September 16, 2012

Random Things

-My pregnancy is going well, as there's not much to report! I'm 6 weeks tomorrow, and morning sickness hasn't kicked in yet. Who knows, maybe I'll be fortunate not to get it this time around...?? This pregnancy has already been different than with Evy. I'm absolutely exhausted, for one thing. Everyone chuckles and says "It's because you have two toddlers this time around!" But honestly, I'm getting plenty of sleep at night and my kids aren't really tiring me out. It's just a symptom I never had last time, and this time around I am just depleted. Also, I'm craving red sauce!!! Spaghetti tastes so good, but my absolute favorite is Mexican food. I've always loved Mexican food, but I CRAVE IT now. Today after church we went to eat and I INHALED the salsa and ate my entire dish of Mole sauce and chicken. In fact, I might get another order of it tonight for my dinner. Another thing that's funny is late at night, if a commercial comes on about any kind of food, it triggers this craving for me to make a full-on meal for myself. It's ridiculous! I am already so hungry! I'm taking advantage of this before (if) the morning sickness kicks in. :)

-I can't believe this, but in just about a month we'll celebrate Liam being home with us for a YEAR. Isn't that crazy? He is doing so, so well. His speech therapy is going really well, and he's saying more words, like "Bowl, " "Show,"  "Ice," "More," "Choo Choo," "Down," "Bun Bun" and MANY more! He calls us "Mama" and "Dada" and calls Evy "Sasa" (Sissy). He is at about the 18-21-month-old verbal level, so we're not far away! We're so proud of him, and Kurt and I were just saying the other night how it's become so enjoyable to even go out to eat (we didn't think we would say that for awhile after he started his restaurant issues). Of course we still have our moments, but overall it's a totally different story than it was. He wants to do absolutely everything that Evy is doing! I would say that sibling rivalry is our biggest issue right now. I can't tell you the number of times a day I hear "NOOOO LIIAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!" or a high-pitched scream from the afore-named brother. :) But we're working on it!

-I recently sang with some of my friends at church. We sang the Women of Faith praise team arrangement of "Hosanna." Random tidbit: I'm the one singing the lowest note of the harmony - I LOVE singing alto (or even in some cases tenor!) and doing the base in harmonies!

-We've been doing nightly worship time as a family and it's been great! Some of my friends do a "Morning Meeting," but with Kurt's job, we can't do things in the mornings together. So before bed, we open with a song (usually a hymn, because we want to teach those foundational songs to our faith), then Kurt reads a Bible story. We're going through the whole Bible in sequence, because our church has started doing a church-wide curriculum called The Gospel Project. From preschool through senior adults, every Lifegroup class is studying the same area of Scripture each week, as we walk through the Bible and see how every story and passage points to Jesus. All that to say, we want church to coincide with what we're doing at home. So right now we're at Noah and the Flood. After the story, I teach a Scripture (we work on one for each week). I make up simple motions for memorization purposes (it helps me as much as the kids!). Here are Evy and Liam reciting this week's verse:

-As this fall season is approaching, I always laugh because people start RAVING about everything pumpkin-scented or pumpkin-flavored. I HATE pumpkin anything!!! I have fall-scented fragrances and such, but NONE of them are pumpkin!

-Evy is so adorable lately. She's talking so much and saying the cutest things. One example: the other day we were driving and Evy was holding my phone while it was playing a Christmas Pandora station. The cover art for the featured CD came on, and it was "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Evy saw the picture and exclaimed, "MOMMY! It's a Bambi Rudolph!!!!" Hahaha! She associates any deer with Bambi, but then saw the red nose and realized it was a Bambi Rudolph. :) I just love little things like that!

-Okay, WHO is watching Big Brother???? OH MY WORD! This season is insane, and Dan is a GENIUS. Seriously, I would be horrible on that show. I can't think fast enough - haha! Who are you predicting to win??

-I'm excited, because I'm taking on a new responsibility at church. I'm now coordinating the events for our Women's Ministry at church. There are several people on the leadership team, and we're each kind of responsible for heading up certain areas. Over the last couple of years, I've felt drawn to doing something like this, and the time is right. My first event to coordinate will be our Christmas event, and I'm SO excited about it! Question: Can you tell me about the women's ministries in your churches? What sort of events do you do and what works/what doesn't? Do you feel like your church's women's ministry is geared toward younger or older women, or is there a good generational blend? Obviously every church is different, but I love hearing about what others are doing!

I think that's about it for now. . .Happy Fall!


Becky said...

Our church has always done an amazing job incorporating all generations. Our pastor has worked hard on stressing the importance of the generations.

We have two Bible studies - one has a variety of ages and the other has mostly younger moms. Two times a year we have an event. They vary in focus but they are always wonderful. The last one had a 'Cinderella' type theme and we even had teens giving mani/pedi's, massage therapists, and we brought flip flops to decorate. Beautiful table decorations, prizes, and wonderful food and fellowship - also a devotional focusing on inner beauty.

We have also had Nancy Leigh DeMoss and other special speakers for a weekend retreat but we don't do the retreats as often. Sometimes during the Winter months, we have a Ladies Night Out at a restaurant.

On Wednesday nights several times a year, we have divided classes. The women have had two Beth Moore series as a part of their class.

in gods time not my own said...

I wish I had more time to participate in more our of Woman's ministry opportunities becuase I feel that they do an awesome job. Here are some of what they do:

Sometime we have special Sunday school series that are geared to woman facing differtnly things like (empty nesting, new mothers, etc.)

A believers exchange where people can bring their slightly used items and other mom's and woman can pick up items that are needed. We also offer this out tot he public for those in the community with needs

A church mom's club, Bible studies, special seminars like Dana Gresh geared to teen girls and young adults), Beeth Moore pod casts, Mothers day teas' etc.

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