February 23, 2010

Pretty in Pink

By the way, I added a button for my family's church (and the one where we'll be serving soon) in the left sidebar. If you're a member of Lynwood and would like one for your blog, email me at ashley61985@gmail.com. Thanks!

Have a bright and sunny day!


Summer said...

Hi Ashley,
Evy is just a doll! Her hair is getting so dark and long....Just a cutie....I love her little grin with little teeth precious....

Thanks for wishing us a bright sunny day! I sure need it today! I am having a bad flare and they had to up my meds and the hubs had back surgery yesterday....I took Kelcee out today and we got yummy cookies at the bakery....seeing her smile makes me smile....
Thanks for the fun post
Summer :0)

mama faith said...

What a sweet precious child you have! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Sarah said...

She is getting cuter and cuter. I love those dimples and that smile!

Marla said...

Hello, I'm a first time visitor. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your blog. Your daughter is beautiful!


Amy said...

how precious!!! i love her sweet hair...looks like she and libbi have the same hairdresser - ha! she has that little flip in the front, too! :)
please tell me her sweet dress is not one that your m-i-l made...that would just be too unfair!

Sarah Denley said...

Okay, what is Evs? One going on fifteen? Look at that hair!

I have a random question. Where do you get the graphics for the buttons your create? I was just curios what you used. Remind me tomorrow or FB me when you get a chance!

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