August 31, 2010

Evy and Uncle, Watching Babysongs

My brother posted this on Facebook tonight. I was upstairs at my parents' house, and Evy and Uncle were downstairs. This is what they were up to.


Pretty much adorable!

August 30, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 30

A Dream for the Future

Well, here we are! Day 30! I can't believe I didn't miss a day. Thankfully, most of these posts weren't too involved, so I was able to make the time to do it. However, it's been a huge conviction for me. If I have time to blog everyday, I should be in Bible study every single day. And honestly folks, that doesn't happen every single day. You talk about a wake up call!?

My dream for the future is really simple. Here it is:

-Continually grow deeper spiritually and cultivate my relationship with the Lord constantly.

-Make the Lord known to others around me.

-Raise a family that loves God with all of their hearts, souls, and minds.

-Serve actively and joyfully in my home and church.

-Create a home that has a beautiful spirit and where people feel comfortable.

-Always stay focused on the most important thing in life: Loving God and Loving People!

And this concludes my 30 Day Blog Journal!

August 29, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 29

Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the next 365 Days

This is a lofty topic! Here are some things going on in the next 365 Days. Some are for sure, some might or might not happen. Only the Lord knows!

-I can't wait for fall! I'm so ready. I have a WONDERFUL candle I'm already burning.

-The holidays are going to be so fun. It's my favorite time of year! Evy Kate will really enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so it will just brighten the whole season.

-My dear friend Lyndsie and her husband Daniel will welcome their little Aubrey Ann in November. Praise God!

-As of this weekend, we have moved the Lancaster Family Disney Vacation up to January!!! We decided we'd rather go during low season with very little crowds, even if the weather can be hit or miss. It's going to make for a much more enjoyable vacation!

-In February, Evy Kate will turn 2! WOW!!!!!

-In April, Kurt will hopefully take the LAST AND FINAL PART of his boards!!! We're praying he gets a spot, otherwise he has to wait until fall. This will 100% complete his residency and he will be a board-certified anesthesiologist!

-In June, Kurt and I are going to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion in concert!!!!!! This is my birthday gift, and we are really excited about it!

-We do not have a definite timeline (at all) right now, but we will most likely be adding our second child (or I'll get pregnant) sometime in 2011. I don't like to talk about it, simply because it's our business and it's ultimately up to the Lord when that child will join us. We are LOVING this time with Evy Kate and we are so happy to be enjoying these months alone with her. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

-We look forward to serving the Lord at Lynwood in 2011. Big things are happening at our church and it is SO exciting!

That's about all I can think of right now. Every day is a gift from the Lord and I just treasure them. These are the best days of my life!

August 28, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 28

What's In My Purse

Here's what's pictured above:
Coach Purse (thanks to Kurt's mom!)

Coach Wallet

Portrait CD--These are my family's church directory pictures. They're in my bag because I usually help my mom with their Christmas cards, and we're going to try one or two of the pictures.

Bloom receipt--This is a little local shop that I've blogged about before.

Mardi Gras beads--This sounds so much more bizarre than it is. The owner of Broussards (the Cajun/Louisiana place where we had lunch last Thursday) gave Bitty some beads to play with:

Eclipse gum--I like Spearmint flavors of gum.

Sunglasses--These came from Ann Taylor Loft and I love them!

Not pictured: A TON OF RECEIPTS and other things I need to sort through. I also have some assorted makeup in my bag.

Interesting Note: I never switch purses. This is something I MUST work on. It usually just never occurs to me. I absolutely don't understand the concept of switching your purse often to coordinate with an outfit. That is so bizarre to me. Ha!

Totally a boring post, but my purse just isn't too exciting! :)

August 27, 2010

Home Questions

Hi everyone!

I have been asked by a few people to do a post about where I shop for things for my house, how I decorate, etc. If you have any questions regarding those types of things, leave a comment and I'll include them in my post!

I'm also going to be doing a Home Tour set of posts once I get more of the house where I want it to be. I want it to be organized--you know me! :)

So....leave your questions if you have any!


30 Day Blog Journal : Day 27

My Worst Habit

My worst habit is probably trying to fix things for everyone else. I feel a need to make sure everyone is okay, and everyone is happy. If there is stress in a room, I will be the one trying to divert a crisis! However, it's interesting because I am very convicted about things, and if I feel like I need to stand my ground I do.

I get myself so worked up if I can't fix a problem or if I can't find a solution for something. Sometimes I just need to take deep breaths and let it go!

On a more trivial note, I stay up WAY too late at night! Bad habit!

August 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 26

Your Day, In Detail

Well, I was supposed to do this yesterday, but accidentally did my detailed week first! Oh well! Kurt is on a 24 hour call, so Evy and I were flying solo. Here was our day today:

-Evy and I both woke up LATE this morning! She had woken up in the night, which usually means she sleeps later in the mornings (and she already wakes up later than most kids!). I had stayed up ENTIRELY too late last night getting things done in the house and on the computer. We both got out of bed about 10:45 am. I know, it's embarrassing and ridiculous.

-I got a phone call from my dad around that time telling me that we should go get my running shoes this afternoon (it's what I asked for as a birthday gift). I listened to the voicemail but went ahead and grabbed a super quick shower before I got Evy out of her crib.

-Got Evy up (she was happy as a clam playing there!), and we went downstairs. I called Dad back, and asked what his lunch plans were. He and my mom were meeting my former youth pastor and his wife for lunch, and he said I should join them. However, they were meeting at 11:30 and it was now 11:05.

-I raced upstairs with the baby and got myself ready and Evy dressed. We left the house at 11:35 and got to the restaurant at 11:40--not bad! :) We had a wonderful lunch with Phillip and Dawn, his wife. Phillip was my youth pastor when we lived here in Cape the first time. I was in youth from 1997-2000 with the Davidsons leading, and it was a wonderful few years. We had a great youth group, and I have wonderful memories! (Remember those times, Kristal and Emily?) Evy did well at lunch while she ate, but once she was done she wanted OUT. We ate at Broussard's, a Louisiana/Cajun-type restaurant downtown. Thankfully, the weather is gorgeous today and so I took Evy walking outside downtown while my parents and the Davidsons finished up. By the way---the Davidsons are living in Belarus, so please be praying for them in all they do! They're such a neat family.

-After lunch my parents walked me and Evy to the car and got us loaded up. We went home and I put Evy down for a nap. This is the second nap that we're going to do with a paci. Evy doesn't depend on her paci during the day, but she's always had it for sleeptime. She successfully took a nap last week without her paci, so I'm doing it again. Hopefully we'll gradually get the point where she doesn't take it at all. I'm not worried about this. . .I just figure it's easier now to break the use of the paci. Thankfully she hasn't shown severe attachment issues to it!

-During nap, I checked email and did some things for the Lynwood website. I did my Bible study. I also worked on some decorating for fall around the house--pictures soon!

-Evy successfully took a nap without her paci! Yay! After her nap (which lasted about 2 hours), we went over to my parents' house. Andrea wanted to take Evy on a walk and my mom/siblings were going to babysit so I could run an errand and then meet up with Dad.

-Dropped Evy off. I went to Bloom, because I had seen a pair of decorative sconces awhile ago that I thought would be PERFECT for over our mantle. Last night I was desperately trying to decorate the mantle and those sconces kept coming to mind. So I went to see my friend Michaelyn, who let me take them out on approval! I also got a baby gift, a future Christmas gift, and a YUMMY candle! (It's a Voluspa candle in the fragrance "Winesap Apple Spice." YUM!!!!!)

-I met Dad at a running store so he could get me my birthday gift from my parents--running shoes! Yes, I am investing in a good pair to start my regimen. I think this will help me stay committed because I HATE wasting my parents' money. It upsets me. So hopefully this will keep me on task!

-I went back to my house to work on some things on the computer that needed to be done. Then I went over to my parents' house and had dinner (thanks, Mom!). My family played with Evy while I practiced/played piano. My keyboard is still in storage at Kurt's parents' house, so hopefully we can bring it home soon now that we have the room. I miss playing so's my therapy! To show you how varied my taste in music is, here's some of what I played:
  • Imagine (The Beatles)
  • Karen's Theme (composed by Richard Carpenter)
  • Anne of Green Gables Theme (from the movie, composed by Hagood Hardy)

  • Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)
  • Spinning Song (classical piece by Albert Ellmenreich)
  • Carol of the Bells
  • Greensleeves
  • My Beloved (Christian piece by Kari Jobe)

  • Behold the Lamb
  • Ticket to Ride (the Carpenters)
So yeah, that's a sampling of what I play--all across the board! :)

-Evy and I came home and I put her to bed. I can't help but just smother her with kisses and love. I adore her so much. I tell her multiple times a day, out loud, "Evy Kate, Mommy loves you so, so much!"

-After my little girl went down, my dad came over to help me hang some things over my mantle. Kurt is at the hospital overnight, so he was the next in line. :) Because things are NEVER easy with my family (seriously), we had to troubleshoot and problem solve to get the things hung, but they're up! I'm tweaking (You've Got Mail) and then I'll post pictures soon! My Dad is seriously the greatest!

-Now I'm going to straighten up a little, fold some laundry, pack for this weekend, and probably watch one or two shows for my alone time! :)

That, my friends, was my day!

It's the Little Things

I just wanted to share some little updates I've done to the house!

I ordered this sign from Cottage Signs on Etsy. This is "Laundry Room" in French--much more elegant! :)

I also ordered a sign for the powder bathroom--"Water Closet." It's what they say in Europe, and is a little homage to my time there. It makes me really happy. :)

I added pretty frames, a candle, and a sign that says "Live with Passion"--definitely a multi-faceted and important phrase to remember!

Remember before?

Here it is now! I'll describe the elements one by one.

I had a HORRIBLE experience in buying the wall sconce (never, under any circumstance buy from Once it got to my house, it wasn't the right color (I knew this would probably happen, but I bought it because of the price, the style, and the color of the shades). So I got my acrylic paint and changed the color! I just dabbed a mix of brown and black paint to give it a more "oil-rubbed bronze" color. Everything was based around the color of the existing faucet and toilet paper/towel holders.

Bitty offered moral support. :)

I got the mirror from Hobby Heaven Lobby--half off!

The framed letter is a blessing and dedication over our house, written by my dad's father, Dah. Once you read it, you might see where I get my practice of personifying a house. :) Here's what it says:

Dear House at [insert our address!]:

Early upon the arrival of your new residents, I thought it wise to write and inform you, in view of my superior status as a human being, of your significant role as a repository of people who now reside in you. They belong to the Lord and are emissaries of His great Kingdom. Thus, you can see the importance of your understanding, early on, your relationship to, and responsibilities for, them.

First, and foremost, I have prayed God the Almighty's blessing on you. I have asked Him to inhabit you with a special grace and anointing, in order that everyone who ever enters you will sense Him. I have, in Jesus' Name, taken authority over anything and everything that might ever attempt, in any minute or massive way, to affect you negatively or hurtfully or demonically. I have--by that prayer in the powerful name of the Almighty's Glorious Son--cleansed you of all that displeases Him. Or is dark. Or is low. Or is or was ever a shame to Him. Or a grief, however small, to His holy angels.

So now, you are (to use a Biblical term) sanctified, set apart, to Him for whatever usages He in His infinite wisdom shall deem wise! That means, among other things, that His loved ones who live there--and others who shall, for whatever reason, become special to them and, thus, enter your walls--will always sense you in the resonances of joy. Of light. Of love. Of home. Of Him!

In fact, I have asked the Father to so fill you that those who live there will feel betimes, if only fleetingly, some nuance of sight, sound, texture, or fragrance, some adumbration of their eternal home which the Saviour is now preparing for them--a house not made with hands, but eternal in the heavens. And, thereby, to make them long for that eternal home!

Finally, I have asked Him to set His most vigilant angels of protection over you. For as long as our loved ones, or theirs, shall dwell there.

How privileged you are! And we, too, who shall enter you!

Bill Anderson
June 15, 2010

That framed letter might seem like a little thing to all of you, but to me it's everything!

I pray the same blessing over YOUR homes!

August 25, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 25

Your Week, In Detail

I accidentally did my week instead of my DAY in detail, so I'll just chronicle my day tomorrow!

Because I'm SO on the ball (shockingly), I planned ahead for this and chronicled my week last week. So, here we go!

Evy woke up in the early morning and started talking. Right as I was about to go get her, she was quiet again, and without meaning to, I fell back asleep! We slept until 11:00 in the morning, I am embarrassed to say! We got up, and I fed Evy turkey, cheese, and a few crackers. We watched Lawrence Welk (Evy loves it), and played. I went to finish getting ready and Evy helped me. We straightened my bathroom a bit and our bedroom. She started to get fussy and say “Night Night” which surprised me because we had slept so late. I guess her little body still wanted to nap at the same time? Well, I rocked her and she seemed drowsy, but when I put her down she perked up and talked/played in her crib for a good 45 minutes. I stayed upstairs to listen in on her and I got a blog post done. Since she wasn't going to sleep, I went in and cuddled/rocked her and made sure she had all of her “things” she wanted in her crib. It wasn't long before she went to sleep! However, it was about 3:15 by then.

I did my Bible study and read a bit. I went upstairs and heard her fussing around 4:00. That is NOT a long enough nap! I waited outside her door to see what she did, and she fell back on asleep. Thank goodness! Around 5:15 I woke her up. Mom and Ange came over, because Andrea wanted to take Evy for a walk. The weather was a little milder today, so they went on out and Mom went home (she had just dropped Andrea off). Kurt got home from work, and then Evy and Andrea got home. Kurt, Evy and I just played and spent time together in the evening. We gave Evy a bath around 8:40 and put her to bed at 9:00. We watched Bachelor Pad together (Kurt didn't have a choice), and talked. He went on to sleep around 11:30 (he doesn't have to work tomorrow), and I'm blogging/straightening/checking email/having my alone time. :)

Basically, we stayed home all day and played! Kurt didn't have to work so he ran some errands and vacuumed out the cars. I did my Bible Study while he played with Evy. We cooked Tomato Meatball Soup. After dinner, we all played together. Ange took Evy for a walk around the neighborhood and then Will came over. Andrea helped me give Evy a bath and then Kurt and I put her to bed. Kurt and I took some measurements around the house for the upcoming Tupelo Furniture Market that we had tickets to. After Kurt went to bed, I blogged and bought Evy some sleepers online. I LOVE Children's Place sleepers for her (they're my favorite). Bed!

Kurt on call starting at 7:00 AM. Evy woke up with a runny nose, but in a great mood. She wanted 4 bows immediately in her hair (her newest phase). After breakfast, we straightened Evy's closet. Evy discovered stickers. We ate lunch and then Bitty went down for a nap. I wasted her nap by watching Little House on the Prairie and just sitting. Evy Kate only took a 45 minute nap. Ugh! We played upstairs and in the playroom for a change of scenery (we usually end up playing in the living room most of the time). Dad brought us pizza for dinner from church--we had to miss the supper and I had to miss choir because of Evy's runny nose (I absolutely do not take her to church if she has a yucky nose---I hate exposing other kids to the germs!). I chatted with Dad for awhile. Evy and I played more, straightened, and read books. Evy took her bath, then we watched her Bible Songs DVD. Bedtime! I sorted through a pile of clothes in my bathroom. I watched the movie "Dear John." Everyone told me that I would SOB, but I didn't. I thought it ended happily! I read blogs but didn't make a dent in my Google Reader. I ended up buying a dress from Shabby Apple. Bedtime!

Kurt got home at 7:00 AM--he now had the day off. We had breakfast, then got ready for the day. We decided to take Evy to Discovery Playhouse downtown. It's a branch of the St. Louis Children's Museum that just opened here in Cape. It was so cute! Evy especially loved the sand table (pictures coming soon!). Afterward, we had lunch at Heavenly Ham. On the way to lunch, we drove through the fairgrounds, which made me remember the year my family homeschooled and we were able to go to the fair (to learn about the animal exhibits, etc.) during school hours. I told Kurt that when I was in traditional school, I remember feeling incredibly claustrophobic. I absolutely hated that I could see cars driving by, yet I couldn't leave school. I felt trapped. Isn't that odd? Not being able to get out caused me anxiety. Anyway, Evy took a good nap, and Kurt read in the basement (it's his little cave down there). I did my Bible Study and some design work on the computer. We made mahi mahi with asparagus for dinner. Will came over because my mom and dad were at back to school night. Mom and Dad came over afterward and chatted. Bedtime for Kurt and Evy....I packed and watched Big Brother.

Woke up and took a shower, got Bitty out of bed, had breakfast, and did more packing. Mom came over to help with Evy. She was incredibly, oddly fussy! She has never acted that strange before. She was doing this thing where she wouldn't swallow her food or drink, which made me wonder if her throat was sore. Thankfully it seemed to resolve itself. It all started when she stuck her hand in the toilet, and I told her that we don't need to stick our hand in the toilet. Since she's incredibly sensitive, she was devastated and totally upset. It put her in THE strangest mood! I finished packing, and Dad came over to visit. Mom and Dad left and Kurt got home. We got on the road to Ripley, Kurt's hometown. The Dramamine I took knocked me out, which made it SO HARD to take care of Evy. She was fussy and fighting sleep (we had timed it to correspond with her naptime). An hour into the trip, we both finally slept for 45 minutes. Even after Evy woke up, she was totally quiet and just looked out the window. So nice and sweet! We got to Ripley and had shrimp and fresh veggies for dinner. I read blogs, trying to go though my Reader. Bedtime early!

Kurt and I left for Tupelo at 6:45 AM for the tired. (Tupelo is about an hour away.) We got there, and basically roamed and looked until lunch. (It's spread out over 6 buildings and 2 million square feet.) It was very corporate-feeling. This is where professional furniture buyers come to shop, and we were able to get tickets through Kurt's mom. We felt super out of the place, but it was a learning experience! Lunch was at a local grill. I needed a break from the Market, so we went to Room to Room, a regular furniture store (not wholesale) and bought sofas! However, I had a panic attack in the process. Not even kidding. It was hot, the Market had stressed me out, and I couldn't pick a sofa fabric to SAVE MY LIFE. But I did it! We went back to Market, although we were tired and achy at that point. We bought an armoire for our master bedroom (we actually put a deposit down because they required cash---that's a whole different stressful story), and a desk and chair for Kurt's study. We did end up getting great deals. We went home and then had dinner out with Kurt's family. Evy had a bath then went to bed. We all chatted and went to bed.

We went to church, but Evy last 5 minutes into the service. Thankfully, I was able to hear Kurt sing his solo with the choir before Evy and I had to slip out. He did great! I took Evy to the nursery and played with her for the rest of the time. After church, we went to Kurt's grandparents' house for lunch. Evy LOVED watching their dogs and cat. She was fascinated! She was incredibly past due for her nap by then, so we went home and hurriedly loaded up the car to go home. She fell asleep 10 minutes into the trip and slept almost 2 hours--praise the Lord! She hadn't done that in ages! I slept too. :) Poor Mr. Randy (Kurt's dad) had to go the Market and load up our purchases--I know it was stressful. But he got them and we'll get them soon! I was feeling really sick that morning, but once I had slept in the car I felt much better. We got home in time to go to our local water park. Our church rented it out for the evening for fellowship! It was a blast! Evy was totally petrified at first and clung to me for dear life, but she soon warmed up to it! I love spending time with my church family!

I can't believe you're seeing me in shorts. I am trying to be more willing to put pictures of myself on the blog. Help, Lord.

We had a great week! We're at home this week and then headed BACK to Ripley this weekend. It's Kurt's mom's last Sunday to lead the music at their church--she's done it for over 25 years! We will also get to bring home our new purchases--yay!

Have a great week :)

August 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 24

Where I Live

Okay, it's time for you to see my hometown! I live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, which is about 1.5 hours south of St. Louis, right on the Mississippi River. We're a river town, which is special, in my opinion!

I found this article in the Dallas Morning News where the author talks about Cape:

My Mississippi years also took me to Cape Girardeau , Mo., a town [Mark] Twain said is "situated on a hillside, and makes a handsome appearance." The Jesuit school for boys that Twain describes is now the auxiliary campus of Southeast Missouri State University. The original seminary building, built in 1838 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is now an administration building for the campus.

If Twain were to come ashore today, he would surely eat barbecue at the Port Cape Girardeau Restaurant & Lounge in a mid-1800s building and chuckle that his face is prominently featured in the Mississippi River Tales Mural, an 1,100-foot-long mural on the flood wall that protects downtown from the Mississippi when it rises out of the channel so carefully cut by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Here's my town in the flood of 1927:

In the picture below, on the far right you'll see a building with arches. That's Port Cape Girardeau, and it's still here today as a restaurant!

Cape Girardeau is full of history. One of my favorite places is the Glenn House. I plan to tour again at Christmastime!

I absolutely love my church, Lynwood Baptist, and the people who go there! I am so blessed to serve at this church (and have my dad as my pastor)!

Cape is home to Southeast Missouri State University:

We have beautiful parks. This is a great one for taking pictures!

This was my middle school. It's now been turned into retirement apartments, but I am so sentimental about this school. It was my first "grown up" school experience, with switching classes and multiple floors to maneuver.

I was in the play Cinderella that year, and Mr. Dumey brought out my love for musical theater. I adore him, and can't wait to help him with upcoming productions.

This was my elementary school. Oh, the memories!

Cape has some cute little shops. One of my favorites is Bloom! My friend is the manager, and they have the cutest things!

I love Cape at Christmas. We have an annual Christmas parade where the whole city gathers downtown. Here were two of my siblings last year:

Not too far away is Lambert's Cafe, home of the thrown ("throwed") rolls!

We have modern buildings:

And a beautiful old downtown:

Here's the bridge over the River that leads to Illinois (literally, it's only a matter of minutes to cross into Illinois):

That's a pretty good synopsis of the town I love!

August 23, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 23

A YouTube Video

Today I'm going to focus on my love of theater! (Pause my regular playlist to watch the videos!)

This is one of my favorite songs from a musical: "Gethsemane" from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar (by Andrew Lloyd Webber). Although this musical isn't one of my very favorites, this song is spectacular. It puts into words the emotions Jesus must have had while he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, right before His crucifixion. Sometimes it's hard to remember that Jesus was wholly God AND wholly man, so He was experiencing everything we as humans would have felt if we knew we were about to be nailed to a cross.

I really do think you should listen to the whole song (sung here by Michael Ball, one of my favorites), because it's especially moving at the end.

The other video is the song "One Day More" from the show Les Miserables. This is probably my favorite show that I've seen live. It reminds me of London, because that's where I've seen the show the most. It just transports me to that city. It's the climactic song of the show, and it's just beautiful. This video is from the 10th anniversary special, where the original cast sang the songs. (It was filmed at Royal Albert Hall, and I was able to go to a concert there during my London semester.) I think this would make an INCREDIBLE MOVIE. If they had anything that resembled an open casting call for this movie, I would drop literally everything and be there! One of my dream roles is Eponine (originally played by Lea Salonga). In this song, she's the one in the ragged clothes and hat--she's a beautiful Asian woman. What a dream to sing those songs and be part of such a beautiful, deep, meaningful show.

Another dream role for me would be Eliza Doolittle. What a fun, witty, and wonderful role! (I am particularly fond of this song!)

Okay, last one! I saw the show Aida twice, and I am very fond of it. One of my favorite things to do is to look for amateur productions of shows on YouTube, because it's so interesting to me. Well, I stumbled upon Malibu High School, and was blown away by their production of Aida in 2006. The girl who played the lead, Chelsey, is so incredible. Keep in mind--this is a high school student!

Have a great day!

August 22, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 22

A Website

I love the internet! It's such a wealth of information, and you can connect with people, as well as celebrate things that interest you, etc. For me, starting my blog has ended up being one of the best things I've ever done in my life. Seriously! I can't even tell you how wonderful it feels that so much of my adult life is being documented, and that God has revealed Himself to me in so many ways through it.

Of course I can't pick just one website, so I'm going to highlight a good sampling!

{Back to the Days} Of Apron Strings and Lovely Things - This is one of my besties SD's new blog. It celebrates all things classic and feminine. She's a great writer, so get in on this blog while it's new!

Confessions of a Homeschooler - A wonderful, comprehensive homeschooling blog/website. This is organized well and has lots of great information! There are lots of "printables" and other resources, as well as great things for when you're just starting out homeschooling.

Mommy Mouseketeer - People email me a lot asking Disney questions about planning, attractions, what to wear, where to stay, etc. I decided to dedicate a separate blog to all things Disney so it's in one place!

Children of the 90's - This is SUCH a blast from the past if your childhood was spent during the 90's! Seriously, I have DIED laughing and reminiscing over this blog. Visit right now and I promise you will be transported!

Posh Tots - If you want to absolutely drool over everything baby (decor, etc.), this is the place to window shop!

Lynwood Baptist Church - This is my church! :)

Not any huge new information, but sometimes it's good to just keep it simple!

August 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 21

A Recipe

I have a recipe blog that I update here and there, called The June Cleaver Cooking Club. Cute, huh? :) I am going to try and add more recipes as I have the time. I LOVE when people contribute recipes for the blog, so email me your recipes if you'd like to share! I got some of my go-to recipes from the early days of that blog when my friends were contributing. So don't be shy and share!

August 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 20

Your Hobby

-Blogging! It's a really well-rounded hobby, in my opinion, because it's a creative outlet, a way to chronicle and document your life, and you're able to meet new people, learn things, and challenge yourself in lots of different ways. I love it, and I'm SO glad I started blogging when we had only been married 4 months. I basically will have our entire life together as a family journaled! I've also met WONDERFUL people through blogging, and the Lord has done incredible things in my life through it!

-Reading. I need to do better at allotting different times for different things. When I do get a minute of quiet, I'm always torn: be productive, watch TV, or read? Lately, I've REALLY been trying hard at making my Bible study #1 priority. When Evy goes down for a nap, that's when I have to make the decision to do my Bible study FIRST. Otherwise I'll come up with lots of ways to waste my time. I'm really trying to be disciplined in this area! But I love the escape of reading a book. There's NOTHING better than getting so enthralled in a book, you don't want it to end and you feel like you know the characters. I really LOVE that feeling!

August 19, 2010

Our Little Fashion Model

I have lots of pictures to get caught up on! Nana and Poppy came to visit, we had a fun day at a new play center in town, and more! :) I promise to get those up soon.

The other day we were in Evy's room straightening her closet. We decided to play dress-up, and we found the perfect dress! My DEAR, sweet friend Anne gave Evy this little dress, and we had to model it!

Swaying in front of the mirror:

Twirling and having so much fun:

Who is that beautiful baby girl in the mirror?

It's our perfect, precious Evy Kate!

Thank you Aunt Anne, for such a fun dress to be girly in! We love you!

30 Day Blog Journal : Day 19

A Talent I Have

I feel SUPER weird saying I'm "talented" at something, so I'm going to word it differently!

-Something that comes naturally to me is decorating. I love it! I love creating all kinds of spaces, in a variety of styles. I also love seeing how other people create their spaces---whether it's a trailer, apartment, starter home or mansion! :)

-Another thing that comes naturally to me is planning things. I especially love planning trips, which I've talked about before. I enjoy the research, making reservations, etc. and then experiencing the payoff. I haven't had much experience in planning events or parties, but I'd love to give that a try more often!

August 18, 2010

Our Little Mouseketeer

RIGHT after I posted pictures of Evy's room today, I propped her castle painting where I wanted it! So I had to show you! :)

Now, I'd like to show you Our Little Mouseketeer!

E-V-Y- K-A-T-E is C-U-T-E!

(That's our version, at least!)
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