December 10, 2012

The Details!

I wanted to share the details of our exciting day last week!

Here I am at 17 weeks 6 days, the day of the sonogram appointment. Everyone says I'm really showing now, and I am to some extent, but at the same time - I'm also using it as an excuse not to suck in anymore, so who knows how much is baby and how much is just me being COMFORTABLE. Haha!

We took Evy with us to the appointment. Liam was napping and he really isn't at the age where he understands what's going on. Plus, we knew that if we skipped his nap no one would be happy - ha! It was a very special time with Evy, because even though she has a younger sibling, she's never been involved in the pregnancy process before. It's been SO FUN watching her process it all. She's so adorable - she had been saying for several weeks that she thought the baby was a "girl baby." :)

At the appointment, I made Kurt look away when she was looking for the gender because he can read ultrasound. At Evy's gender ultrasound, he admitted to me later that he figured out she was a girl a split second before the ultrasound tech announced it. I'm weird about stuff like that and I insisted that he LOOK AWAY when she started looking! I wanted us to hear at the same time. The baby was wiggling around SO MUCH that the girl couldn't even get a good picture at first. She was having to coax and prod and finally she was able to freeze the picture. She said to me, "Okay, here's the shot - any guesses?" I didn't see any signs of a boy but I was nervous about being wrong, so I just shrugged. She said "Looks like a girl!!" I didn't even mean to, but my response was the EXACT same as when I heard those words with Evy - I covered my face with my hands and started crying. :) There's just nothing like hearing that announcement. The very first thing I thought of was "another Evy Katie" - and I just felt so happy inside. I'm thankful that Liam will still be our only boy for awhile. Obviously God ordains families the way He sees fit, but it definitely just feels "right" to me.

After the appointment, we took Evy to a new bakery in town. It wasn't the greatest, but we just enjoyed being together!

Our sweet ultrasound girl gave Evy her own picture of Lynley, which she proudly carried in her Princess purse! I absolutely love this picture of the three of us girls for the first time.

After the bakery, we went by Hobby Lobby to get some "reveal" things. I knew I wanted to photograph a tree with pink on it, so Evy helped me decorate. It was such a sweet little moment; definitely one that I'll remember forever. She also helped me wrap a present for the reveal with my family. We included a pink blanket, a girl hospital beanie (with a bow on it) and Evy's framed ultrasound picture!

I couldn't do anything like a "gender reveal" when I was pregnant with Evy, because ALL of our family lived out of town. So I wanted to do a little something this time. :) My sister Alyssa teaches school so we had to wait until she was off work. I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH THIS KILLED MY MOTHER. It was hilarious. She couldn't stand waiting, but she later said how fun it was to all find out together. I AM VINDICATED. :)

Evy was SO excited to hand Gigi the present she had helped wrap!


Both of my sisters were there and my brother was on FaceTime from college in Virginia. :)

Here's what was in the present:

Another FUN surprise is that my family didn't know we had chosen a name. They knew we were discussing different ones but they had no idea we had reached a decision. So I handed them this envelope and they were so excited to open it!

We immediately called all of Kurt's family and our extended family members - I WISH there was a way everyone could've been there for the reveal, but it was small-scale and simple, and it was still so fun to hear their reactions on speaker phone. I love this part of pregnancy! We are so blessed and excited beyond words to meet Lynley, and we are bonding with her already knowing that she's another little princess for us to love.
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