February 27, 2010

Feeling Better

I can't even remember if I mentioned this on the blog or not, but my parents were here in Mississippi visiting Alyssa for her birthday. Since it's just 1.5 hours away from me, they offered to come and pick Evy and I up and take us to Missouri for a visit! Unfortunately, Kurt couldn't come because of work.

So, Evy and I are here in Missouri! It's so good to be "home," although it's just not home without my precious husband. I asked my parents to swing by the hospital on our way out so that we could say goodbye again (he's on call). Kurt is so sweet to be understanding about my need to see my family. Since we live 5.5 hours away, it's rare that I get to see them. This will probably be my last "casual" visit before we move here. SO CRAZY!

Evy did great on the car trip--my mom sat in the back with her and entertained her. They also watched DVD's galore, thanks to "Mia"(Kurt's mom)! It's always so nice to catch up with my parents. I have a list of things that I always do in Cape when I'm here. Places I visit, neighborhoods I drive through....it's just all very soothing to me. Including what I'm doing right now: sitting in a recliner with a laptop, blogging, while watching Kate and Leopold. Heaven!

I have literally been more sick in these last couple of months than ever in my life. I ended up going to the doctor on Friday--which I never do! I had to ask SD to keep Evy for me. Carrie already has one mobile little person (and one on the way--more on that later), so I just couldn't add Evy the Explorer to her mix! Haha! Something I struggle with is asking for help. It's just hard for me! But when I felt like my throat was on fire, I knew I had to get help. Sure enough, I had strep throat, including a fever that got up to 103. Yikes. Thankfully, Kurt had started me on antibiotic, which was the same one my doctor recommended, so I'm feeling better today. I'm so thankful to the Lord! I never appreciate health until I'm sick.

You know how I said I'm never wrong when predicting a baby's gender? I jinxed myself! Carrie is having a BABY BOY!!!!!! I am beyond excited for her, David, and Aubrey. So precious! You can read about it here. They told their families in a really cute way. Congratulations, sweet Carrie!

In the midst of being sick, I haven't posted the pictures of Evy's birthday and Kelly and Jennifer's baby shower in Ripley yet. We have some cute pictures, but it might be awhile before I can get them posted. I don't have my camera cord! :( With Kurt's schedule, he can't meet us halfway to take me and Evy home for awhile. So I'm sorry to have to ask for your patience! :)

Just wanted to check in--thank you so much for the well wishes. I'm feeling better and I'm so grateful.

Happy weekend :)


Mark and Emily said...

Are you staying long in Cape? Are you going to be at Erin's shower Sat? I will be home...it would be great to see you and Evy.

Christy said...

I am so glad that you are with your family! Hopefully you will be able to rest and get well for good!

Carrie said...

I'm sorry we didn't get to have our girl's night, but I'm glad you're feeling better!

And you know that I am more than happy to keep Evy ANYTIME! Our house is baby proofed, so 2 mobile babies would be fine! Besides, I need practice with two :)

Sarah said...

Hey! I wanted to chat with you today and had to get to lunch for Rick's b-day. Sorry! We should do lunch with the girls sometime if you have an opportunity. Let me know!

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