August 30, 2012

Texas Trip, Part 1

We had a wonderful trip to Texas, as we do every year. However, this was a little different because my cousin Katie got married! It was surreal to be there watching her get married after all of the years we've spent growing up together. I always dreamed of our weddings, and I'm thankful she and Sean have been brought together by the Lord to start their life together. There are lots of pictures from the week, so I'll have to do this in installments. :)

Meeting Aunt Karen for the first time. :)

Wrapping always helps our little Buddy. :)

It's amazing what figuring out sensory needs can do!

We took the kids to Rainforest Cafe, and it was a HUGE hit! The kids were beside themselves!

August 27, 2012

Liam's 2nd Birthday!

I've had these pictures ready to upload and for some reason I thought I had already blogged all of this?!?! That truly shows the state of my mind, being busy loving on my two babies 17 months apart. :) We LOVED celebrating Liam's 2 years of life and it was ESPECIALLY wonderful because this was his first birthday to spend with us! What a gift. I can't wait to post more updates about him - we are in such a wonderful place and he is just coming along SO well. He's learning so much and starting to TALK! Well, for him that means piecing together three syllables, but that's such a huge accomplishment - we are thrilled! We are so thankful for our little man and we are so confident that God has incredible plans for him!

Here are pictures from Leeler's birthday celebrations - both family and at the water park. I went for EASY (since it was the middle of July and I knew he would adore the water), and it was a great decision!

Posing with his Corduroy that Nana and Poppy sent!

Liam......we love you so, so much more than you can imagine! We are so THANKFUL God brought you into our family. We are so incredibly blessed by YOU!

August 26, 2012

A Disney Parks Party

Recently, Evy and Liam's Little Friend Wyley celebrated his 2nd birthday with a Disney Parks theme! It was such a fun time, and Courtney did an awesome job with the party. We felt like we were at Disney World (or Land!)!

Before going to the party (in our Disney World-themed outfits!):

Working hard on their Small World mobiles:

This is hands-down my favorite picture of Liam to date. HOW ADORABLE IS HE?!?! I said, "Hey Buddy! Let Mommy take your picture!" and he turned around and posed like this ALL on his own!!

The adorable set-up:

Courtney's mom made the cake. Isn't it amazing?

There was food like you would find in the Parks:

Liam ABSOLUTELY LOVED playing "Pin the tail on Eeyore." I mean, does this face not say it all?

In fact, he was so intent on taking another turn that he sat right down in Courtney's lap to keep an eye on things - HILARIOUS! Look at that face!

My sweet friend Heather holding our friend Sarah's baby girl Charli. :)

It was crazy and chaotic fun!

....and Liam remained on Courtney's lap....


We were happy to celebrate with Wyley and friends!
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