February 16, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

-I loved doing the flashback post! So much fun! However, I can't believe I forgot one of our all-time favortes: Psalty the Singing Songbook!!

This is from the Campout video:

We also loved the "Singsational Servants" video!

-My friend from high school, Michael, has a diamond ring that he's trying to sell. Here's the info:

It is a 1 carat princess cut diamond, never been worn, 6.5 ring. Color: H Clarity: VS1 There are six round diamonds inlaid in the 14k white gold band. It has certification papers from the jeweler. I'm asking $3000 or best offer.
Email Michael if you're interested or know someone who would be! : mikejayray(at)mac(dot)com

-I bought some happies on ebay for myself! Here they are:

I have always been interested in Vera Bradley, but I get irritated with the brand because they introduce a collection, and then retire it so it's really difficult to get pieces collected over time. You are in this rush to complete your collection. I know there are ways to go about getting pieces, but that's why I never wanted to really get going with it. However, I knew I wanted maybe one or two pieces because they're well made. Here's what I picked out on ebay in the Peacock pattern (which is one that I determined I liked!). I think it's a good average size and can be used for just about anything!

I was also wanting a garment bag, because I've started packing a lot of hanging clothes instead of folding in a suitcase when we go on trips--less wrinkles! I have recently become obsessed with giraffe print (my planner is that pattern), and so I wanted something fun. I got this on ebay too!

Aren't they cute?!

-Because of my recent, new-found love of all things giraffe, here's a boy nursery that I've designed in my head (no, I'm not pregnant!). I think the blue giraffe is unexpected!

I love designing rooms in my head!

-Green Fabric
-White Minky Fabric
-Circus vinyl wall art
-Circus toile fabric
-Blue Giraffe fabric

-I have started using Wishlist! It's a great way to make wishlists that you can send to family, etc. if they ask what you'd like for Christmas or your birthday. I like this site a lot because you can add a little icon to your toolbar, and anytime you're browsing the internet and find something you like, you can add it to your wishlist really easily. I've even made one for things we'd like for Evy (books, etc.). It's just a fun site that can make it easier for gift-giving (plus you're still surprised because you don't know what was bought off the list)!

-Bailey left a comment on my last post and shared about this blog: Children of the Nineties! If you're anywhere around my age (and maybe even if you're not), this will take you WAY back! Puppy Surprise, Lisa Frank, Yak Bak, Mall Madness.....the list goes on and on. The topics are at the bottom of the blog page and I recommend looking at the toys--it will remind you so much of our childhood days! Thanks for the comment, Bailey!

-I have a big Evy picture post coming up, but here's a preview:

I'm off to watch the new 19 Kids and Counting episode! Duggars, I love you.


Heidi said...

Evy looks like an angel!

Lane said...

I LOVE the Duggars too! So excited to find someone who loves them as much as I do!

Mallory said...

Yay for your new pretties! I am a HUGE Vera fan and have many things, my current purse is the bowler bag too...just in a different pattern. Here's what I learned after a couple of disappointments in retiring patterns. Buy what you like, but remember they don't all have to match. Right now I have a matching purse, wallet, and makeup bag for my purse, but my checkbook cover is my ever-faitful Java Blue. My luggage bags don't all match, so it's fun to mix it up! Have fun! Love Evy's pic!

Christy said...

Love that picture of Evy!

I missed the Duggars last night :(

I developed a slight Ebay addiction and have weaned myself of. So now I shop on Etsy! HA!

Kelly's Kids has adorable baby layette in the giraffe blue this spring :) It makes me want to get pregnant again! NOT REALLY, but it is precious!

Courtney said...

The picture of Evy is precious. I love the Duggars and last nights episode did not disappoint. I love how they come together as a family. I think a lot of families could learn from them.

Lindsey said...

I blogged about Psalty a long time ago! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Psalty and Charlotte and I listen to our cds all the time! ...I share the exact same sentiment as you about Vera Bradley...but 3 years ago, they had a huge sale in a warehouse here in GA and I got about 12 pieces for around $90 and they are all in the peacock pattern too! They have all held up soo nice! If they ever have the sale again I will be sure to let you know!

Jordan said...

I'm obsessed with giraffe print too! It's so cute! :-)

Bailey said...

I'm glad you liked that blog! I love the circus fabric for the nursery. I think that theme would be nice, not a bunch of bright bold colors but soft and antique like? If that even makes sense!

anyways Happy Wednesday! =)

Sonya said...

I love Vera bags. Found them last summer and it's hard to stop! I did end up with a luggage collection that is all the same when several of the colors were clearanced last summer. The other items I have are in different patterns that I also liked. It's hard to choose just one! Can't wait to see the other pictures of Evy! So cute!

Jenni said...

i have several items in the peacock pattern too! and that ring is gorgeous! i'm sure your friend will have no trouble selling!

Children of the 90s said...

Thanks for the shoutout--found your blog through my Analytics traffic! Thanks to Bailey, too. Your blog is absolutely adorable!

Missy said...

hi ashley,

i was a die hard vera buyer for several years -- but after running out of room to store it, i've stopped buying... all mine are barely used... i sold a few pieces last year but have several left. are you looking for something specific? i bought mine at 40% through a relative with a discount to a retailer. i'd give a generous ebay like find price... let me know... i'd even throw in the shipping from PA.

and just to add -- your snow pictures are just darling... totally darling!

runningwithsass said...

so I love Psalty! I had all the videos growing up, the campout one was my FAVORITE. we even did a psalty play at church and they shipped us a psalty costume to use. It was pretty awesome.

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