February 23, 2010

Moving on Up

Okay. I've decided to go ahead and re-write the details of our upcoming move, because I've had so many questions about it, and people seem really confused....ha! So, here's the situation:

We currently live in Mississippi, where I've lived for 10 years and where Kurt has been going through anesthesia residency. Kurt has signed a contract to join an anesthesia group in Cape Girardeau, Missouri once he finishes. This is where my family currently lives and it's what I consider my hometown. Kurt did some rotations there during medical school (he went to medical school in Kansas City, Missouri). Even though we didn't live there at the same time, we both knew it was a place we wanted to return to someday (isn't that crazy weird/awesome!?). God was gracious enough to open that door, so off to Cape we go!

Kurt finishes his residency on June 30th (his 30th birthday!). We are putting our house on the market on March 1st. Pray for me--the realtor comes tomorrow for us to sign paperwork and to take pictures. Everything needs to be straightened! Kurt won't move up to Cape until he formally finishes at the end of June, but Evy and I will move depending on when we sell our house here.

We actually have a contract on a house up in Missouri. We were able to work it out with the sellers so that the timeline would match up---huge blessing! We close on that house May 31st, and we'll take possession then. If our house here sells before then and we need to close sooner, Evy and I will most likely move in with my parents until May 31st. So basically, I have no idea when Evy and I are moving! But for sure we will all be together as a family in Cape on June 30th. I wrote about our new house HERE and HERE.

Hopefully that catches everyone up!


mama faith said...

I love to hear stories of how God just works everything out! Went back and looked and your new house looks gorgeous. Good luck with the move!

Clayful Impressions said...

Beautiful House Ashley! I hate to see you go, but glad to see everything has worked out so beautifully. Love your Blog! -Kim

Audra Laney said...

Beautiful home! I can't wait to see the inside! Saw this video today and thought you & your hubs might enjoy it...


Emily Dupuis Powell said...

Thank you so much for posting about Project Ultrasound a while back! This is something I feel strongly about and my husband and I will be making a donation when we get our tax return money. I can't wait!

The Conway's said...

Very exciting! We are from Jackson and have been living everywhere (St. Maarten and now California) trying to get through medical school. My husband is in his third year and will be graduating next May...SO EXCITED! We are hoping that we will be able to move back to the area!
So glad to see that it has worked out for you guys!
Oh..we went to Lynwood when we lived in the area! Such a small world

Sarah said...

I remember reading about your new house a while back. It's amazing that the timing worked out so well with the sellers. You really have some exciting changes to look forward to!

Grace at Home said...

How exciting that you will be living close to family again! This will be such a blessing for Evy and everyone. I wish you well and will pray for the move.

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