January 11, 2013

Friday Randoms

-My kids have been SO CUTE lately! Evy is in this really talkative, expressive phase where she is so animated when she talks. I'm seeing her take on so many little personality quirks that make me smile. Lately she has INSISTED on only wearing knit dresses that come to at least her knees (??). She does NOT want to wear any shirts/pants combinations. It's so funny. Because of this, over the holiday season she rotated about 2 (maybe 3) dresses with leggings. I had saved away several cute Christmas outfits for her that I had found on eBay, sales, etc. but if it was a shirt and pants of any kind, it wasn't happening. 

-Recently Evy and Liam bumped heads while jumping on their little bouncy house in the basement. Liam walked away unscathed but Evy ended up with a HUGE black eye. It's gotten better over the last week but sometimes she uses it to her advantage. She kind of half-shuts her eyes and last night looked at me and said in this pitiful voice, "Mommy, my little bruise just hurts. It's just my little bruise." 

-Obviously, our upcoming Disney trip is a HOT TOPIC of conversation around our house. Evy is just beside herself talking about it, and she is just making all sorts of plans. Liam has gotten to where he likes to identify who all is going. He points to each person and says "Sa-Sa, Da-Da Wuh?" (Sissy Disney World?") and we'll say "Yes! Sissy is going to Disney World!" and this goes ON and ON for each family member. :)

-Evy is also so excited about Lynley coming. She plans out her clothes already and will just talk and talk about her plans for when the baby comes. Liam is very much oblivious to what's happening, but what's adorable is that HE is the one who is acting very, very nurturing with baby dolls. He loves (and needs) to be wrapped in blankets a couple of times a day (just for soothing/sensory purposes) and he will come hand me his blanket and say "Up! Up!" (meaning "wrap me up"). Now he has started bringing me baby dolls to wrap up. He'll rock the baby and put it on the sofa to rest and kiss it on the cheek - seriously the SWEETEST THING. He is so, so tender with babies and I can't wait to see how he is with Lynley! 

-Liam is learning his colors! He can identify orange, red, and blue the easiest. It's so adorable - this morning I walked in to get him from his crib and he immediately said with a huge smile, "MAMA! MAMA! Orange, orange, orange, orange! MAMA! Orange!" I was indeed wearing an orange shirt. :) He is SO PLEASED with himself when we understand and affirm the words he's using. He just beams his precious, huge smile and you can tell something inside of him is cheering!

-This morning we were getting ready to go have lunch with my Dad and brother and I had gotten the kids dressed. Without any prompting from me, Liam came and stood next to me and I heard him saying something. I was getting Evy situated and I couldn't hear him clearly. Then I looked over and his hands were behind his back. Then he said (well, made close sounds for) "One.....two.....three......SHOES!" and presented his shoes to surprise me! I cheered for him and said "Were you hiding your shoes from Mommy?!" and he fiercely nodded his head, smiled so big and said "HIDE! Mama, HIDE!" It was so adorably cute because he came up with it completely by himself to surprise me. :) 

-I've been making a few changes to our master bedroom after being here almost 3 years. I'm excited to share pictures, because I'm loving how it's turning out! Pictures are coming!

-Lynley's room is painted, her light fixture is installed, and we had the built-in desk that was there torn out. This was the desk area before:

....and you'll have to wait to see the after! I know, I hate it when people do that. But it really is in no condition to show pictures of yet. I did see several inspiration posts on Pinterest where they used a built-in desk as a changing area, but I decided to have ours taken out. Mostly because I never use a changing area in the kids' rooms. Our bedrooms are all upstairs, and we're downstairs 90% of the day. I just tend to change my kids on the floor or couch, etc. Also, by the time our kids are old enough to need a desk in their room, we'll probably have built our "forever" home (that's the plan anyway). But the biggest reason is that we're keeping a daybed in Lynley's nursery so we have a place for Kurt's mom to stay when she visits and I can sleep in the nursery if I need to with the baby. Therefore, we needed to make room for a dresser. The room has a fair sized closet but I just like the look of a dresser, and extra storage is always a good thing. I found one for a STEAL at my favorite local craft mall and I can't wait for it to be painted!

-Speaking of house stuff, I stumbled upon this post that I wrote as we were moving away from our first home. I got so emotional reading it all over again. It's one of those posts that perfectly expressed how I felt (and still feel). :)

I think that's it for now...we're having a wonderful, low-key New Year season and that's my favorite. I definitely feel my nesting instinct kicking in, and I have a list going of what I want to get organized/accomplished before Baby. There are actually some Pinterest ideas I want to utilize (I think it's funny that we all "Pin" at an astonishing rate but the actual "Pin-to-Reality" ratio is extremely low). I'll keep you posted - literally. :)
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