September 27, 2012

Still Here!

I have been the WORST blogger! However, I'm barely keeping my head up and eyes open. This pregnancy is SO DIFFERENT from Evy's, and it's just wearing me out. I have never known this level of tired. I told Kurt it's only something hormones could create because it is NOT normal! I never nap, but today I ended up sleeping on the couch for 3 hours. 3 HOURS. It was deep sleep too - I had a full-length dream! Ha! I must say that naps will probably become my new normal, at least until the second trimester arrives :)

I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week, so that will be exciting! I know it will feel more real once I see a picture. My bloodwork came back from my initial visit and the nurse said I am "VERY pregnant" and my level was 103-thousand something, so I'm glad things are progressing well!

I just wanted to check in - I promise to be more consistent with blogging once I feel a little better. :)

September 16, 2012

Random Things

-My pregnancy is going well, as there's not much to report! I'm 6 weeks tomorrow, and morning sickness hasn't kicked in yet. Who knows, maybe I'll be fortunate not to get it this time around...?? This pregnancy has already been different than with Evy. I'm absolutely exhausted, for one thing. Everyone chuckles and says "It's because you have two toddlers this time around!" But honestly, I'm getting plenty of sleep at night and my kids aren't really tiring me out. It's just a symptom I never had last time, and this time around I am just depleted. Also, I'm craving red sauce!!! Spaghetti tastes so good, but my absolute favorite is Mexican food. I've always loved Mexican food, but I CRAVE IT now. Today after church we went to eat and I INHALED the salsa and ate my entire dish of Mole sauce and chicken. In fact, I might get another order of it tonight for my dinner. Another thing that's funny is late at night, if a commercial comes on about any kind of food, it triggers this craving for me to make a full-on meal for myself. It's ridiculous! I am already so hungry! I'm taking advantage of this before (if) the morning sickness kicks in. :)

-I can't believe this, but in just about a month we'll celebrate Liam being home with us for a YEAR. Isn't that crazy? He is doing so, so well. His speech therapy is going really well, and he's saying more words, like "Bowl, " "Show,"  "Ice," "More," "Choo Choo," "Down," "Bun Bun" and MANY more! He calls us "Mama" and "Dada" and calls Evy "Sasa" (Sissy). He is at about the 18-21-month-old verbal level, so we're not far away! We're so proud of him, and Kurt and I were just saying the other night how it's become so enjoyable to even go out to eat (we didn't think we would say that for awhile after he started his restaurant issues). Of course we still have our moments, but overall it's a totally different story than it was. He wants to do absolutely everything that Evy is doing! I would say that sibling rivalry is our biggest issue right now. I can't tell you the number of times a day I hear "NOOOO LIIAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!" or a high-pitched scream from the afore-named brother. :) But we're working on it!

-I recently sang with some of my friends at church. We sang the Women of Faith praise team arrangement of "Hosanna." Random tidbit: I'm the one singing the lowest note of the harmony - I LOVE singing alto (or even in some cases tenor!) and doing the base in harmonies!

-We've been doing nightly worship time as a family and it's been great! Some of my friends do a "Morning Meeting," but with Kurt's job, we can't do things in the mornings together. So before bed, we open with a song (usually a hymn, because we want to teach those foundational songs to our faith), then Kurt reads a Bible story. We're going through the whole Bible in sequence, because our church has started doing a church-wide curriculum called The Gospel Project. From preschool through senior adults, every Lifegroup class is studying the same area of Scripture each week, as we walk through the Bible and see how every story and passage points to Jesus. All that to say, we want church to coincide with what we're doing at home. So right now we're at Noah and the Flood. After the story, I teach a Scripture (we work on one for each week). I make up simple motions for memorization purposes (it helps me as much as the kids!). Here are Evy and Liam reciting this week's verse:

-As this fall season is approaching, I always laugh because people start RAVING about everything pumpkin-scented or pumpkin-flavored. I HATE pumpkin anything!!! I have fall-scented fragrances and such, but NONE of them are pumpkin!

-Evy is so adorable lately. She's talking so much and saying the cutest things. One example: the other day we were driving and Evy was holding my phone while it was playing a Christmas Pandora station. The cover art for the featured CD came on, and it was "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Evy saw the picture and exclaimed, "MOMMY! It's a Bambi Rudolph!!!!" Hahaha! She associates any deer with Bambi, but then saw the red nose and realized it was a Bambi Rudolph. :) I just love little things like that!

-Okay, WHO is watching Big Brother???? OH MY WORD! This season is insane, and Dan is a GENIUS. Seriously, I would be horrible on that show. I can't think fast enough - haha! Who are you predicting to win??

-I'm excited, because I'm taking on a new responsibility at church. I'm now coordinating the events for our Women's Ministry at church. There are several people on the leadership team, and we're each kind of responsible for heading up certain areas. Over the last couple of years, I've felt drawn to doing something like this, and the time is right. My first event to coordinate will be our Christmas event, and I'm SO excited about it! Question: Can you tell me about the women's ministries in your churches? What sort of events do you do and what works/what doesn't? Do you feel like your church's women's ministry is geared toward younger or older women, or is there a good generational blend? Obviously every church is different, but I love hearing about what others are doing!

I think that's about it for now. . .Happy Fall!

September 13, 2012

Texas Trip, Part 5

This is the final Texas Trip installment...the wedding day. :)

We started out with a few of us in the family having lunch. This picture of my Uncle Mike only gives you a small representation of how hilarious and fun my family is!

My babies all dressed up!

My brother, grandfather, cousin Luke, and Dad.

My dad and his sisters. :)

Me and my aunt Karen. For those that go to my church, she's going to be the speaker at our Christmas event!

The wedding went very well, and the kids did great! Kurt stood with them at the back and sent them down the aisle, and I was waiting at the front, kneeling down where they could see me. It worked, and they were a huge hit, if I do say so myself. :)

The reception was held in the big foyer of the church. It was so unique and pretty!

Me and the bride. :)

My whole family with the Samuels, a dear couple that my parents have known for years. We saw so many people that are part of our Texas heritage. :)

It was a wonderful trip, and we can't wait to return next year!

Texas Trip, Part 4

Friday was the rehearsal dinner for Katie and Sean's wedding. :) Kurt and I had no idea how the kids were going to do. We talked it up, got them excited, and really tried every trick in the book to get them in the wedding mindset - ha! First, Pinka showed them how it's done....

And then they realized it was fun to RACE down the aisle.

Please notice Bucky.
Cousin Emory (Katie's sister) was a great source of moral support - she's the best! And she was a wonderful maid of honor as well. :)

How cute is this picture?!

The rehearsal went well. We knew that if we could get Evy on board to walk down the aisle, Liam would follow her (at least we hoped)! After the rehearsal, we had dinner at the church. This was the cousin table (and that's not even near all of us - we have a big family!).

That night, I was trying Liam's tux on him and just couldn't pass this up.....

Texas Trip, Part 3

On the third day of our trip to Texas, we started out by visiting the first school where my mom taught! She told me to jump in the picture too, because she was pregnant with me when she taught there! :) It was actually really special to see the place where she went every day, around my age. Picturing my mom and dad as young marrieds is so interesting to me!

And as fate would have it, our hotel was DIRECTLY in front of my mom and dad's first apartment complex! It was so surreal! This is their first apartment:

Later that day, the men (my brother, cousin Luke, uncle Mike, Dad, grandfather Dah, and Kurt) took Liam to eat good old Texas barbecue. Me, my mom, sisters, Aunt GayeLene and cousin Grace took Evy to the Dallas Galleria to visit the American Girl Store!!! I was so excited to see one in person! But first, we ate lunch and watched the ice skaters. :)

My aunt bought Evy this little Panda Bear from Panda Express (she's so funny and it made me laugh so hard), and Evy Kate attached to that bear like crazy! Haha! She named him Bucky (???) and he has a special place with her in her big girl bed. So if you ever need/want a security object, give Panda Express a try - ha!

So exciting!!

Evy picked out this little carrier and Bitty Baby.

It was such a fun time with the girls! My aunt is one of the funniest people I know, and she kept us laughing the entire time. It really made me wish that we all lived closer to each other!

I had the Samantha doll growing up, and she's no longer available (in this case, I'm thankful my mom keeps EVERYTHING). In fact, it's changed a lot since I was a little girl! However, I look forward to reading all the books with Evy and learning about history with her.

I love full-circle moments with Evy, where I'm getting to experience my childhood all over again. It's the best!

September 12, 2012

Review: Hana Pro Hair Straightener

I was contacted by a representative from, a company that specializes in salon-grade hair dryers and flat irons, asking me to review the Hana Pro 1" Flat Iron. I was excited to try it out, since I'm always straightening my hair every day!

I was so excited when I opened the box, because they had included so many other fun things! I immediately tried the Hana Pro iron and couldn't BELIEVE the difference! I had been using a well-known brand of flat iron, but I immediately saw a difference in my hair using the Hana Pro. It was smoother and I've noticed that my hair STAYS straight, and it didn't before. I also love that it has adjustable heat settings, which my other iron didn't.

I wish I had a glamorous "before and after" set of pictures to show, but my first trimester-pregnant self hasn't been looking too glamorous - ha! But trust me - I love how my hair looks and I'm so glad I was able to try the Hana Pro! I had an excellent experience with, and I HIGHLY recommend them if you're looking for a salon-level hair dryer or flat iron. I'll definitely be buying from them in the future!

Remembering Nan

This is the wonderful obituary that was written to celebrate Nan's life. It was so unique and special that I wanted to share it.

Mary Lois Shepherd DeBerry, 99, of Gonzales, passed away Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012.
She was born March 28, 1913, in Dallas, to Thomas James Shepherd and Albertine Grasse Shepherd. She married William Thomas DeBerry on May 23, 1931, in Gonzales, and together they enjoyed 66 years of marriage.
Mary Lois DeBerry was a member of Eastside Baptist Church and Reaper’s Sunday school class. She was an excellent cook and baker, and her family rejoiced whenever she served her fried chicken or plated her delicious cinnamon rolls or chocolate toast. She was a loving mother who understood there was a time for chores to be completed, a time for discipline, but time was best spent with love. She was a very independent lady and liked to be in control so things would get done her way, which, of course, was the right way.
Mary Lois DeBerry much preferred cloudy, rainy days over sunny days, quite possibly because of the freshness of the air after a rain or the sound of the rain on the roof as she sat sewing and embroidering, one of her favorite pastimes. She had hand sewn and embroidered Christmas stockings for all her children and grandchildren. She passed the time playing 42 and 88 domino games and, at any given moment, was quick to “cut-up” with family and friends, which was always followed by a wink and a smile. She loved to watch baseball, and was known to be an excellent shot with a .22 caliber rifle. A few of her grandchildren can attest to a guinea and an armadillo that didn’t escape from her gun sight.
Nan, as she was known to her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren, was loved dearly. She babysat some of her grandchildren and she delighted in cooking for them on their visits, and she always sent cookies home with them with a wink and a hug.
Mary Lois DeBerry is survived by her daughters and sons-in-law Dorothy and Billy Yager of San Marcos, and Shirley and Dr. H.D. McCarty of Fayetteville, Ark.; son and daughter-in-law Bill and Barbara DeBerry of Gonzales; daughter-in-law Judy DeBerry of Austin; sisters Ruth Jackson of Gonzales and Laurie Nipper of Dallas; grandchildren Michelle Braden, Lori McDonald, Larry Yager, John Yager, Cindy Hubert, Tom DeBerry, Karen Anderson, Kevin McCarty, Christi Leinart and Quink DeBerry; 19 great-grandchildren and nine great-great grandchildren.

My dad does a video blog occasionally and this is what he had to say about my sweet great-grandmother:

I'm really missing Nan and I love her so, so much!

September 11, 2012

In Remembrance.....

.......of all of those who lost their lives, and in honor of all of the families who still continue to grieve, I have so much love and sadness in my heart on this day. I can't believe it's been 11 years. I always watch at least a few commemorative shows or clips on this day each year, just in honor of all of the precious lives we need to remember. I'm so proud to live in this country and so thankful that it's full of people who are heroes and will lay down their lives to serve and protect others. The most meaningful stories of September 11th are those that tell of people helping complete strangers and doing such selfless things, all during a time of complete terror and fear. The human experience is an amazing thing.

I'm lifting up all of the families who will never recover from the effects of that day, and I'm praying that the Lord makes His presence known in a supernatural way to them, today and every day.

September 10, 2012

New Look!

I'm so excited to have a new blog look for fall! Leslie did a great job, and I always love getting a fresh design for my blog. I'll also have a new look coming for Christmastime, so that will be fun! :)

Thank you again for all of the sweet comments about our new baby. These are the times when I LOVE the blogging community - sharing in each other's joy, just like there's support when something isn't going so well. I'm thankful that God uses even the most unexpected things like blogging!

September 8, 2012



Today was the celebration of my 99-year-old, full-of-life, amazingly spunky and hilarious great-grandmother, Nan's, life. I wish I could've been with my parents in south Texas to say goodbye to the most precious "country-living" woman I've known. I have wonderful memories on her farm, and I have that farmhouse memorized by heart. I am praying to have as full (yet as simple) of a life that she did.

Nan passed away on the day we told my family about our new baby. We really were living the Scripture passage "The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised." (Job 1:21) It was such a bittersweet time, but it was a full-circle moment. In that same day, we watched a member of our family move on to be with the Lord, and we experienced the joy of knowing another person in our family will be entering the world. There were so many emotions. 

This was my last great-grandparent living, and I didn't expect to feel such a void, but I do. I've had the absolute privilege of knowing FIVE out of my eight great-grandparents. I didn't realize how incredible that is until friends started commenting that they don't even know a few of their grandparents, let alone their "greats." Of course there's always regret and worry that there weren't enough conversations, or I didn't hear all of the stories I wanted to. But the Lord knows that we will have eternity for that, and I'm so thankful. I think you ALWAYS feel that way, even if you saw and talked with someone all the time. There's such a permanence to someone passing away. But I have so many rich memories stored up in my heart - one of which was Evy meeing her great-great-grandmother and having a five-generation picture made. That is absolutely priceless.

 I love you, Nan - please start fixing me your fried chicken for when I eventually arrive to join you!

September 5, 2012

The Details :)

So, YES! I am pregnant with our sweet little Baby #3!!! We are so thrilled and so thankful to the Lord for giving us this little life.

We had been praying about when to add another baby to our family, and we had a definite peace that this (specifically, this month) was the time. My pregnancy with Evy was a surprise (the best surprise EVER!), so we had never experienced the anticipation of finding out I'm pregnant. I was so anxious that I tested too early (I even knew it was too early to test, but I did it anyway??), and I had almost convinced myself that I wasn't, because I didn't want to be disappointed.

We were visiting Kurt's parents' this weekend for Labor Day, and as I was heading to bed Friday night, I randomly decided to test again. I was SHOCKED to see this!

Even though I knew it was still kind of a possibility, I was still just shocked! Keep in mind I'm a night owl and go to bed REALLY late. I was actually headed to bed early (for me) and it was around 1:00am. Here is a picture from that very moment - ha!

Kurt was already asleep and I woke him up to show him the test. I always seem to catch him with major news when he's tired (I told him about Evy when he had just come home from a BRUTAL 24-hour call). We were both so excited! I immediately downloaded an app on my phone to calculate weeks, development, etc. :) I am 4 weeks along, and my estimated due date is May 13th, 2013!!! :) Sidenote: I announce my pregnancies almost as soon as I find out because I really want the prayer support. Some people are really private, and that's TOTALLY their decision, but it seems very natural for me to share right away.

We told Kurt's family the next morning - they were SO excited!!! Kurt's mom kept saying "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" and it was so sweet to get excited hugs from Kurt's grandparents. Once we got home, I wrapped up the Mouse Ears hat and took it over to my parents' house. I told my parents and sisters that I had something for the Disney trip. My youngest sister, Andrea, opened the sack and was like, "Oh how cu----WHAT!??!?!?!?" when she read the monogramming! :) My mom squealed, my dad was smiling huge, and my sister Alyssa was crying - ha! It was awesome! We Skyped my brother and showed him the hat and he was so, so excited. :)

We haven't told Evy and Liam yet. I'm waiting until around 12 weeks to start the "new baby" discussions. If something were to happen, I wouldn't want to have to explain that sort of loss to a 3.5- and 2-year-old. Again, everyone has different opinions on this, but I know this is the right decision for us. I have no doubt that they will be amazing, precious siblings to their new brother or sister (that's so surreal even typing it), and I can't wait to watch them grow together!

I go to the doctor for the first time at the end of September (I'll be around 7 weeks), and I'm not sure if they'll do the first ultrasound then or not. I had one with Evy, but every situation is different! Morning sickness hasn't kicked in yet (I think I have around 2-3 more weeks before the incessant nausea starts), but I'm VERY tired and sensitive to smells. But of course it is all so worth it!

This means I'll be pregnant for our Disney trip and my adoption conference in March, and I think it's great timing! It will make the pregnancy extra fun and it will give me some fun trips before I start nesting with a newborn at home (again, surreal)!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments - we feel so blessed. Knowing that God is knitting our child together with His very hands right now is unbelievably awesome and indescribable. I could cry just thinking about it! Please pray for our baby's healthy development and that we're able to fully enjoy these 8 months as a family of four!


.....Our newest little Mouseketeer! :)
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