Parent Trap!" I immediately sent it to my Dad, because we LOVE the ranch house in that movie, and even sketched out the floorplan once (based on watching scenes over and over). Go take a look!

Happy Weekend :)


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Hi, Ashley! I watched the first part of Emma last week and really liked it. Surely they'll show it again so people who missed it can catch up! I'm excited about seeing tonight's installment.

Also, have to tell you that the '06 Jane Eyre is my favorite, too. Just seeing the photo of Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson on your blog makes me want to get it out and watch it again. Ha.

Thanks for the shout-out about my Parent Trap post. So glad you enjoyed it. Comments like that make all the hours I spend researching movie posts worthwhile. :-)

Hope you feel better soon!

Courtney said...

Enjoy the Dugger Special tonight. I can't wait for the start of the new season on Tuesday!

Mallory said...

Hope you aren't getting sick! I LOVED the house in Parent Trap too. Thanks for posting that link, I really enjoyed looking at those pictures and reading on it. :) Have a great week. The Duggar special was incredible. God Bless them!

Christy said...

I own that Jane Eyre movie and love it!

I missed the Duggar episode because I was at a bridal shower :(
I am hoping they replay it! I have missed watching the show regularly.

I am looking forward to the Ms. America post. I wrote one but didn't post it because Clay said it sounded snarky-imagine that!

MEGAN said...

I LOVE the Duggars. I watched the special it is so good!

Jessica said...

I was so excited to watch the Duggar special too! Can't wait until the new season on Tuesday. Love that show!

And oh my gosh, I LOVED the original Parent Trap! My cousin and I used to pretend that we were the sisters and play "Parent Trap" all the time. Thanks so much for sharing that link!

Hey, Belly said...

Oh no! I completely forgot to watch that last night. I had been waiting for such a long time to watch it. I guess I'll have to go to TLC's website and see if they will be playing any re-runs of it

Meghan said...

I just wanted to let you know that you little drop down links on the top of the page are not working or showing up.

I thought you would like to know.

Hope you are feeling better today.

A Wedding Story said...

I watched some of Emma on Masterpiece Theater with my mother. It was so sweet. Most of the programs on tv now are so vulgar that it's nice and refreshing to watch sweet movies like these!

Brittany said...

I was a little disappointed in the Grammys this year. I'm not a Michael Jackson fan, but I was expecting his tribute or whatever it was to be a little more dramatic.... maybe I needed the 3D glasses????

Love the Duggars though! I keep wondering if they are going to have more babies now that this has happened with the new baby. Seriously, how can they have 19 kids that are all so pretty?
As much as I love their values and how they hold to them, isn't there just a little part of you (Ok, a BIG part of me) that wants to give Michelle a more updated look?

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