December 31, 2012

Christmas with My Family

The day after Christmas, we woke up to SNOW covering everything! It was so much fun to have a white Christmas! The kids were really excited to play, and their Daddy (who is clearly the "fun" parent in these types of situations) happily obliged. :) Poor Leeler somehow misplaced his blue mittens so he had to borrow a pair of Sissy's pink ones - but he didn't seem to mind!

That evening we had Christmas with my family at my parents' house. It was such a fun time! I love when my brother is home from college. Everything just feels complete. :)

I think Kurt snapped these two candids of me and my sibs. I have no idea what we're doing in either picture - but it's obviously something intense?

My siblings got my Dad his first Starbucks drink - and he liked it! It was some sort of Chai Latte I believe? Neither of my parents drink coffee, and I'm the only child that took after them and doesn't drink it!

Present time!

Evy and Liam painted coasters for their grandmothers this year.

We got my Dad a gun safe - he had really been wanting one and my brother helped me get the perfect one.

My parents got Evy the Disney Princess Candyland game, and they told the story (for the millionth time) about how I used to CHEAT at Candyland when I was younger. I apparently really, really liked the Snow Queen card and would stack the deck a certain way to make sure I drew it each time. What can I say - I was a savvy player when it came to Candyland.

KayKay was Leeler's "buddy" the whole night. I have about 30 pictures that look like this - they were inseparable and he loved having a special helper to take all of his presents out of their boxes!

My brother gave the hit gift of the night. He asked me what he should get mom for Christmas and after batting a few ideas back and forth, he decided to recreate an ornament he made for her way back in the early 90s when he was little. Appropriately, it was his picture with a halo and wings - HAHAHA! He wore a similar sweater and my sisters helped him put it together. We died!

We went in with my parents and got my sister a camera for her present. She's going to Africa soon and wanted to be able to document everything, and she plans to major in journalism, so she was very excited. My brother was trying to "pump up the crowd" as she opened her gift.

See what I mean? Buddies. :)

My brother got a NICE new golf putter and Liam became consumed with it. He got an impromptu lesson from Uncle. It was adorable!

The Anderson kids, 2012 (plus Lynley).

I think this was an album cover/humorous/praying intensely over my child pose. Naturally, it was my brother's idea.

We had a WONDERFUL set of "Christmases" and we're so blessed to have our loved ones to spend time with!

Christmas in Mississippi Part Two

The bad news: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I was incredibly sick :( I mean, couldn't lift my head sick. The good news: Kurt took the camera and documented what the family was doing so I knew it would at least be remembered!

On Christmas Eve, I really was out for the whole day. But the kids had such a great time with their grandparents!

Painting with Randad:

Liam watching his current favorite movie (Polar Express):

The boys worked on some projects outside....

....while Evy enjoyed relaxing on the back patio.

Then Kurt and his parents took the kids to the nearby lake for a picnic!

That night we decided to do our own private Christmas Eve "service" at Kurt's parents' church. Since I was so sick and we would've had to drive a little bit to any nearby services, it just made sense to do our own this year. :) We sang a few songs, Daddy Willie read the Christmas story, and Kurt and the kids talked about each person in the Nativity scene. It was a special little time. :)

When we got home, Evy and Mia did their very first sewing project together!! This was the sweetest thing - Evy had a little hole in one of her beloved house shoes and she wanted to help Mia sew it up. For those who have read this blog for awhile, you know the my mother-in-law is an INCREDIBLE seamstress. She is just amazing and can make anything. I'm determined for her to teach me how to sew one of these days (just so I have a basic knowledge), and it was so cute to see Evy starting at the very beginning. She was so excited!

Christmas Day was low-key and very simple, and I was still pretty sick that day. We watched the Disney Parks Parade and hung out at home. Normally on Christmas Day Kurt's grandmother hosts lunch for the whole family, but this year we decided to do an early dinner because a few people had conflicts. It worked great! Before we went next door (Kurt's parents live next door to Mrs. Pam's parents!), we snapped our yearly Christmas picture. I was determined to be in at least one picture to prove I was indeed around for Christmas 2012 - ha!

Daddy Willie reading the Christmas story.

This was so cute - my sister in law Ashley (she's married to Kurt's older brother) made "Happy Birthday Jesus" cupcakes and the kids blew out candles after singing "Happy Birthday." They loved it, and it will definitely become a new tradition!

As usual, Liam (who is our VERY social child!) was a star attraction!

Miss Erin (who is married to Kurt's cousin Russ) helped Liam open one of his special presents. Erin and Russ are expecting a baby in July - we're having a baby boom!

Evy loved the picture that Momo and Daddy Willie put in the Bible they gave her! It was so sweet!

We were supposed to head back home the day after Christmas, but they were predicting BLIZZARD conditions where we live (??!!). So we packed up and headed out that night before the accumulation and bad roads really got started. We drove through STRONG wind, rain, and heavy snow the last 50 miles or so, which made for kind of a tense trip home, but the kids were great and we were thankful to make it home safely around 11:30pm. And sure enough, it snowed heavily all through the night and we awoke to a true winter wonderland. :) We were so glad to have had a wonderful Christmas in Mississippi!
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