September 30, 2011

Deep in the Heart of Texas - Evy's First Movie and Life Lessons

Our second day in Texas this summer was more fun, as usual!

Evy and Dah (my dad's dad) are styling!

Evy and Kay Kay are ready for the movie!

Can you sense the excitement!?

Enthralled by Winnie the Pooh and friends!
When the movie was over, Evy immediately burst into tears. She didn't want to leave! Haha! I wanted a family picture at her first movie, and this is what we got:
So hard to say goodbye!

Cousin Katie was very popular because she let Evy play with her phone!

Dah showed us an antique kerosene lamp like his mother used. As he demonstrated how it works, he pointed everything to spiritual lessons about Christ, the Holy Spirit, etc. It was so unique and very "Dah" to do something like that. I'm blessed that I grew up with a grandfather who was always doing things like this!

Evy Kate enjoyed hamming it up with Cousin Emory. :)


Even though it looks like she was pulling away terrified, Evy was loving playing with Emory, Cousin Will, and his girlfriend Anna. So much fun!
It was another great day in Texas! 

September 28, 2011

Still Here and A Beautiful Shower!

No, we are not in Korea! Ha! I have just been super busy trying to prepare for this major event. I'm also feeling a certain "nesting" instinct kicking in, much like when I was pregnant with Evy. I am truly just a huge ball of nervous energy. I've been calling "DC" every day to check the status of Liam's paperwork, and we're still waiting on progress. When I call, I am just praying that they will see his picture in the system, or at least that a date has been scheduled for his Visa Interview. This is when his foster mother takes him to the Embassy just to formally appear and to be cleared for travel. Every time I call I get a different officer, and they all vary in how nice they are - ha! Some are really sweet and willing to really look and give me any information they can, and other just say "Nothing new." Seriously, a guy just said that to me yesterday! I had to laugh!

Anyway, I'm thinking that we should get the call in the next week or two. THAT IS UNREAL TO ME!!!! I am loving this time with Evy Kate and just cherishing every second with her. Even though it's hard for her to understand the concept of a sibling, we know that she's ready. It's time for her to have a brother and learn the joy of having siblings! I know there are people who are very concerned about Evy's adjustment, but truly, there's no better lesson in love, happiness, and selflessness than adding more children to our family. We know Evy will be a fantastic big sister! She is so verbal, full of energy, and is definitely a little caregiver. We look forward to spending special time with her after Liam is home and continuing the dynamic that we've had, just the three of us. In fact, we have tickets to see "Disney Live!" at the end of October, and Kurt and I are planning to take her while someone watches Liam. Of course this will depend on if Liam is adjusting well (I might be bringing him in the carrier!), and I hope we're back from Korea by then! But we are going to do everything we can to do that with her and many other things to make her feel extra special.

So that's where we are right now - literally waiting on pins and needles for THE CALL. Please continue to pray for us, Liam, and his foster parents as we all make huge adjustments in the coming weeks. Yall have been so, so supportive and I appreciate all of the prayers, love, and encouragement. I do plan to blog when we're in Korea, so hopefully yall can watch it all unfold!

A couple of weeks ago, several of my friends gave me a beautiful "open house" shower to celebrate Liam! It was just perfect, and it meant so much to me! It was held in the home of dear family friends of ours, and as you can see, it's a stunning place to be! Also, I love that all of the hostesses are not just my age - I'm truly good friends with all ages of women in my church. I'm truly, truly blessed in that regard. It's hard to find pictures of adoption-themed showers or get-togethers online, so hopefully this can give people ideas if you ever want to host one for a friend. My friends knocked it out of the park, and it was magazine-worthy!

My friends asked me to put together a table that would highlight our journey. I already had the picture hanger, and I put all of the "milestone" photos on it. I put out more pictures of Liam, as well as our adoption fundraiser tshirt, a Holt Welcome Packet (our agency), and the book "Adopted for Life" by Russell Moore, which was lifehanging for us. Finally, the girls got the idea from Pinterest to frame three maps - Jackson, Mississippi, where we met, the city where we live now, and Seoul, where Liam will be coming from. So neat!

This was the table when people walked in. It was gorgeous! The girls made a "blessing tree" where people could write out their prayers for Liam. They took the idea from traditional first-birthday parties in Korea. Babies are shown a tray of different things and whatever they pick predicts their future. For instance, if they chose a pencil, it would mean they would be academically gifted. My friends did the Christian version of this, and they made shapes like an arrow (being a godly warrior), etc. People chose the trait they would pray for Liam, and signed their name. It was SO AWESOME.

You should be able to see this close-up about the Blessing Tree.

The gorgeous food table! Included were personalized M&M's with Liam's name, and fortune cookies with personalized fortunes that said "We love you, Liam! Welcome home!" Precious.

Me and my mom!

Me with Kurt's mom, Mrs. Pam!

All of the hostesses, minus two! From left to right: Whitney, Courtney, Sarah, Heather, Kristal, Wini (our Student Pastor's wife - we teach Girls' Bible Study together and I love her!), Mrs. Libby (who opened her beautiful home),  Mrs. Venieda (one of my very favorite people in the WORLD), and Mrs. Debbie (I love having dinner parties at her house!). These are truly the sweetest girls and ladies!

Mrs. Kathi ("Gogo") with her grandson Isaac, Kristal's little boy.

Sarah and Evy's Little Friend Ansley.

My mom with Mrs. Donna, who's my neighbor. They also go to our church! Mrs. Donna keeps teacher's children in her home as a daycare, and they call her Nonna. We love Nonna Donna!

My sister went and got Evy Kate and brought her to the shower - I missed her! She wanted to wear her Cinderella dress and I said "OF COURSE!" LOVE my little girl. I felt much more complete holding her!

Mrs. Christy (our Preschool Director at church) and her daughter Abby gave us the cutest "Big Sister" outfit for Evy! Adorable!

Pinka and Evy Kate. :)

Evy poses like this for pictures, so everyone did the pose right along with her!

Nonna doing the POSE.

Evy and her Gigi!

Evy and her Mia!

Evy and Mrs. Venieda! Mrs. Venieda babysat my little sister Andrea ("Pinka") when she was Evy's age, so it's very special for me to have a picture of her holding Evy at this age.
It was the PERFECT celebration to welcome our sweet baby boy! I can't believe this is really about to happen!
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