June 29, 2011

You're a Grand Old Wreath

First of all, I love my new blog look! It was a gift, and I think it's awesome!

I've mentioned before that my group of friends has a craft night ("Laughs and Crafts") each month. This month I offered to host, and I taught everyone how to make this Fourth of July wreath. It's made out of pinwheels that you fold from scrapbook paper. I meant to document the process but forgot! I'll try to get it together and show how to do it, but there's a good tutorial here.

We met at my house, and everyone was excited to begin. Whitney came prepared, because on the last craft night, she had about four catastrophes! She seriously keeps us all lauging all the time.

This was the scene at my house: craftiness everywhere, and lots of good discussion!

This was towards the end of the night. We got the big "medallions" put around the wreath, and then a lot of people took their paper home to make the smaller medallions to fill in the wreaths. It was an easy process, but it's kind of time-consuming! These girls are so much fun! (Also, in the picture below, you can see the wreath we made last month on my mirror!)

Here's my finished product on my door!

I also wanted something inside to celebrate the Fourth, so I took just about the easiest route ever and added some navy and red ribbon to my white coffee filter wreath! I literally just tied two pieces of ribbon into a bow. It's simple and I LOVE the look of it.

I love this time of the summer! I can't wait to watch Yankee Doodle Dandy and celebrate my country!

June 28, 2011

There's Just Something About That Name

Evy always sings to herself during her "crib time" each afternoon. That's what we call it, because sometimes she doesn't nap. However, it's a rule that she spends quiet time in her crib. I LOVE hearing what she does in there! She reads, teaches her animals things, and discusses life in general with her crib friends. However, my favorite is the singing. I LOVE IT.

Every night, Kurt and Evy sing a hymn together before bed (after we've prayed all together, he rocks her and they sing). It's their special time. Well, our desire to instill hymns into Evy's heart is working, based on this video:

I am confident that the Lord is blessed by this praise! I can just picture our Savior smiling because of this little voice.

June 26, 2011

First Easter Egg Hunt

In early April, Evy experienced her first Easter egg hunt in our front yard! She was adorable and had SO much fun! You can just tell how much fun she had by these pictures!

June 25, 2011

Anne's Visit

Back in the spring, my DEAR friend Anne came to visit from Dallas! We had such a fun time!

Anne arrived and instantly bonded with Evy. She had been to see us back when Evy was only a few months old. Look at the difference:


And now!

The evening that Anne got into town, we went to dinner together. Anne and I met our freshman year at Baylor, where we lived across the hall from each other. We were INSTANT friends and are still very, very close. I just love her and am so thankful for her friendship!

Anne and I decided to accomplish a project while she was here. She really wanted to help me with getting ready for Liam. Anytime someone talks to me about Liam, acknowledges that he's my son, or helps me celebrate him, it means so much. Since this isn't a traditional "pregnancy," it can sometimes feel lonely or strange. Anne has been so supportive from day one and is constantly asking me about Liam's progress. I hate that I often don't have a lot to report, but just her thinking about us (and him) is what matters!

We decided to PAINT LIAM'S ROOM! Anne was thinking about tackling a paint job herself, but had never learned how to paint. I had learned from my dad over the years, so I taught her as we went. It was so fun, because she taped off all of the walls and edges while I painted, and we just got to talk and talk! Of course I had my Disney Pandora station playing. :) It felt SO GOOD to get that done, and it made the whole process seem more real! Here's how it looked once we were finished:

(Note: we have since made lots of progress on Liam's room, as of today! I can't wait to show it off!)

This was right before I took Anne to the airport. Evy kept asking where Miss Anne was after she left. It was such a blessed time, and it did my soul good to have my dear friend near me! We miss you, Anne - please come back SOON!

Speaking of Liam, please go here to read an adoption update.

June 23, 2011


Evy's been really into putting blankets on her head recently. It's the cutest thing, and I took pictures of it one day. She looked so beautiful to me!

We were babysitting my parents' dog Buddy and she loved having him around!

A typical scene with Bitty.

Kurt snapped these because this is what me and Bitty are doing a lot of the time!

There are no words for how much I love and adore my little girl!

Will's Birthday

I'm getting caught up on all of my picture posts! We celebrated my brother's birthday on March 31st (yes, that's how behind I am!!!), and we had a great time as a family. Here are some of the memories!

We love you, Will Bill!
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