August 31, 2011

A Mississippi Weekend and Meeting C.J.

In early June we made another fun trip to see Kurt's family. Here are pictures from the weekend!

On the way there, we stopped in Memphis for a lunch break. We ate at Huey's, and it was so good!

We walked around to stretch our legs in downtown Memphis. This was near the Orpheum Theater and Majestic Grill. Such a pretty area!

Once we got to Mia and Randad's house, Evy immediately wanted to play in the water!

Cousin Josh!

The following pictures are of Evy washing my feet. I had them propped on the pool and she started taking care of Mommy. It was the sweetest, cutest thing!

Buddies for life!

Daddy Willie holding our newest Lancaster baby, C.J., who was VERY young here!

Our first time to meet C.J. What a sweet boy!

We had a wonderful time meeting our new nephew and spending time with our family!

August 29, 2011

The Adoption Roller Coaster Continues - Please Pray

As I've written before, we were submitted for EP on August 8th, and we've been tenatively expecting to get approved hopefully sometime in September. Well, this blog post started quickly circulating the Korean adoption circles this weekend, and needless to say, things are very emotional right now. Apparently, the Korean governement now wants to give Korean-American couples higher priority in the EP process. Their thinking is that children who are in these families will have an easier adjustment/culture shift, and it's more similar to domestic adoption.

I very much understand their thinking on this. However, I am praying they can come up with a way to have a "heritage program" without other families suffering. They're saying this priority will go into affect immediately. We are unsure of what this means for us at this time, but since we are RIGHT in the middle of the EP situation, my stomach is absolutely in knots and my nerves are about shot. I do not want to over-dramatize this or make huge, blanket statements, but it's a very scary thing to read that you are being placed on lower priority.

It is my understanding that EP groups have always been approved as a group. Meaning, all children in an EP batch are approved together. I'm praying that since we've already been submitted to the government, that we will get an EP this year. However, my best guess is this: I think that the government will look at the files that have been submitted and process the children who will have Korean-American parents first. They will get the first Physicals, Interviews, etc. I really think it just means that those babies will go first, and then the rest of the babies will follow. I could be completely wrong, though!

All in all, I still have a good feeling that we will travel this year. But there's also a chance I could be very, very wrong. It's so difficult because I've allowed myself to buy some outfits for Liam that he could wear this fall/winter. I've also been getting into gear for a fall trip, even though THAT was even unsure. Now it's REALLY up in the air.

I sent an email to the director of our Korea program tonight because it's the only thing (tangibly) that I can do. I need to be honest - I'm very scared right now and struggling with this news. I want to say that I'm not phased by the ups and downs of this journey, and I really think up to this point I've done okay. But to be this close.......

I am truly asking for your prayers, that God's Will will be done and that we have a peace that passes all understanding, regardless of the outcome of this decision by the government. I will keep updating as I know more.

Water, Water Everywhere!

This summer, we've enjoyed going to the waterpark here in town! It's small, but oh so much fun! Since it's only about one minute from our house, it's been an easy way to do something fun with Evy. Last year Evy was afraid of the water and really didn't have an interest in the waterpark, but this year she warmed up to it a little bit. Whenever we would tell her that we were going, she would start SHRIEKING and getting so excited. I mean, beside herself. Then once we would get there, she would really enjoy it but kind of go at it with tempered enthusiam. After leaving, she would talk about it for DAYS afterward. We're still "praying" for the waterpark each night at Evy's request. She wants to make sure that park is blessed! Ha! Here are some pictures from a visit we made in June.

Her little stance!

I know I'm biased, but those are the cutest legs I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.

Having fun with Pinka and Kay Kay!

Evy didn't enjoy getting her whole body into water, but she LOVED the fountains and sprinklers!

It's hard to believe that next summer I'll be taking TWO little people to the waterpark for summer fun! I can't wait!

August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gigi!

At the end of May, we celebrated my Mom's birthday! We love "Gigi" more than we could ever express. She is one of the most positive people there is (that's what my Dad said about her at church when he recognized her for her birthday!), and when I think of growing up, the biggest thing that comes to my mind is that my mom was always singing. When my mom was growing up, my uncle (her brother) would call her "The Jukebox" because she had a song for everything - ha!

Mom exposed me to every musical I love, she wrote notes on my lunch napkin every single day until I graduated high school, she prayed with me every night before bed (the one thing I miss the most now that I'm married), she stayed home to raise all four of us, she's incredibly gifted at teaching children (at school and in Sunday School), and she was the one that led me to the Lord. For that alone, I am eternally grateful. Everything else (and more) that I listed above just makes me EXTRA grateful. :)

Now that my mom is "Gigi" to Evy Kate, it's been so fun! I get to relive my childhood again, because my mom will do things with Evy that she did with us when we were little. I am so, so thankful to have my mom give me advice and counsel when I need it. I think she and my dad were the masters at "common sense" parenting. They didn't over-analyze, over-research, or over-philosophise. They really just sought the Lord, trusted each other, adapted what worked or what didn't from their parents, and loved us a ton. In a nutshell, I think that's pretty much the best parenting strategy there is. Evy ADORES her Gigi (just like her Mia too), and Kurt and I are so blessed to see that.

I don't take for granted that my parents live close by and that my mom is so present in the day-to-day (my dad is too, but Gigi is able to swing by the house during the work week more!). Actually today I was thinking about when Evy was a newborn. We were living in Jackson with no family around and Kurt had a HORRIBLE work schedule. I would absolutely live for when my mom would come and spend time with me and help with Evy. I look back so fondly on those days because along with having my new, precious baby, I got really good quality time with my mom. I would just cry and cry when she would leave. So now having her close by is truly something I still marvel at and thank the Lord for.

Our family was so happy to celebrate my mom and let her know how loved she is! Evy was right in the middle of the festivities, of course!

If you're a girl and you're in our family, you get Disney Princess balloons for your birthday. It's an unwritten rule.

Gigi and her biggest fan!

In our family we make homemade cards for birthdays. My brother got extra points because he used color on his. He usually just uses pencil.

LOVING the party!

Evy with her "Pinka."

For some reason, my favorite pictures of my family are when we're doing birthday cake.

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