March 21, 2011

National Risk Day: OUR NEW DINING ROOM!

 The Nester has named this day "National Risk Day." She's been talking recently about taking design risks, and I have the perfect room to highlight: our dining room!

When we moved in, the dining room was a dark brown color. I didn't like the color, the light fixture, or really anything.

We bought this table in Dallas, and I added in some accessories like drapes that PERFECTLY coordinated with the table. I knew this room was missing something. I knew it needed change, but I couldn't put my finger on it. It doesn't show in pictures, but the brown walls were making the room very dark, and the table (which I wanted to be a focal point) was just blending in. I literally had to live in this house for 11 months before it hit me.......
Note: I did like the room when it looked like this (table dressed, a few good accessories....but in person the walls were just so dark and the wrong shade. The above picture looks pretty good, but in person it didn't work.


This room needed wallpaper! I knew it needed to be something that would make all the neutral shades in my house make sense together. I needed pattern. I wanted something different but still in my traditional style.


I literally couldn't believe it when I went to the store to look at wallpaper. (Sidenote: this all happened before our adoption proceedings began; I just didn't blog about it. So I wasn't going on a shopping spree while trying to raise adoption funds!) I flipped through book after book, with fabric swatches in hand, when---BOOM! I found it! It blends the blue/purpley/gray/taupe tones of my table with the other shades of neutral and cream in my house. It's the perfect touch of British cottage and I LOVE IT.

Cue the Bennett family.

You might hate it, but I LOVE IT.

The room is incredibly far from finished (it never will be--I'm always changing things), and I'm constantly tweaking. But I'm telling you, when sunlight streams through those windows a certain way, I feel like I'm in the middle of Pride and Prejudice. I consider that a success.

My mother and law and I hung the wallpaper this weekend, and I loved it more and more as each piece went up. Ironically, this paper was the least expensive one I saw, and it was the only one I loved.

Now the furniture and drapes POP but it's not loud and garish.

Other sidenotes: The rest of my matching chairs are still in Dallas and we'll be getting them this summer. I found the light fixture at my favorite local antique/craft place. It was a steal, and they even spray painted it for me!

Pardon my lack of Goo Gone on my apothecary jars. This is real life.

Yummy drapes, handmade by my mother in law!

The best part? There's a pretty gold color in the paper that makes the perfect backdrop for this beautiful picture of the most adorable little girl in the world. :)

My huge design risk (floral wallpaper!) = SUCCESS!!!

Please take a look at our adoption fundraiser shop! It's a great way to show your support for adoption and look cute while doing it!  
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