February 15, 2010

Memory Lane: TV and Movies

So, someone left a comment asking me about a certain childhood video since I mentioned Steve Green. It prompted me to really remember what I used to watch as a kid!

Warning: This is a long post with lots of videos, etc. But they're worth it, and they're sentimental to me, so I wanted to put them up for the memories! Also, be sure and pause my regular playlist on the right if you'd like to watch the videos (they're worth watching!).

In no particular order (and this isn't even a comprehensive list!):

My sisters and I were OBSESSED with Mary Kate and Ashley. I mean, we thought they were, like, totally the coolest people EVERRRR. We lived vicariously through them as they traveled to Rome, Paris, and London:

In their younger days, we watched them solve REALLY HARD mysteries.

I watched this with my little sister a lot when she was little:

I watched reruns of Punky Brewster everyday after school in Kindergarten through 2nd grade (when we lived in Oklahoma).

My siblings and I all watched Barney. I was too old for it (technically), but I really liked it. I'm talking about the old school 1992 cast: Michael, Luci, Min, Tina (even though she whined a lot). You know which cast I'm talking about, right?

Little-known but cute as a button: Prayer Bear with Steve Green:

The DONUT MAN and the Donut Repair Club!

Here's a cartoon that we watched over and over when we were little:

I watched "A Disney Christmas Gift" when I was LITTLE:

Okay, this is from when I was tiny. As in, we lived in Orlando and I was under 4 years old: KIDS SING PRAISE!! I was SO EXCITED to find this video! The kids introduce themselves in this video, and I had a MAJOR big time crush on Neal. At 4 years old.

My mom introduced us very early to Rodgers and Hammerstein. Cinderella was at the top of the list!

This is a little-known but WONDERFUL movie, Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris! Angela Lansbury is just brilliant in it, and it's all about fashion in Paris in the 1950's (especially Christian Dior at his prime--DREAMY!).

Some of the first live-action movies I remember watching were Disney movies (big surprise). My two favorites: The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band and The Happiest Millionaire!
This is mine and my mom's FAVORITE SONG in this movie (and John Davidson is amazing!):

And this is our favorite song from Happiest Millionaire (it's also my Poppy's favorite):

I know that's a lot, but they're all so special to me. I'm glad I recorded these favorites! I'll have to showcase more at some point. Enjoy these little highlights from my memories!


littledaisymay said...

I loved any Olsen twins movie! Punky Brewster was also another fave :)

Heidi said...

Ohhhhh, Mary Kate and Ashley!! I got started on them during their Full House years... I was OBSESSED with Jodi Sweden. Literally. I dreamed about her. And once, I saw DJ at a convention in Denver. That was the closest I ever got to Jodi. But I digress...

My sister and I LOVED MK&A too! The one video of theirs that was my favorite featured them solving a mystery at an aquatics park. That's all I remember. But I.Loved.It. I had that video until I got married.

And don't EVEN get me started on old school Barney. Another show I used to dream about. I had the BIGGEST crush on the blonde boy. I actually had this (now seemingly creepy) fantasy where he broke his leg (which I think he did on the show) and I helped him get better... by kissing him. Yeah. Anyway, I used to ask my dad all the time if I could please be on Barney. Oh geez.

Steve Green is an oldie but goodie. I never listened to his kids stuff, but I still love his People Need The Lord album. Good times.

Christy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I may have to steal your idea in a way-I am in the process of posting about all the books that Laura Grace and Layton have that are sentimental and I may throw in movies that they watch because I watched them. If that makes any sense. Anyway, I loved Punky Brewster and Barney. I was in FOURTH GRADE and watched the original cast. HA! I thought Micheal was cute! I also watched most of those disney movies and all of the sing a longs with my younger siblings. The Olson twin movies were fun-I was a little old for them but still thought they were good. I loved their Parent Trap movie and the summer camp movie. I am a nerd :)

Tara G. said...

My girls both love(d) Miss Pattycake videos- the older ones may not be available on her site anymore, but the latest can be easily ordered. Blessings!

Laura said...

I couldn't agree more about all of the Mary Kate & Ashley movies as well as their adventure series! I LOVED THEM! There are still instances that will remind me of those great movies!

Summer said...

Oh my goodnes I love the trip down memory lane! This is sooo fun! My all time fav tv show as a child was Punky Brewster and everyone said I looked like her and I even remember insisting on wearing opposite colored hightops sooo I could look like her more LOL....funny stuff!!

I loved anything Mary Kate and Ashley too....

I love this post....Thanks for it...

Summer :0)

Mallory said...

Neat post! You really brought back some great memories. I remember the original cast from Barney too! :) And I love Mary Kate & Ashley so much (& Full House) I still DVR every episode that comes on...plus I own the DVDs! HA!

Bailey said...

aww I love posts like this! I remember being obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley also.
I came across a blog awhile back you might be interested in.

Its really fun to look back at all the things we grew up on! =)

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I am the oldest of 4, and I remember the cast of Barney that you are talking about! So funny. We also loved that Johnny Fedora and Alice blue bonnet cartoon.

Brittany said...

I too have seen all of the MK and Ashley movies as well as Barney. When you have a sister who is 10 years younger and your oldest cousin is 8 years younger, you don't have much of a choice (although I secretly liked watching them too). Did you ever watch Fraggle Rock? That was my fav! And the Mickey Mouse club, but we didn't have cable until I was in Middle School so I had to watch it at my grandparents or neighbors.

nateandnikkibonham.wordpress.com said...

Janie used to watch lots of those...all of the MK&A ones, and the Donut Man were big ones at our house. And to this day, any one of us (me, lacey, janie, or mom) will burst out with "In my own little corner in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be...." at any given moment. Seriously. It happened again 2 days ago. We're kind of bad about never letting things go, I guess!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, so much to comment on here! I LOVED Punky Brewster! It was so sweet! Also, Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet holds a special place in my heart. But the thing that I'm most excited that you posted was the "Kids Sing Praise" clip. I had almost forgotten about this video, but when I watched it just now I can STILL recite the whole thing by heart! We had this video in my church library, and we must have checked it out every other week. We have home videos of my sister and I singing and dancing along to the songs. Thanks for posting it, it brought back a lot of memories! I think I was about 4 or 5 when we would watch it too :-)

Brittany said...

love me some Punky brewster!!!

Of all the shows they play reruns on, why can't that be one of them???

The Lindsey's said...

I have all of the Kids Sing Praises and I recently moved them to DVD. LOVE THEM!

I also had "Super Book" and I am in the process of converting those too. I can't wait for Bailee to watch those!

Bethany said...

YES! See, Donut Man :) Yep, I watched him and Barney and of COURSE Mary Kate and Ashley. I think they've gone off the deep end nowadays but at that time they seemed normal and SO fun :)

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