February 5, 2013

Valentine's Mantle!

I don't do a whole lot of "theme" decorating, but sometimes it's fun to just celebrate a little bit! I own very little decor for Valentine's Day, but when/if I do buy something, I wait until after Valentine's Day (it's SO inexpensive!) and save it for next year. I wanted to share my Valentine's mantle this year - I really like how it turned out!

But first, Phoebe the Cherub got her usual season-appropriate ribbon update:

Here's our mantle! It's very simple, but I think that's the best way to do decor for "in-between" holidays.

I got these little figurines several years ago at a local boutique (again, after the season was over so they were very affordable)!

I decided to make a wreath this year, and I was inspired by this picture on Pinterest (here's the source):

I LOVED how simple but beautiful it was! I bought an artificial boxwood wreath from this seller on Etsy, which works perfectly because it's plain and I can change out the ribbons for different things. Nothing is permanent on this wreath! I went to Hobby Heaven Lobby and bought some ribbon and a little package of hearts on sticks. I really just tied the ribbons in a bow around the wreath, stuck the hearts in (no glue), and that was it!

I bought this LOVE sign from another local shop several years ago, but it wouldn't be hard to make your own. You could use red glitter on some cardboard letters, string some ribbon through, and maybe Mod Podge some printable sheet music to a canvas or piece of card stock. Very easy!

Decorating for the "in-between" days of the year doesn't have to be elaborate - I can take this down in minutes. But it's so fun to have a festive mantle as we celebrate Valentine's Day!

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