May 18, 2010

A Letter to House #1032

Dear Little House,

It's so hard to believe that I'm writing this to you. I truly can't believe this day is here! I truly believe that houses are much, much more than structural elements. Without sounding new age and very strange, I do think that houses have souls. Not the kind that humans have, but houses have a feeling to them. They have an aura.

I remember when Kurt, the man you know as your owner, and I found you. We had just had our engagement pictures taken that day, and were doing some house hunting. We looked in different areas, we combed through listings, and we just couldn't find the right one. Then, our realtor opened the door and we walked inside and saw you.

Now, to be honest, there were some things to look past. You were dressed in a blue color that really wasn't flattering, and you were sparse and lonely. But I loved you instantly.

When I look at houses, I always stand in the middle of the house, look around, and picture it at Christmastime. I can't explain why I do this, but it's the quickest way I know of to test if it's the home for me. You passed.

We spent the next few weeks making lots of changes to you, and even though we were on a very limited budget, we gave you all we had. We did this because you were going to be the dwelling that was most sacred and special to us. You were going to be our home.

Now, little house, the time has come for us to say goodbye. I didn't want to cry as I wrote this, but I knew I would. That's why I put it off. But it is now time to say goodbye.

Thank you for welcoming us and people who visited into your foyer. I always felt myself give a sigh of relief when I got home from a trip.

Although modest, your kitchen helped us make many, many meals. This is where I cooked on a regular basis for the first time, and you watched patiently. Kurt also developed many talents here, and we appreciate your cooperating spirit as we learned.

Alas, we didn't use our dining area very often. We mostly liked to sit in the living room in our comfy chairs and talk, and usually watch a show on television. Please forgive our lack of use, but it certainly did look nice with our little table and artwork. You saw a few guests sit here, so it wasn't decorated all in vain.

You gave us a place to rest and talk in confidence and take deep breaths to recharge when the world was too much. We felt such peace here. You did such a good job of letting in light.

When we had them, you welcomed our guests with grace. You kept them sheltered, which is much appreciated.

Oh, little house. . .our greatest room of all. You watched as we transformed this room from our office to something much more important and altering: our baby's nursery. You watched as we waited for 9 months for this little bundle. Your walls kept me company through the days and some long nights. You are the first home our little girl ever knew.

You are the only house in the world that can say that you saw Evy Kate Lancaster come home from the hospital. You even wore a pretty pink feather wreath on the door. It was so lovely.

You've seen her grow right before your eyes, like we have. Isn't she something, little house? Aren't you pleased with how happy and healthy and wonderful she is?

We're going to tell her all about you, little house. Don't be worried or sad. We are going to show her pictures and share the stories of her first smiles, steps, and sounds. She'll know what a special place you are.

We've enjoyed our small but perfectly sized living room.

You've probably been annoyed as I've decorated and re-decorated your mantle 1000 times. I can't help it! It will happen everywhere I live.

You have nice little nooks and spaces where I've put things that are meaningful to us. I've loved making you very personal and expressive of who we are.

I've even been able to buy a few new things for you over the years. You deserve it, and I wish I could've done more. But we have been so content in you, just the way you are!

My favorite thing to do is to sit in my rocking chair, turn on my soft music, stare into this room, and just think. I've thought so many thoughts looking at your walls. I've experienced so many emotions here. I've been happy, sad, nervous, excited, filled with grief and inexplicable joy. . . this room has seen it all.

In a matter of days, we will leave you, little house. We'll walk out and it won't be for just a trip. I wanted to warn you so you won't feel abandoned when we don't come back. It's not because we don't love you! It's just time for us to start another chapter. You need to know how terribly sad I am to say goodbye. You mean so much to me.

We will move into a new house soon. It's actually older than you. It's a little bigger, which is a good thing for where we're headed eventually. You know, adding more babies someday and such. It has a nice yard, and has plenty of walls and rooms for me to decorate, like I did with you. But that house won't be home for a little while. It will take me some time not to miss coming home to you.

Be good to your next owners, and protect them like you have us. Try not to cause too many problems for them.

I love you so very much, little house! More than I can express. Even though you're my dear House, I'm taking my Home with me when we leave:

I know you'd want it that way. The three of us will miss you so much. It's been said that "A Home is a Man's Castle, a Woman's World, and a Child's Paradise." You've been that and so much more!

A house is built by wisdom, and it is established by understanding; by knowledge the rooms are filled with every precious and beautiful treasure.
Proverbs 24:3-5

Thank you for all of the treasures and memories! You're in our hearts forever.

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