October 10, 2011

Liam's Adoption

Our adoption journey was such an amazing experience, and we are so BLESSED to have brought Liam into our lives through God's calling. Adoption creates such a range of emotions, and it was definitely a faith journey for us. We had our daughter, Evy, biologically in 2009 (with no issues with infertility or struggle getting pregnant). In mid-2010, God called me (Ashley) incredibly clearly to adopt, and we stepped out in faith to begin the process. I documented our journey on our adoption blog, and there are a lot of details concerning the process, our emotions, and the ups and downs of the journey written there. We feel incredibly blessed that we have been able to experience bringing children into our family both through pregnancy and adoption, and we are so thankful that even though it was scary, we said "Yes!" Listed below is our Adoption Timeline, with every significant milestone along the way.

CLICK HERE to view the blog post chronicling Liam's Family Day, photographed by Romin Lee Johnson.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 : FAMILY DAY!!!!!!

•OCTOBER 10, 2011 : TRAVEL CALL!!!!!

•September 15, 2011 : Visa Physical (Liam is cleared for travel)

•October 6, 2011  : Embassy Appearance

•September 6, 2011 : EMIGRATION PERMIT APPROVAL!!!

•August 8, 2011!!! : Emigration Permit Submission!!

•October, 2011 : Packet 3 sent to agency

•July, 2011 : Email sent out telling us that no EP's will be submitted or approved in July, either. Very difficult news, but trusting God!

•June 20, 2011 : Email sent out telling us that there is a temporary pause on all EP submissions and approvals in June. Hoping this process resumes in July.

•May 12, 2011 : National Visa Center LOGGED OUT!

•May 10, 2011: National Visa Center LOGGED IN

•May 2, 2011 : I-600 APPROVAL!

•March 31, 2011 : I-600 Sent

•March 29, 2011 : I-600A Approval

•March 25, 2011 : Fingerprinting at USCIS in St. Louis. Waiting for I-600A to be approved so that we can send I-600!

•March 18, 2011: Acceptance paperwork sent to KOREA! Also received LEGALS.

•March 15, 2011 : Acceptance paperwork sent to Holt.

•March 7, 2011 : REFERRAL!!!!!!!!! A HEALTHY, 8-month-old little boy! Verbally ACCEPTED referral!

•February 4, 2011 : HOME STUDY TO KOREA!!! Officially on WAITLIST!!!

•January 20, 2011 : Adoption Education Complete

•January 6-7, 2011 : Homestudy!

•December, 2010 : We are contacted by our agency about starting our homestudy sooner than we expected! We will begin our homestudy on January 6, and it should be completed quickly!

•November 24, 2010 : Unfortunately we are not chosen to parent this precious baby, but God knows best!

•November 22, 2010 : Phone interview for social worker to present us to Committee.

•October 28-29, 2010 : We are told of a photolisting about to be posted. We view the file, and feel a peace about pursuing this child! We tell our agency that we will proceed to Committee.

•October 20, 2010 : Fingerprinting for background checks.

•October 19, 2010 : Orientation Call with Missouri Branch Office

•October 7, 2010 : Completed application sent to Holt!

•October 3, 2010 : We publicly announce our decision to adopt!

•September 24, 2010 : WE DECIDE TO ADOPT FROM SOUTH KOREA!!!!

•August 31, 2010 : Adoption plans on hold. Waiting for God's timing to become clear.

•August 16, 2010 : Day of Fasting and Prayer for our adoption (Ashley).

•August 15, 2010 : God draws our hearts to open toward Korean adoption. Ashley gets in touch with a family who is adopting from Korea.

•August 13, 2010 : Kurt finds out that one of his co-workers (a doctor in their group) adopted a special-needs daughter from China!

•August 2, 2010 : We are told that China is very firm in their age requirement (30). We can't submit application until Ashley is 29 1/2. Trusting God's timing!

•July 31, 2010 : Ashley creates this blog to chronicle the adoption journey, should it come to fruition.

•July 24, 2010 : Ashley sends off for information regarding adoption from several agencies.

•July 23, 2010: Ashley tells Kurt about God speaking to her about the possibility of international adoption.

•July 22, 2010 : God calls Ashley's heart to adoption, with a special concern for an Asian country.

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