July 26, 2012

Beach Trip Day 5

Get ready for the classic beach pictures! :) A friend that was vacationing in the same area came and snapped the family group photo, and then I took some of our families as well. It was a beautiful evening and I think these capture our family really well!


Beach Trip Day 4

On day four we once again went to the pool!

This was my first "vacation" since becoming a Thirty One consultant, and seriously - it was amazing having so many totes and bags to stay organized! I'm NOT just saying that. I was able to get all of our pool gear loaded into the Large Utility Tote, keep our wet suits and towels in the Cinch Sac, and keep our snacks and drinks cool in my thermals. Even Kurt commented that it was great to have a convenient, usable way to carry everything. :) (Another Thirty One update is coming soon!)

The three Lancaster boys with THEIR boys! :) From left: Cory and C.J., Kurt and Liam, and Kelly and Josh.

That afternoon, we had a little family birthday party for Liam. It was so cute and fun!

This was adorable - Liam INSISTED on handing out the party favors for his own party! Haha! He wouldn't let the party begin until every single person had their little party whistle/blower and their Mickey Mouse notepad. It was seriously so cute.

Making sure Uncle Kelly and Aunt Jen Jen have their party favors.

Aunt Jen Jen gave Evy some stick on earrings so she could be ready for the festivities!

I love our family!

Please watch the progression of the cake eating. It was epic!

That night, Kurt and I went on a date! We went to a local Italian place and just enjoyed talking. We never run out of things to discuss! :)

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