March 4, 2013

Disney 2013 - Day Four (Final Day!)

On our last Disney day, we went to Magic Kingdom again. On previous trips, I had always done Magic Kingdom on our first and last days, because it was fun to "bookend" the trip with my favorite park. Even though it was strange to not go there on the first day of this trip (and the subsequent weird mood it put me in), I really liked going the last two days in a row (2 1/2 if you count when Mom and I took the kids earlier in the trip). As I predicted, the kids just absolutely loved Magic Kingdom and I was happy to oblige! Since we had been there the whole previous day and half day before, it was great to have the luxury of taking a slower pace and just recapping what we had enjoyed.

Of course we hit the Welcome Show again!

Waiting for the Choo Choo to arrive. . .


We did a few Fantasyland rides again and then did the new Little Mermaid ride again in New Fantasyland. We got in line for the new attraction Enchanted Tales with Belle, which is an audience-participation, interactive experience with Belle herself. I had read that since this just opened, it was important to do it first thing in the morning. However, my app on the previous day had showed waits not being too long, so we hit it around 10:00am maybe (about an hour after the park opened)? This was the longest wait we had our entire trip, and it ended up being about 30 minutes I believe. We had gotten spoiled with hardly any waits the whole trip, so it was kind of hard to keep the kids happy. But we finally made it inside.

Belle's cottage was really quaint. I'm a sucker for details, so I loved looking around. It was pretty crowded (they let a certain amount of people in at a time), but I snapped a few pictures.

Then we were shown into Maurice's work room, where a magic mirror led us into the Beast's castle.

This is where the audience participation began. A cast member selected kids to play "parts" in the story (my kids are too shy in these types of situations to participate - ha!).

Belle and the kids retold the story of how she met the Beast. It was cute, but I just generally don't enjoy audience participation-type things. I think if my kids were older and were participating it would be a different story, but all we did was watch other people's kids do different motions. I think a benefit for shy kids like mine is just watching Belle in her element up close. I sound really negative about the attraction, and like I said - it was cute! But maybe it just wasn't our "thing"?

We hit a few more rides like Country Bear Jamboree and Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

More Buzz Lightyear fun!

This picture cracks me up! Clearly one of our children still requires a nap and the other thinks they don't. . .

Late afternoon it started to rain briefly (typical in Florida), so we just kind of camped out near Be Our Guest restaurant, where we were having dinner!

My parents bought Evy her birthday present - a new Ariel ensemble complete with jewelry and wand. She was absolutely transformed into a child I've never seen. It was hysterical. I think being in "Disney mode" made the difference - she was just putting on a SHOW. The following pictures were all her idea:

The paparazzi:

We were seated in the Ballroom. . .modeled directly after the movie! It was spectacular.

The napkins were folded like roses, which Evy thought was BEYOND.

They gave us some of their celebratory "Grey Stuff"for Evy's birthday! ("Try the grey stuff, it's delicious - don't believe me? Ask the dishes!")

Bitty and her birthday Grey Stuff :)

Our AMAZING server, Ramana, was incredible. He shared his adoption story and is a strong believer. He was just the neatest man and he made our dinner so memorable. Sidenote for cool points: he was in a Michael Jackson video when he was a kid! Showed it to us on YouTube. :) Only at Disney World!

The West Wing area of the restaurant.

Uncle was asked to "waltz" like they do in the movie. :)

I thought we had only gotten one family picture all together but I forgot about this one!

Goodbye, Main Street U.S.A.!

When we got back to the hotel, we listened to the AMAZING band that plays in the lobby each evening. They are the best!

The kids had an impromptu dance party!

Until next time. . .

We were so blessed with a wonderful, memorable time as a family. There just aren't words to describe how thankful we are to have had this time together. As we're all getting older and starting to enter into different seasons, we value being together so much more. We can't wait to hopefully do this again in the future - it was MAGICAL!
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