January 24, 2010

The World of Blogging

Ever since I started blogging in October of 2007, I've been amazed at how huge the blogging world has become. Yet, it's still kind of small. How is that possible?

On one hand, I'm stumbling on new blogs all the time that I can't believe I've been missing all this time. One thing leads to another, and I've found a whole network of blogs that I connect to, relate to, and get attached to.

Yet at the same time, I feel like there are a few blogs that keep all of the other bloggers connected, making the blog world seem rather small. I think you know which "big ones" I'm talking about. Chances are, every blog YOU read probably reads one of those.

Big yet small.

People who aren't in the blog world don't get it. I don't think that bloggers are still looked upon as nerdy per se (I don't think?), but if you're not in it, you just don't get it. It's a tribe. Like Avatar, if you will. (P.S.--AMAZING MOVIE.)

For instance, these statements would never make sense to someone who doesn't blog:

"Is my header cute enough? Does it attract enough attention without looking like I'm trying too hard?"

"What the heck is BlogHer?" or "Would BlogHer ads make my blog look fat?" (or something to that effect.)

Bloggers' drug of choice is comments.

"Am I way in the stone age if I don't have 3-columns?"

Who knew a little box with the word "Followers" above it would define someone's blog? (Admit it, it does, for better or worse.)

Finding a new blog background is a big highlight for your week.

"I had no idea that people from so many random places even care about what I'm saying."

"How can that person say all of the extreme, polarizing things they say and no one cares, yet when I say something a tiny bit opinionated, people freak out?" (Okay, maybe that's a personal one...)

Anyway, you understand what I'm saying. It's a world unto itself. I actually have a whole categorization for bloggers and what category most people fall into, but I won't get into it because it might be classified as labeling people. But I do have a thesis written in my head about it.

Did you know there was such a thing as blog etiquette? Oh yes. Sneaky Momma (a great resource!) wrote this about the world of blogging. What do you think of the post? Does music auto-playing on a blog scare you when you click on the blog? Does comment moderation irritate you? Do you expect someone to "reply comment" to you or email you to say hello if you're a new follower? SO INTERESTING! (For the record, I'm not taking off my music because I love it too much, I also won't take off comment moderation, and I would feel so terrible if people took it personally that I didn't reply-comment or email everyone. But I do go through all of your blogs and take a look every now and then!)

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality wrote a great post about balancing the blog world. It really does prove that pretty much every blogger has the same things pass through their mind. I don't care what level of blogging you're in, or if you're a "too cool" blogger (that's one of my categories, by the way), you've thought about at least one of the things she mentions. Again, for the record--I blog when Evy is asleep and there's nothing that majorly needs to be done in the house. I don't understand the concept of judging someone for how much they appear to blog, because for all you know, they could have drafts pre-written, or they have a special time set aside for blogging, etc. In the same vein as the post by Rhoda, I feel like as long as your home and family aren't taking a backseat because of blogging, it's fine. Only you can determine what your boundaries need to be. Just my thoughts!

Did you know there's a conference dedicated to blogging, from casual to professional? Everyone probably knew that except for me, but Blissdom is coming up in the next couple of weeks. I'm kind of on the fence about this, because on one hand, I would love to listen to the speakers and hear people who relate to the blog world. On the other hand, I get nervous around strangers and I absolutely would die if I had to do an ice-breaker game. Or tell about my most interesting post (I don't even think I have one). Oh, and I would only go if Carrie and SD came with. So who knows? Apparently it's hard to get tickets? It would obviously be something for the future, not this go-around. Again, interesting.

Where do you fit into the blog world? What are your thoughts on "blog etiquette?" Isn't it crazy that we're kind of in a sub-universe?



Ashley said...

I love this little blog world.
I'm definitely intrigues by Blissdom and might consider it one day in the future. Might. :)
"Bloggers' drug of choice is comments." Oh, you so know how true this if for me!

Sarah Denley said...

Oh, Ash! I'd definitely go with! Let's do it next year, k?

Also, you have to tell me your about your blog categories. I love that you do that. Right up my lane...

P.S. I going to copy (AGAIN) and get Peyton to do 100 things. Promise you'll always let me steal your ideas?

Christy said...

Hey! I featured you :)

Mallory said...

Very interesting post & article on etiquette. I must admit as I was waiting on the article to load, I was curious if I was breaking any of the rules?! Ha! I do have the comment word verification thing, but don't like it. I will turn it off...didn't know how!

I blog at work mainly during my downtime. I like to blog daily, but it doesn't always get done. I will admit, I love comments...I just like to visit the blogs when people comment on mine...it's like making a new friend! :)

Sonya said...

Thanks for sharing those blogs! Sneaky Momma had some great tips on her sidebar that I'm going to have to check out! I'm with you on the comment moderation. Between spam and wacky messages I have received lately, that will stay. I still let people anonymously comment if they wish. I'm actually trying Disqus commenting on my 365 blog and I'm thinking of using it for my main blog too.

The Clark Family said...

Yeah, my blogging world is in the far off distance--and I MISS it! But, as you mentioned about the clean house (I don't have one) and the children (Busy babies), I can't fine the time right now. Too many coupons, I guess. And getting my Premier biz going.

I am a loyal reader and supporter of your blog though, Ashley! I enjoy it and I think you bring a little ray of light into the blogging community.

The Clark Family said...

One more thing, I am all about some comment moderation. I don't think every random person has the right to talk on my blog--IT'S MY BLOG! I'll use the DELETE button if I want!

LOL! Just sayin'.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I am going to check out the blog etiquette as soon as I finish this comment. I am probably doing everything wrong. BUT, I DO relate to the blog world...too funny!

mama faith said...

I like this post (as well as your whole blog in general!) and would love to know your take on the blog categories. Don't really know if this falls into the blog etiquette part but here's my thing...there are so many people from my town that I know read my blog (plus sitemeter helps!) yet they don't comment and act like they don't know about something I've written about when I see them in person. Very frustrating to me!

Jessica said...

I love this post! When I first started blogging my friends kind of made fun of me for it. But now that they've read it a little bit and realize that I'm getting to know people and create friendships with people around the country and WORLD, I think they're starting to get intrigued by the whole thing :-) I had no idea what I was in for when I started my blog a little over a year ago, but I'm completely addicted and LOVING it!

MICHELE said...

First I have been reading your blog for awhile...came from one of those "big" blogs :) I love your posts and updates on Evy she is just a bit older than my daughter.
Anyway, my husband thinks I am insane for blogging and more so for reading "random" people's blogs...but to me it is better than all the reality tv out there, at least you all are real and post about real life things. I love your list about bloggers so true!

Carrie said...

We should totally go to Blissdom! Haha. If they do any horrid ice breakers, we can always just slip out to "take a call" or "go to the restroom." That's what I always do. :) I can just hear myself telling my none blogging friends that I'm going to a blogging conference -- they would think I was insane. Ha!

Audra Laney said...

Great post! I found your blog through Christy today and have enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I hate, hate, hate word verification! None of the other comment settings bother me except that one...mainly because when I'm commenting on a blog from my phone, it's very difficult to read those little letters and type them in correctly.

I find myself speaking 'blogese' to people who are oblivious to the blogworld and end up feeling stupid. I actually met up with a blogger friend for the first time recently and my non-blogger friends thought I was a total nerd. Ah, who cares! We're now great friends!

Great post and thanks for the blog etiquette links!

Audra Laney said...

Oh...and I just may steal your quote on your comment box as I got a "not-so-nice" reply today. I left it, but defended myself. I added smiley faces in my response, so that made it okay. Right?

lina said...

Hello Ashley! I am brand new to the blogging world!(Like only 5 posts new!) But I already know what you mean about it being so big, yet small. I first began checking out the blogs of note, and from there I managed to get tangled in this web of design blogs. I love them!! I stumbled upon your blog from Kingdom Twindom, then Kelly's Korner. I'm a newlywed and began a blog mostly to help our family members keep up with us since we live seven hours from our family and friends. Plus I just like to write, and I have lots of random thoughts. I enjoy your blog, and like that it is a place you share your faith. I noticed on your husband's post that he is going to be reading the bible all the way through for the fifth time! I recently made the goal to read the bible cover to cover! I'm sure I'll be blogging about it. Thanks for the link on blogging etiquette, I'll be sure to check it out. I welcome any other tips! Take Care!

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